A Few of My Favorite Things

I really wanted to write a post about running, but I just can’t bring myself to write a training update post. If you really want to know, I’ll be happy to tell you, but y’all know how I feel about the excessive posting of mile splits. So I’m not going to talk about how my training is going besides to say I’ve somehow been hitting all my splits lately and definitely feeling better out there. I’m more like a foot from death now at the end of every run instead of inches from death.

I thought that I would write a fairly random post about things that I am really enjoying lately. Feel free to not care about this.

1. Watching AJ work out

AJ has recently (as in yesterday) decided that he wants to get in shape. He decides this once every few months and tries a different activity – running, cycling, etc. This time, he’s doing Insanity and P90X. We don’t have all the stuff for P90X yet, so for the past two days he’s been doing Insanity.

It is the most entertaining thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

First of all, AJ is very tall (6’4″) and very skinny – he weighs 25 pounds more than me – so watching him do the stretching/yoga poses is just amazing. He’s like a great blue heron flying across the living room. Also, it’s really funny when he swears at the instructors on the screen. He HATES Sean T (the Insanity instructor) because he’s “not old and cool” like the P90X guy. I don’t even know.

For the record, I asked if he would let me take a picture of him working out and he said no because he “wants to remain mysterious” on the blog. So there’s that.


2. Hummus

Is there a more perfect food? Because right now, I feel like there is not. I want to put hummus on everything. I never get sick of it. It is the food of the gods.

3. Negotiating for cars

I realize that along with my dad, I am probably the only person in the world that enjoys it, but I think researching and negotiating for cars is basically the most fun thing ever. My friend Lauren’s car broke down very unexpectedly this week, and she has to get a new one. She has never had to do any research or buy a car herself before, so I have been helping her and it is SO much fun. I just get so much joy out of getting the best possible deal on things, and I love pitting my wits against those of the dealers. If I didn’t think AJ would kill me, I’d drive back up to DC this weekend to negotiate FOR Lauren just because I get such a sick thrill out of it.


FREIGHT FEES? I will burn this dealership TO THE GROUND!

4. Leggings

I’m apparently having an existential life crisis right now because I literally cannot deal with wearing anything besides leggings/workout tights/capris. I’ve spent serious time trying to figure out why I would ever have worn anything else. They are comfortable, they make my legs look skinny, and they make my butt look good. WHAT ELSE IS THERE?

5. Making travel lists

In another attempt to annoy AJ at every possible opportunity, I’m currently big into making lists of places I want to see. My lists currently consist of pretty much every country besides North Korea, for practical reasons. Recognizing that my enthusiasm is probably not entirely practical, I asked AJ to make a list of the places that he would like to go so we could see where we overlap. I told him I would make a list of my top 10 places and he could make a list of his, but we could ONLY pick 10. For me, this was nearly impossible.

My list, in no particular order:

  1. African safari (I know that’s not a place, but whatever)
  2. Thailand
  3. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
  4. Machu Picchu (Peru)
  5. Switzerland
  6. Israel
  7. Istanbul (Turkey)
  8. Greece/Cyprus
  9. New Zealand
  10. Norway

I tried to spread myself across the world as much as possible, recognizing that there are a few international trips I already have planned, like Ireland (next week!!!) and Tokyo in February. How do you think AJ’s list compared?

  1. Canada
  2. Spain
  3. Germany
  4. Switzerland
  5. Italy
  6. Australia

First of all, he could only think of 6 places he wanted to go. IN THE WORLD. SIX PLACES. AND ONE OF THEM IS CANADA. No offense, Canadians, because I’ve spent a good bit of time in your country and it’s very beautiful, but I mean…come on. Anyway, it looks like we’re going to Switzerland! And it also looks like I need to buy travel books of foreign countries to place around the house, because srsly.


So help me Christ the Redeemer, I am going to Rio for the 2016 Olympics.

6. Figuring out ways to make AJ eat vegetables

Ok, I actually could use y’all’s help with this. The only vegetable my dear, sweet boyfriend will eat is green beans. And “green beans” is actually a pretty liberal statement, since actually he will only eat DelMonte Cut Green Beans and only the salted kind. Seriously, fresh, frozen, or any other canned variety is not acceptable and he will not eat it. He can tell if they different. Since I’m home right now working on getting the website ready for launch, I’ve had time to cook a lot more dinners, and I’m trying to make reasonably nutritious things. The problem? He won’t eat the vegetables in anything I make. He’ll literally pick around them to avoid them and eat everything else. I feel like I’m feeding a 2 year old, quite frankly. Which reminds me – lots of you guys have kids! And that means you probably have to trick them into eating healthy food! So, how do you do it? What are some of your favorite recipes and ways to sneak vegetables in so that your kids don’t notice?

7. This series of videos

I watched every single video in this series today. The guy reenacts conversations he has with his two year old, but he reenacts them with a grown man playing his daughter. Seriously, it’s my new favorite. Hilarious.

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