My first giveaway!!

It’s no secret that I have a lot of medical issues – maladies, if you will. Hell, it seems like half the time that’s all I write about on this blog. Between my heart, stomach, and back, it seems like I’m basically inches from death at any moment.

I don’t know whether the sponsor of today’s giveaway actually recognized this while reading my blog or if it was just a happy coincidence, but either way, it’s a win. I was recently contacted by a company called ICEdot, who asked me to review their product and offered to provide an extra sample for a lucky reader!

First of all, I just want to take a moment to tell you how much I geeked out when I received this email from them. I love free things. ALL free things. I love it even more when I am not only allowed to have an opinion about said free things, I am encouraged to. Also, I read lots of other running blogs and I always thought it was cool that they have giveaways. Now I too have a giveaway! Hooray!

Disclaimer: ICEdot contacted me to ask if I would review their product and told me they would give me the product for free, along with an extra to give away. The opinions stated below are my own and are not influenced by ICEdot.

Did that sound official? Ok.
So, what is ICEdot? ICEdot is a company that focuses on helping first responders get information about you in the event of an emergency. They offer a variety of products to assist in this effort, such as snap-on tags, dog tags, and today’s giveaway, bracelets!


Eerily reminiscent of the Livestrong bands, yes. Comfortable, also yes.

The system is an emergency ID & notification service designed for athletes, children and people on the go. Your membership PIN will be linked to a personal online account with your identification, medical info (if you have any) and emergency contacts. This info can be accessed by any first responder with a cell phone, including fellow runners, passerby, medical personal, etc.


Hey everyone, come see how good I look!

Each band is printed with a unique PIN number that is linked to an online profile you set up. Your online profile can contain as much or as little information about you as you want it to, including a picture,  medical history, allergies, blood type, immunization record, and the list goes on and on. There is also room for a huge list of emergency contacts!  All you have to do is text the PIN on one of the bracelets to the number provided, and it comes up.


Come see how safe I am!

Here’s what I think about this product. At first, I was skeptical. I think a lot less about what would need to be done in the case of an emergency than I probably should, and quite frankly, I don’t generally concern myself with it.  I don’t run with a phone or mace or anything like that, much to T-Rex Mom’s ongoing display. I can’t be bothered to carry things around when I run. However, when the bracelet came in the mail, the first thing I noticed was how light it is. It doesn’t even seem like I’m wearing it at all. When I set up my online profile through the ICEdot website, I was overwhelmed by how much information it can hold. It really is a great resource for a huge list of emergency contacts, your medical history, etc.

You might be wondering how this bracelet compares to similar product that you’ve probably heard of called RoadID. I personally own a RoadID, so I am a good person to ask. The RoadID bracelet that I have has about 5 lines of text on it – enough for my name, a contact phone number, and some brief medical information. The thing I like about ICEdot is that there is basically no limit to the amount of information that you can enter on your profile. If one emergency contact is not available, first responders can keep moving down the list until they find someone who is. The bracelet is also lighter than RoadID’s, and there is no steel plate on it that can make it uncomfortable or inflexible. That being said, I do like that RoadID has my name on it and it is one of the first things you see.

Overall, I am impressed with this product! As runners and athletes – hell, even just as active adults – we spend a lot of time driving, biking, running, etc without immediate access to our families or friends in case of an emergency. It’s comforting to know that in an emergency, those contacts, as well as my medical information, is immediately available to first responders.

Now for the giveaway! A winner will be selected randomly from the comments using some fancy thing I found online. You can have up to four chances to win! When leaving comments, be sure to put at least your first name and email address so I can tell you that you won!

1. Leave a comment on this blog telling me you want the bracelet. It’s that simple!

2. Like my page on Facebook and leave a comment telling me that you have done so. If you already like my page, you can tell me that too.

3. Like ICEdot’s page on Facebook and leave a comment telling me that you have done so.

4. Follow ICEdot on Twitter and leave a comment telling me that you have done so.

It’s that simple! What are you waiting for? Leave a comment! I want to give stuff away!! THE CONTEST WILL END MONDAY, AUGUST 6 at 5:30 PM, SO DO IT NOW. Thanksicon_smile-95

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