A Scary Run in a Cute Shirt – Albion Fit Giveaway!

It’s pretty rare that I run in long sleeves. I’m the type of person who will run in a singlet and running tights because my legs rarely get hot, but I have this paralyzing fear of my upper body overheating. It’s got to be REALLY cold with absolutely no sun for me to run in long sleeves, basically. So when Albion Fit offered to let me review their Go Long Crew, I was excited but also a little nervous. What if my anti-long sleeves agenda biased my review of the product? That would be unfair to both my readers and the company, so that’s not really cool. I figured I would give it a shot, though, since the shirt is super cute. I did not anticipate that this review would lead to one of the world’s most ridiculous runs.


Go Long Crew in plum. Those thighs are obviously not mine.

Albion Fit is a women’s fitness and swimwear company that has some adorable workout clothing. Their gear is great for both working out and lounging around, and it’s the type of stuff you could wear out in public and still look cute – rare in the workout world, right? I elected to review the Go Long Crew in the plum color for a couple reasons – first, purple is basically universally flattering, and second, purple is one of the colors that comes with thumb holes, which is extremely important in life. I can’t think of a time in my 27-year existence when I wore a long sleeve shirt and thought to myself, “You know what? I’m really glad this shirt doesn’t have thumb holes.” You know why? BECAUSE THAT’S ABSURD. Thumb holes make everything better.

Over St. Patrick’s Day weekend, we had a spurt of warm weather and I started panicking that it would never again be cold enough for me to comfortably wear long sleeves while running. Fortunately, God and the Flying Spaghetti Monster both heard my prayers and the weather got cold again while I was in Charleston for work last week. I had 8 miles around the Charleston peninsula on the schedule for 5:30 on Friday morning with my friend Crystal and my new friend Debbie. Crystal had warned me that some parts of the run go through some “sketchy areas” and that we would have to stick together, but I wasn’t too concerned.  As it turns out, I should have been.

First, here were my early observations about the shirt before the run began:

  1. It’s super soft and silky. The material is incredibly comfortable and I immediately wanted to wear it all the time. The material is also very thin, but not see through.
  2. The shirt is long. Like there is no chance of your stomach ever becoming uncovered no matter what you’re doing kind of long. AKA my kind of shirt. My stomach has not seen the light of day during a workout in the history of ever, and I’m going to keep it that way.
  3. The neckline has more of a boatneck shape to it than an actual crew neckline, as the name would imply. This is not at all important, just an observation.

We met in downtown Charleston at Colonial Lake at 5:30 am sharp and set off to get our miles in. Amanda and I had run 15 miles on Wednesday and biked on Thursday, so I was looking forward to a good shakeout run at a slowish pace. What I did not anticipate? Sprinting to get away from all of the following during the course of just 8 miles:

  1. Homeless people
  2. People who were awake and standing outside a bar not because they had just woken up, but because they still had not gone to sleep
  3. Gangs
  4. A street sweeper trying to cover us in road filth
  5. A garbage truck trying to cover us in trash stink


Dear all of Charleston: LEAVE US ALONE

Apparently when Crystal said we ran through “sketchy areas,” what she actually meant was “death traps,” because seriously, I have never run through anywhere like that. It was a good mental exercise, though, because we had to be constantly vigilant and make sure that we were all just within a few feet from each other for fear of kidnapping/death. During our run, Crystal and Debbie reminisced (and laughed!!!) about the time that a dead body was found next to the spot where their group meets for their long runs (and where we had met that morning).



On the plus side, Crystal and Debbie knew where all the water stops and bathrooms were along the route. We even got to go inside the Citadel in the wee early hours of the morning, which seemed like a really deviant thing to do despite the fact that the doors to the building were open and it’s not like we snuck in or anything. Whatever.

The weather was hovering right around 40, and while I was running, I tried to think deep thoughts about the shirt I was wearing. Crystal and Debbie both complimented me on how cute it was multiple times, and while I was running, I realized that in addition to being cute, it was also really comfortable and perfect temperature-wise, even as the miles went on. In fact, I would almost say that I was a little chilly, which basically never happens to me. As someone who is super dramatic about overheating all the time, I would say this means that for your average runner, you could wear this shirt in warmer temperatures and be comfortable. You probably wouldn’t want to wear it when it’s 80 out, but you could wear it throughout the spring and fall and be comfortable, which is a really big deal, especially here in the southern states!

As the run progressed, I kept thinking about how comfortable I was, and most importantly, I was not overheated! I was elated and all I could think about was the fact that I wasn’t hot. Amazing! As finished the run along Charleston’s famed Battery at sunrise (non-sketchy part of the run), I was in a great mood. Good mileage, beautiful morning, cute shirt, and great friends? What could be better?


Don’t judge my lack of make up. It was early in the morning, dammit.

So by now, you’re totally jealous of my shirt, right? Well, lucky for you, Albion Fit is providing a Go Long Crew to one lucky reader! They have also graciously provided a discount code exclusively for my readers. Use trexrunner15 at www.albionfit.com to receive $15 off a $50 order, good through March 29th!! Don’t worry, guys, you can win too – just give this shirt to a woman you want to really really love you forever. I could say something more suggestive, but I won’t. But I’m thinking it.

Enter below! The giveaway will close on THURSDAY, MARCH 28th at 11:59 pm EDT. You can use either Facebook or your email address to enter, but you must use one so I can identify who you are and know how to contact you! Make sure you check out all the different ways that you can enter! The more entries you choose to complete, the better your chances to win!


As required by the FTC: I received this product for a review. I received no monetary compensation.  All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.

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