Don’t Call it a Comeback

When I saw my doctor a few weeks ago, he said I was allowed to give running a try on Wednesday of this week, assuming my leg was feeling better. You’d think I would have leapt out of bed on Wednesday morning ready to go, but no. Instead, I decided to give myself a little more time since the first week that I was in the boot was still very painful. Look at me making adult decisions! I gave myself 4 whole extra days off.


Try not to hurt yourself by clapping too hard.

How did I occupy my time while waiting for my leg to heal? Redecorated my living room, obviously. One of the pieces of “artwork” (aka a $50 print from World Market) fell off my living room wall awhile ago, so I decided to replace it with a canvas print of one of the pictures I took in Alaska. I also decided to take down some pictures I had from Pier 1 and get some small canvases made of pictures of me and AJ and the dog and whatnot.


Me and AJ, Rocket, Chicago (taken from the Sears Tower), and me and AJ again.


Even if I wanted to forget my trip up Mount Marathon, it is now impossible because a view from the mountain now hangs in my living room. Thanks, Groupon!

When tonight’s run finally rolled around, I was simultaneously excited and nervous. I was afraid that my leg would start hurting and I’d be back to square run, but obviously excited to get out there and see how it felt. My doctor said that when I’m able to run two miles without any pain during or after, I can consider myself healthy enough to start ramping my training back up.

So that’s all tonight’s run was supposed to be – just 2 short miles. I rarely ever do short runs (less than an hour) because I pretty much hate sweating, so if I’m going to sweat, I want to make it worth my while. That being said, tonight I was determined to stick to two miles and only two miles, and I commissioned AJ to come with me since that’s in his range of acceptable distances. I was feeling weird and nervous, so I decided to bring my phone with me and use it like a boom box to play music as we ran along, even though I never run with music.


This GIF is so horrifying and so entertaining at the same time.

We took off to the sweet sound of “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus, and AJ was so horrified. “Oh my God, turn that down. People can hear it!” he begged. I refused, so he started running faster to get away from me, which meant I had to run faster to keep up with him, which was basically good for neither of us. Finally, he slowed down a little bit, just in time for the chorus to come on. And, just like Miley says, “I put my hands up, they’re playing my song and the butterflies fly away.” So I’m running down the street, waving my hands back and forth in the air, nodding my head (like yeah) moving my hips (like yeah) and AJ keeps looking back at me going “Absolutely not. No. STOP IT.” I live to embarrass him. It’s my favorite pastime.

The other songs after that weren’t as good, although I chose to spare him from Taylor Swift’s “Fifteen” (even though that song is SO LEGIT) because I figured he’d suffered enough for one day. Besides, we were running a lot faster than I would have liked and I didn’t have as much dancing energy as I thought. Oh, the joys of taking a month off of running! We made it back to the house after exactly 2 miles in one piece. I don’t think my leg hurts, but it’s hard to tell. I am going to bike tomorrow and see how it feels, since I’m not supposed to run if it hurts after I’m done. I want to be cautious with my recovery. Assuming all goes according to plan, my goal is to do 3 short runs this week and slowly ease back into everything. My next marathon is on September 22, so that ought to be interesting!


He’s always so glad to be in pictures with me. He’s even more glad when I’ve made him run first. Also, he makes me look like a very small person, but I am totally normal sized, I promise.

So I’m cautiously optimistic, but don’t call it a comeback just yet. We’ll see how this week goes before I go setting any crazy goals. I’m determined to be patient and not push myself too hard too soon, although that’s easier said than done. I guess we’ll see!

LEAVE A COMMENT: How are you at recovering from injuries? Do you ease back into it like you’re supposed to, or do you jump the gun and do too much too soon?

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