Merry Christmas Eve and GIVEAWAY WINNERS!

Merry Christmas Eve from sunny South Florida! AJ and I have been super busy checking out South Beach, cruising the intercoastal, deep sea fishing, golfing and all sorts of other glamorous Florida activities that my mother has planned. The best part is hanging out with my grandmother, who is way funnier than I’ll ever be, even if unintentionally.

My mom: “Remember when we went on that tour of all the houses in Delray that were decorated for Christmas?

Nana: “Oh, you mean the ones decorated by the gay men? The gay men do the best decorations.”

Oh Nana.


T-Rex Mom, Nana, me and AJ (looking excited as always) cruise the intercoastal

I’ve also selected the winners of the coaster giveaway thanks to a random number generator I found on the interwebs. Very fancy, I know! Without further adieu, here are the winners! In the interest of transparency, I counted the comments by only counting the comments that specifically responded as contest entries and did not count any comments responding to the fascinating facts (there were a couple – we all were really fascinated!).



Congratulations, Nathan!

Winner #1 is Nathan, who also gets the dubious honor of “most disgusting fascinating fact.”



Colleen is a smart girl – she likes my Facebook page.

Congratulations Colleen, winner #2!

I hope y’all are enjoying a wonderful Christmas with your families! I’ve been forced to confront several of my irrational fears on this trip, including a duck that made a beeline for me during golf today – my entire family can attest to the fact that this duck ran as fast as its short little duck legs would carry him towards me while I sat in the golf cart – and tomorrow I will have to open a lot of presents in front of a lot of people.   We also saw an alligator, which obviously did not bother me at all.


FINALLY someone gets me.

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