The official mascot revealed! No, seriously.

After much agonizing over the past few weeks, I have finally decided on the official mascot for T-Rex Runner. I feel like I have given this topic way too much thought. I stay awake at night thinking about this stupid thing, as if anyone actually cares.

Actually, AJ apparently really cares because he used his computer genius to bilk the system and vote multiple times. Ridiculous.

So anyway, I ultimately decided to redo the old mascot. And by “I ultimately decided,” I mean that Heather, one of my wonderful readers whom I have never had the pleasure of meeting, literally grabbed the bull by the horns and redid my old mascot without me asking. No joke.  Thank God someone around here can take some damn initiative, because it certainly isn’t me.

With a little back and forth, we ultimately worked together to change the colors, add those running shoes I was terrified of drawing, increase the resolution, and smooth out the design. I was obviously no help at all in this. So now, here you have it! The official mascot of T-Rex Runner.

Wait for it…wait for it…


Shock and awe, baby.

Now that I look at it, I might have to change the shoe color to a light grey or something. But anyway, you get the point. Isn’t he/she/it magnificent? We’re keeping it gender neutral over here. Ultimately, Heather forced me to keep my old mascot I came to the conclusion that the mascot I drew is the most representative of me and of this blog.

You know what that means? It means it’s almost time for TEAM T-REX MERCHANDISE. I am mocking up the designs now. If you have any creative t-shirt designing abilities whatsoever, you already have way more than me, so feel free to help a T-Rex out by emailing me and fixing my life by designing these things. As we’ve seen, all I know how to do is put my face on a pint glass.


Don’t act for one second like you’re sick of this picture.

I plan on rolling out the t-shirt designs early next week and I will start taking orders at that time. As soon as I figure out how to do that. Dad?

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