I just solved all of your holiday problems.

My mother is asking me for my Christmas list again, so that must mean it’s the holiday season! In that spirit, I thought I’d put together a list of cool gift ideas for the health and fitness-conscious person in your life. Or, if you’re like me, you just buy yourself presents all the time anyway, so maybe this list is for you. Whatever. For the record – none of these are affiliate links and none are sponsored, so I’m not getting kickbacks for this stuff, promise! So, feel free to thank me for solving all of your holiday problems. Except the problem of your family. I can’t fix that.

1. Orange Mud Transition & Seat Wrap, $39.95


Ridiculously useful.

I briefly mentioned this item in a previous blog post, but since then, I’ve used it a lot more and realized how crazy useful it is. First of all, it’s FALL and I already love the thing. I can only imagine how much more grateful I will be for it during those sweaty summer months! In addition to having a built in belt that secures the wrap around you while you change in your car, it also has a built in “hood” for the head rest of your car that secures it to your seat for you to sit your sweaty self on while you drive home. I LOVE mine. Seriously. $40 well spent, and any runner or person who sweats ever will be grateful.

2. Race-Kred Runner Charms – $7.99


My very own Race-Kred charm on my beloved Mizunos!

The makers of Race-Kred Runner Charms will undoubtedly not appreciate this comparison, but I think these charms are kind of like the little keychains they give you at AA for however many days of sobriety. I mean that in a good way! These charms are a fun way to motivate yourself to keep going, and since they come in all different distances and designs, you can move up as you go along. They also can be custom made with the design of your choice and would be a really fun gift for someone who is working towards a goal race or distance!

3. Socks


Seems boring, yes?

Socks might SEEM like a boring gift, but ask any runner – a new pair of running socks is the BEST. Not to mention, those suckers are expensive – usually like $10 a pair, give or take! If you run a lot, you’ll wear them out quickly, and it can really add up. I personally swear by and will never deviate from Balega Hidden Comfort socks, but everyone has their own preference. Make sure to find out which kind the runner in your life likes! I will never forget opening up a birthday package from my mom a couple of years ago and finding like 6 pairs of my favorite socks inside. I was so excited about them and couldn’t believe she knew what kind to get me. As it turned out, I had accidentally left a pair back in Florida when I was home for Christmas. One of my favorite gifts that year!

4. Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS Watch -$130


Ooooh pretty colors!

Admittedly, this is one item I do not actually own. The Garmin Forerunner 10 is a new GPS watch from Garmin that seeks to get rid of some of the features that make its other watches, like my 310XT, so much more expensive. (Note, the 310XT has been discontinued so it is now selling for much less than its original $300 MSRP…if you can pay a little more and participate in multiple sports, this is probably the better option.) The 10 has the capacity to tell elapsed time, distance, pace per mile, average pace, fastest mile, and set intervals for training, but that’s about it, making it perfect for the average recreational runner. Many of my friends have these watches and LOVE them – who doesn’t want a watch with fun colors – and I like that Garmin has made GPS watches accessible to more people.

5. Camelbak Insulated Water Bottle – $14


Summer lifesaver

I learned about insulated water bottles when I started cycling, and holy crap, they changed my life. Ice melts instantly here in the summer, and whether I’m riding on my bike in the hot sun or leaving a water bottle out for stops during my run, it is a huge help to have cold water waiting for me when I need it! They’re great for running (although probably a bit bigger than you’d want to physically carry), cycling, hiking, and pretty much any other activity. Go get one, or 5!

6. ICEdot Bike Crash Sensor – $149


Want to keep your brains? Get this.

The very smart people at ICEdot invented something extremely cool – it’s a wearable crash sensor for your bike helmet! From their website: “The ICEdot Crash Sensor mounts to any helmet and detects critical impacts that may leave you incapacitated. It pairs with a companion app running on your smart phone over Low Energy Bluetooth. When it detects critical forces the Crash Sensor triggers your phone to sound an alarm and if not disabled, alert your pre-specified emergency contacts over SMS text message and include a link to your current GPS coordinates if available.” Come on, how awesome is that?

7. CEP Recovery Open Toe Compression Socks  $40-50


My best friend on plane rides

Amanda and I absolutely swear by these socks for post-race recovery, and you will too! They come in both men’s and women’s sizes and are so convenient. Why? Because they let you easily wear flip flops while also wearing compression socks. This, my friends, is the key to happiness. I wear them after every race or hard long run and I also often wear them on long flights to keep my circulation going! You can’t run in them  (that’s not their purpose) so don’t try, but you’ll be glad you have them after you run. Related: I just noticed that 20% of the items on this list are socks. Sorry I’m not sorry.

8. The Stick – $27.50 and up


Looks like a sex toy. Is not a sex toy.

If you’re addicted to your foam roller but think it’s a pain to travel with, try The Stick. I bought one at the Disney Marathon expo a couple of years ago, and it’s been extremely helpful with all my race and business travel! I got the travel size and it’s not a problem bringing it in my carry on bags. Kate, Amanda, and I all use these to roll our calves and legs out the night before races, and let me tell you – they hurt (in a good way) and they work! The Stick is great to use before or after any workout to loosen up your muscle and get rid of soreness. Related: The first time I got this out and asked AJ if he would help me with it, the look on his face was absolutely priceless. And terrified.

9. Inexpensive Digital Camera – $100


Let me explain…

Taking workout pictures (ok, selfies) is all the rage right now, and most people use their phones for that purpose, which is totally fine. However, I am absolutely, 100% obsessed and dependent on my phone. If I spilled water on it at an aid station or dropped and kicked it while running, it would basically be the end of my life. Therefore, I never run with my phone. I bought a cheap digital camera a couple years ago before the San Diego Marathon and I’ve run pretty much every race with it ever since. It’s so much less stressful and I don’t have to worry about breaking the thing and ruining my life, which is what would happen if I broke my phone. So yeah. Take pictures with a camera and save yourself the heartache.

10. Jaybird Freedom Sprint Bluetooth Headphones – $100


Wireless headphones? Don’t mind if I do.

I got these bad boys as my speaker gift for speaking at the Fitbloggin ’13 Conference, and even though I’m not much for running or working out with music, they are extremely awesome. They’re comfortable to wear, stay in your ears, and connect to your iPod or phone through bluetooth to play your music. I find that the battery charge lasts a pretty long time and the sound quality is good (at least it is to me), and it’s so much easier than getting all tangled in the wires of your headphones. Personally, I find I’m much more likely to run with music now that I have these because they are so little hassle. If you know someone who loves to workout with headphones, they will LOVE this gift.

LEAVE A COMMENT: What’s on your list this holiday season? I need gift ideas for my mom because apparently “plane ticket to Zimbabwe” is not on the list of acceptable holiday requests.

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