TEAM T-REX SHIRTS (no, for real this time!)

For those of you who have been following my ongoing drama with the t-shirts, the day has FINALLY ARRIVED! This has been quite a ride. I’ve been working on these things since June! Turns out, it’s a lot more complicated than you’d think. I tried switching to a self-hosted website in order to set up an actual store on my blog where you could purchase the shirts, but the web host ended up losing half of my blog entries in the process! I said some unspeakable things to the customer service representatives at a web hosting company that shall remain nameless. I was determined to figure the whole thing out, but it just became way too much of a hassle. So if you’re wondering why I’ve barely updated and why my blog looked really different/crappy for awhile, now you know!

So anyway, this whole mess was created because I wanted to come up with a really easy and convenient way for y’all to be able to purchase shirts through the blog. Well, that didn’t really happen, but I DID finalize the design, got a printer, and started to make things happen. So here it is, the final design!


You wanted neon, you got neon.

And here is what some random man looks like wearing this same shirt.


He totally stands out, right? Right.

The shirts are made out of a technical (dri-fit) material that should be great for running, racing, working out, and being sarcastic in general. Both men’s and women’s cuts are available, and they are being offered in lime green, grey, and white.


Too bad they didn’t have a pale model, because I have no idea what this shirt will look like on me.

So how do you get your grubby little hands on this highly coveted item? eBay, of course! Click the links below to be taken directly to the listing! I had to speak to about 8 different customer service representatives in India names things like “Diane” and “Joe,” so I hope you appreciate the amount of time this took me to set up.

Unisex shirts (Men’s sizes)

Women’s shirts

Women’s sizing chart

I will be taking the first set of orders until TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 AT 7 PM EASTERN TIME!Shirts ordered by this time will be ready for the Chicago Marathon on October 7! Any shirts ordered after the cut off will be ready the following week. If you are going to be at the race in Chicago, I can bring you your shirt! Make sure you put that in the “Notes to seller” box on eBay!

If you have questions, contact me at and I will get back to you ASAP!

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