Cowboys and Drag Queens – Marine Corps Marathon Weekend, Part 1

T-Rex Mom might not have been excited about the idea of a hurricane hitting D.C. during the Marine Corps Marathon, but I kind of was. That’s good blog material right there.


This guy is a thousand times cooler than everyone, always.

To be fair, this was obviously before we knew the scope of the storm, lest you accuse me of being insensitive. While I obviously am insensitive in general, it’s not usually about hurricanes. Anyway.

You now know that I am not so organized when it comes to races and travel.  T-Rex Mom is VERY organized when it comes to these things. She was already making me crazy asking me about details before we ever left for the trip, and as I like to ignore details as much as possible, I figured at least it was a good thing that she knew what was going on.  So imagine my surprise when we tried to catch the once-every-30-minutes shuttle from the airport to our hotel, and I ran down our shuttle just as it was pulling away.

Shuttle Driver: “Which Sheraton are you going to? Crystal City?”

T-Rex Mom: “I don’t know – I think it’s on Abingdon?”

Shuttle Driver: “No” and waves us off in an irritated fashion.

Guess what? Abingdon doesn’t exist. That was our hotel. It was in Arlington.  This is why I don’t bother planning ahead – it only makes shuttle drivers irritated with you.

I was very excited because we were going to meet up with Lauren, one of my bestest friends in all the land, for dinner at Capital City Brewing Company. Local beer and a friend I rarely get to see but often get to photoshop? Win.


You may remember Lauren from such photoshopping gems as this great one from my blog’s early days.

So Lauren came and picked us up and we grabbed some great craft beer and pretzels. She is about to move to New Zealand at the end of the year to student teach, and unfortunately, preliminary research reveals that the only marathons taking place in New Zealand during this time include words like “backroads” and “offroad” and “mountain,” so I will not be participating. Too bad she couldn’t uproot her entire life and student teach at a time that was convenient for me and my marathon schedule. Oh well.


T-Rexing in public because we have no shame.

It was great to see her, and by the time we got back to the hotel, my mom and I were exhausted, but Kate’s flight wasn’t scheduled to land until almost midnight. We had to be up very early for T-Rex Mom’s second ever 5k, but fortunately Kate and I are pros at not sleeping and then running. I personally was very excited about the outfits we had lined up for the race, which had been a special idea of mine.



You don’t need to tell me we’re the most adorable team ever, because I already know.

I don’t doubt that you are jealous of our shirts. Speaking of which, you better go order one RIGHT NOW because October 31st is the deadline!!

The 5k was a benefit for Whitman-Walker Health, which provides care to patients suffering from HIV/AIDS. A worthy cause, to be sure, but the whole event was made even better because the gay community was out supporting the walk/run with a vengeance. We were privileged enough to see the LAST EVER performance by the DC Cowboys, who are totally famous because they performed on either So You Think You Can Dance or America’s Got Talent or some other show I don’t watch, but either way, they were very excellent and sassy and somewhat reminiscent of the Righteously Outrageous Twirling Corps that performed at the Chicago Marathon.


It’s never too early in the morning for gay cowboys. Never.

And I’m sorry, but when was the last time your 5k was attended by real drag queens? Never.


I wish I could be half as fabulous as them in real life. Also, I want their boobs. In general.

We were generously granted entry to the 5k by a fellow member of the 50 States Marathon Club (thanks Ted!) and the course took us very close to the capitol building and other seemingly important government buildings. T-Rex Mom was on a roll, running a good pace and not complaining any more than necessary.



Team T-Rex runs towards the best government in the world, which currently accomplishes mostly nothing but totally is gonna get back on track eventually.

In case you were wondering, we got a lot of questions comments compliments on our matching outfits, and I think it was possibly good PR. I guess we’ll find out. Anyway, T-Rex Mom totally killed it and PRed in the 5k, running a 30:51 and averaging 9:56 pace! Hooray!

After the race, we walked around for a bit on an odd quest to possibly find the Metro station, possibly find Starbucks, possibly freeze to death, sight see, or a combination of all of the above. I’m not totally sure what we were doing or why, but we ended up kind of wandering around for a couple hours and somehow found ourselves in front of (or possibly behind…I’m pretty sure behind) the White House.


Kate’s skirt is Lilly Pulitzer and it was $16. She is my hero.

All of a sudden I got tired, so I’m done writing now. At least you got a picture of drag queens. Now order your shirt.

Leave your congratulations for the mean, lean PRing machine, T-Rex Mom!

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