T-shirt Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!

It’s that time again! I am taking orders now for the second set of Team T-Rex shirts. Don’t want to read the rest of this blog? Go here to order a men’s cut shirt and here to order a women’s cut!

I got a lot of messages and posts from people who had realized the error of their ways and had not ordered a shirt with the first set. Once they saw how awesome the shirts are, they were very sad.


Sorry I’m not sorry they’re so awesome.

To be honest, I was so nervous about these shirts that I actually refused to open the box at first.  I was terrified that they would fit weird, be a crappy fabric, be an awful color, and otherwise just completely suck.  Much to my relief, none of those things happened and they looked, fit, and felt great! Thank goodness…it would have been real awkward having to mail out terrible shirts to everyone. I actually would have been sorry about that.

Not convinced yet? Look at all these happy people!


Ylva and Anders representing the Swedish branch of Team T-Rex!


Alexis repping the blog all the way from Hatfield-McCoy feudin’ country!


Jamie and Abbi looking badass in Kentucky!


T-Rex Mom on Lookout Mountain!


Kristen sweating in neon green!


Look how happy Miles Austin is that Lauren is wearing a Team T-Rex shirt!


SO clearly, everyone is looking really bad ass and you obviously all now want a shirt. Good! Now order one. Here’s the info:

The cut off for the next round of orders will be October 31. Shirts ordered by that time will be available for pick up at the Route 66 Marathon or Baton Rouge Beach Marathon. If you elect to have your shirt shipped to you, it will arrive in mid-November.

If you would like the shirt shipped to you, please head over to eBay and purchase one using one of the links below.

  • Unisex shirts (men’s cut)
  • Women’s shirts

If you would like me to bring the shirt to you at a race we’ll both be running (and thereby avoid paying shipping), I can do that too! Send me an email with the cut (unisex/women’s), size, and color (lime green, grey, or white) to thetrexrunner@gmail.com. All the different options can be viewed at the links above!

If you need a size chart, click here for the women’s chart  or click here for the unisex chart!

I’m pretty sure these would make awesome holiday gifts for your family, friends, and your children’s baby sitter. So go get yours now!






Questions? Leave a comment or shoot me an email!

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