Team T-Rex Shirts, Round 3!

For those of you who are new readers or just have been too lazy to order your Team T-Rex shirt, I’ve got good news!  It’s time for our third round of orders.

The cut off for the next round of orders will be 11:59 pm on December 9th. Time zone is irrelevant. My ass will be asleep.

Barring some type of international incident, shirts will arrive by Christmas.

If you would like the shirt shipped to you, please head over to eBay and purchase one using one of the links below.

  • Unisex shirts (men’s cut)
  • Women’s shirts

If you would like me to bring the shirt to you at a race we’ll both be running (and thereby avoid paying shipping), I can do that too! Send me an email with the cut (unisex/women’s), size, and color (lime green, grey, or white) to All the different options can be viewed at the links above!

If you need a size chart, click here for the women’s chart  or click here for the unisex chart! Shirts fit true to size.

I’m pretty sure these would make awesome holiday gifts for your family, friends, dog, babysitter, nanny, mistress, whoever. Just look at all these fast people! And here’s a testimonial:

“Okay, the Team T-Rex shirts need to come with a warning. When you pass people and you’re wearing a shirt that says “sorry I’m not sorry”, some of them seem to take it personally and try to pass you back. Not only did I get a huge half PR today, but I think this guy in a gray shirt that passed me three times in the last couple miles probably did too. Because he couldn’t stay behind me. Seriously, I would pass someone, they would immediately try to pass me back. Happened over and over and over again. Then I would have to run a little faster to prove that I should be in front of them. Over and over and over again. So in my opinion, T-Rex shirt = PR.” – Karen



Look how happy Suzy looks! Surely it’s the shirt, not the fact that she is on her way to a new PR…because of the shirt.


What a coincidence…Abbi looks happy too!


He’s not Carol Moody, but he’s got a great t-shirt so I’ll allow it.


If you could see the front of me, you would see a smile.

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