True Life: Facebook is threatened by me

So today I go to post a little schpiel on one of the groups that I’m a member of on Facebook, and I get a hate message from Facebook! It tells me that I am spamming Facebook because I have posted the same link too many times and I’m now on their official hate list and I’m not allowed to post the link to my blog anymore!

I know. It’s total bullshit. I’m pretty sure Facebook is threatened by my level of fame. They have 600 million members? I’m pretty sure my number of blog followers is right up there, so I understand their concern.

But rather than starting a letter writing campaign or mailing Facebook body parts to express my dissatisfaction like that creepy guy from Canada, I decided to just bite the bullet and start a Facebook page for T-Rex Runner. It actually seems more efficient anyway, and we all know I love efficiency.

See? Look how mature I am.

So you can either click the little widget on the right side of the screen to like my page, or you can go to it here. Click “like” and get lots of fun things, like um…I’ll post a status update when I write a new blog. And sometimes I’ll put pictures up on Facebook, which I guess would require me to get over my hatred of putting pictures on Facebook. Maybe I’ll even use that handy feature where you can say where you are. Who knows? Shit could get crazy.

Anyway, like my page. I promise it’s not a vanity thing. I just don’t have a choice.

Love you, mean it!


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