I still don’t like trails, and a giveaway!

This Monday, the day after the epic attempt at breaking 2 hours in the half-marathon, I wisely decided to go out on a trail run with my friend Doug. It had been raining the whole weekend and he warned me that the trails might be closed or open but “a little muddy,” but either way I needed to bring my old running shoes and nothing decent. I figured I would do a nice shakeout run on Monday, just some easy miles to loosen up my legs after the race.  For some reason, I apparently forgot that there is no such thing as an easy trail run for me at this point in my trail-running career.

When I got to the trails, Doug told me not to worry – he was so proud of me for breaking 2 hours that we were going to take it easy that day! Hooray! Then I realized that Doug meant “easy for him” and not “easy for Danielle.” To be fair, he always says that I can tell him if I need to slow down or need to walk or stop, but I rarely do because I’m too busy trying to prove to myself (ok, and a little bit to him) that I can learn how to run on trails without completely embarrassing myself. So far, no luck on that front. Anyway, as we set off on a pace that was definitely too quick to be considered easy for me, I realized that speed wasn’t going to be my biggest issue that day. The trails were open and therefore muddy, and I can barely keep my feet under me when they’re dry, let alone slick and muddy!


Actual video of me running on trails.

Another issue facing us that day was the oppressive South Carolina humidity that has started creeping in. I’m happy to report it came a lot later this year than usual, but now that it’s here, it’s not a joke. I figured running in the woods would be cooler because there would be shade from the trees, but I didn’t quite realize those trees trap all the moisture in the air that ever existed, so I always leave the woods dripping in sweat. Why is this relevant? Well, as it turned out, I had made the unfortunate decision to do a product review that day for a blog giveaway. Ilona over at Strong Confident You had generously offered to make me a super sweet custom tank top to test out, so I was really annoyed with myself that I was wearing such excellent running gear on what had the potential to be a truly nasty run.


Yes, it was really embarrassing asking my coworker to take this picture.


And even more embarrassing asking him to take this one.

I was a little worried about how the tank would hold up with all of the humidity. When you’re drenched in sweat, the material you’re wearing is really important, and I was worried to be testing out something new on such a gross day. That being said, I was really impressed with how the shirt performed! While I was definitely very sweaty by the end of the run, the shirt always felt light and I stayed cool the whole time. The fit is a little bit smaller than normal, but it depends on how you like your shirts. I am wearing a size small in the picture, and it’s just a little bit too small for my personal preference, although my personal preference is generally really big and baggy, so take that with a grain of salt. I loved how the tank definitely looked different from other workout gear that I own; I really like the “burnout” look, and Ilona was able to completely customize the entire thing, which I thought was awesome!

Even better? The shirt still looked fabulous after being drenched in sweat and sprayed with mud for 6 miles. I really did my best to avoid all the muddy spots, partially out of self-preservation and partially out of generally not liking being dirty, but we finally came to impasse where I had no other choice but to clog through calf-deep mud. Doug trotted right through like a freaking mountain goat while I stayed at a dead stop on the other side and glared at him. “Don’t be a baby, come on. It’s just a little mud,” he said. “But Douuuuuug,” I whined, “That’s easy for you to say. You’re not wearing fancy custom-printed running gear.” Don’t you wish you could run with me? He does too so he wouldn’t have to.

And with that, I trudged through the mud to the sound of a slow clap and cheers from Doug. Stupid trail running. No wonder Anton Krupicka has such dirty hair all the time.

Do you want to win some fancy running gear too? Maybe your wife or girlfriend (or both…jerk!) is mad at you and you need to get out of the doghouse? Well, enter to win my giveaway from Strong Confident You! The winner will receive a tank or tee of their choice from Strong Confident You’s Etsy shop!


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