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So in the midst of my hate/panic spiral over the possible cancellation of the Madison Marathon this weekend due to the heat (SERIOUSLY I WILL FREAK OUT), I have decided to write a post that I’ve been putting off for a long time because, well, it weirds me out.  Since the early days of this blog, numerous readers have suggested I get some blog merch printed up that people can buy. I’ve been trying to avoid this for as long as possible for fear that everyone’s secretly just messing with me and they don’t really want a t-shirt with a T-Rex on it, but it’s time to bite the bullet. As more people have started reading, the requests have been coming faster, so now I guess I have to give the people what they allegedly want.

This post is my research phase. I am a compulsive researcher. I do not buy anything without reading every possible review and doing excessive comparison shopping, getting the best price, etc. T-Rex Dad taught me this. Ergo, I have to do consumer research to see what it is you all want. I am currently in the process of having a new mascot designed. Yes, I actually have paid someone money to create the thing.  I know, the pink-T-Rex I made in Paint is exquisite, but it turns out the 72 dpi resolution isn’t going to cut it when it comes to getting it printed on stuff. So here’s one last look at this beautiful creature before it is permanently retired.


I’m going to miss it only taking 0.2 seconds to upload because the file size is so small.

While I don’t have the final mascot yet, I do want to get a feel for what everyone might be interested in where actual merchandise is concerned. So please take 5 seconds and take these few polls. Even if you vote “no” on the first one, please share your opinions about what items you think would be good. Because you’re going to change your mind when you see how awesome this stuff is and I want to make sure you have the options you want. You LIKE my merchandise. YOU LIKE IT. And don’t vote yes just because you don’t want to hurt my feelings. T-Rexs have no feelings.


Would you buy T-Rex items?

Now that we’ve gotten that awkward question out of the way, please humor me by answering a few more.


What type of items would you be interested in?


Which type of t-shirt would you prefer?


How important is the quality of a technical shirt to you?


What color shirt would you want?

Thank you for all your hard work! And now to reward you, here is a giant picture of my face on a pint glass, aka your future.


Don’t worry, I will only put my face on stuff for special requests. The rest of you will get the mascot.

When I get the final mascot design, I will obviously share it with all of you. Unless none of you want to buy my shirt. In which case I will only share it with AJ because he is required to give a shit about my life. Thanks again, y’all!

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