Crash and Burn

It’s been a busy week in the T-Rex household. Between organizing all of AJ’s stuff, attempting to train for whatever it is I’m training for, becoming a domestic goddess, and the endless social obligations that come with being really really ridiculously good looking/popular, it seems that the blog has fallen by the wayside! If it helps, please know I have the best of intentions and never want to let you down.

On the topic of being a domestic goddess, I’ve been putting an odd amount of pressure on myself to become an expert chef now that AJ lives here and I actually have someone to cook for. I actually am a pretty decent cook, but I am certainly not efficient about it. I will spend hours in the kitchen making all sorts of delicious things, like cheese-stuff meatballs and funfetti cupcakes (from scratch, people) but it literally takes all the time I have between getting home from work and going to bed. I need to work on that. During this process, I did however learn that icing is actually the most disgusting thing on the planet, which one would never know unless one has made it from scratch. You know that are the only two ingredients in icing besides whatever flavoring you are using? Butter and powdered sugar. That’s it. We are eating sugary butter.


If eating this whole bowl is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

In other news, I did a 10 mile run this past week, which is (pathetically) my first double digit run since Missoula! Hooray! Yes, I was nauseous for the whole last half and yes I threw up afterwards, but I didn’t throw up during, so that’s progress, people!


She speaks the truth.

Let’s all observe a moment of silence for my former endurance and relative speed.

Thank you.

I also had the brilliant (and I do literally mean brilliant) idea of doing a run and swim workout during my lunch break at work on Thursday. I was so impossibly impressed with myself, you don’t even want to know – and I hadn’t even set out for the run yet. My gym is exactly 1.5 miles from my office, so I figured a 1.5 mile (uphill) run there, swim for 20 minutes or so, then 1.5 miles (downhill) back – perfect! So I set out on what seemed like a lovely day until I actually started running in it. 83 degrees is lovely when you’re walking to your car, but not so lovely when you are running  in direct sunlight, so I was a sweaty mess when I got to the gym. Did I mention that I ran in my bathing suit and shorts with a draw string race bag on my back carrying my towel, googles, etc? Yeah, it was a good look. Imagine my horror when I go into the gym only to discover that the pool is broken and will not reopen until “maybe the next afternoon.” OMG WTF BBQ.


Ugh, so angry.

So I walked around for a little while and pondered what to do. Do I do some other exercise at the gym, despite my burning hatred of gym machines? Do I just run farther, knowing a bathing suit is not the most breathable material, the bag will be flopping on my back, and oh yeah, I look ridiculous? Well, I decided to do the stair climber at the gym. Amanda and I had been musing during one of our runs recently that despite the fact that we run marathons, do triathlons, and are generally in fine physical condition overall, we still get winded climbing a flight of stairs, which is slightly pathetic. So we resolved recently to spend at least one day a week doing some time on the stair climber in an attempt to improve our fitness. Remembering this, I decided to spend my 15-20 minutes that I would have been swimming on the stair climber.


Uh, I did a google search for “fit thighs” and this is what I got. This is not what I had in mind for the stair climber to give me.

To be honest, I did pretty well. I didn’t feel super tired or out of breath. I could tell I was working out, but I wasn’t dying, unless it was from dehydration thanks to the horrific amount of sweat pouring off me. So I did my time and ran back to the office, quite pleased with myself.

The next day I could barely walk. I don’t remember the last time my quads hurt that bad. I will be spending a lot more time on the stair climber in the near future.

In other news, I’ve been on the hunt for a bike recently. At the very least, I’ve been trying to learn more about them, since I will have to buy one when Cameron comes back from Australia. Turns out there’s a whole lot more to know about biking than there is to know about running in terms of gear and all the junk you need to buy. You can buy a bike, but it has about 80 different parts that can all be changed in and out to make the bike lighter, faster, yada yada. I started doing some research and randomly came across a bike I was really interested in. It was on closeout thanks to the season ending and the company no longer making that model,  and after an exhaustive fitting process, it was determined that the bike did indeed fit me, although the guy at the store told me that if I was literally a centimeter shorter, it would not have worked. So I introduce to you my beautiful, wonderful, fantastic triathlon bike – a Cervelo P1! I have not given it a name yet – please stay tuned.


Most beautiful bike in all the land!

AJ had also been looking at getting a bike, although he was interested in a road bike instead of a triathlon bike – yup, there’s a difference. We spent most of Saturday going to five different bike stores and trying out all their different bikes made for giants. It was a pretty long day and by the time we got to the last bike store, we were still not feeling too confident about any of the bikes he had come across. None of them seemed right. At the last store, however, he lucked out and found a used Trek something that was made for giants and was right in his price range, but with way nicer components because it was slightly used. It’s in great shape and he loves it! Thank goodness he is so tall or it never would have worked. For frame of reference, I cannot even come close to putting my leg over the bike.


I still think mine is prettier, but this will do.

AJ wanted to get into biking because he thinks running is totally awful but wanted us to have an activity that we can do together. Totally adorable, right? After yesterday’s big purchases, we were excited to get on the road this morning and test out the new bikes. First, we had to get AJ some padded bike shorts, which he was less than pleased about. He literally wore boxers, then the bike shorts, then another pair of basketball shorts over them because he thinks they look ridiculous. To be fair, bike clothing is pretty much the least fashionable of all sports that I have found. He would not let me take a picture of him in the shorts.


One day I will not look ridiculous in a self portrait. Today is not that day.

Of course, despite the fact that this was AJ’s first bike ride in an untold number of years and despite the fact that he had never ridden a real road bike, I couldn’t help but want to go fast and turn it into a fitness event. I think he was thinking more in terms of taking a leisurely bike ride and hanging out, looking at houses, but I don’t really do many things with the purpose of simple leisure. I’m willing to admit that this is one of my many personality flaws. I was riding way too fast for him, given that he was hung over from the night before and oh yeah, had never ridden a bike for exercise purposes, but I did try to restrain myself.


PS, biking on the road is still terrifying.

It was hard to slow down because a) my bike is really fast and b) I recently acquired some clip-in shoes and pedals, much to my dismay. It seemed necessary, and everyone kept making fun of me peer pressuring me bullying me telling me how much faster I would be once I stopped wearing sneakers and got the ridiculous shoes, so I did. However, I had only ridden in them once prior to taking this little jaunt with AJ, and in case you were wondering, clipping in and out of pedals isn’t exactly easy until you get the hang of it. The pedals keep your foot from moving, so if you don’t unclip fast enough when you are coming to a stop, you will lose your balance and fall over. The advantage of these shoes is that because they don’t let your foot lift up, you are able to both pull up on the pedal and push down on it, giving you extra power. Seems great, right?

Well, AJ needed to hydrate a lot during this little excursion thanks to his hangover, so he shouted to me that he wanted to take a break at the top of the next hill. I just heard “take a break” so I stopped immediately, which happened to be in the middle of the hill. No big deal, I figured, but not ideal. Well, when I went to start back up, I could not get enough momentum going up the hill to turn the chain enough to move the pedal so I could clip in. AJ had taken off, probably happy to give me a taste of my own medicine. On my third attempt, I not only couldn’t get my other foot into the pedal, I started losing my balance and then couldn’t get my foot out, resulting in me crashing to the earth and onto the asphalt quite violently and with much more noise and much less grace than I was hoping for. Awkward.


Lots of dirt, grass, and gravel. It’s hard to tell, but I’m pointing to a flesh wound on my brand new bike’s handlebars. LE SIGH.

AJ heard the obscenely loud crash and came pedaling back to find me on the ground with my shoe still attached to the pedal. I knew I hated those stupid shoes and pedals for a reason. Yes, I crashed my bike the first time I ever rode it. This actually happened.

So I’m not exactly Lance Armstrong just yet (he’s still better at biking than me, steroids or not), but I did learn a valuable lesson – don’t ever try to clip into your pedals going uphill from a dead stop. Just walk your bike up the hill. If you think you look like an idiot walking your bike up the hill, I can assure you that you look even more ridiculous lying on the ground attached to your bicycle and covered in dirt.

I just noticed I wear my Missoula shirt in a lot of pictures on this blog. I promise I sometimes wear other clothes too.

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