How to cheer up a T-Rex

Well, it turns out that my great ballad of discontent has proven very popular among the masses. My Flying Pig Marathon Race Report is my most popular post yet, which, as I see, it means one of the following things:

  1. You are all sick, twisted people who enjoy the pain of others;
  2. I’ve finally used the phrase “sexy party” enough to bring my blog up in a google search when people are trying to find porn;
  3. People like sad Danielle better than funny Danielle because funny Danielle isn’t as funny as she thinks and uses the word funny too often;
  4. People are happy to see me fail; or,
  5. Some actual positive reason that escapes me.

I personally am going to go with #2, as this is a goal I’ve been trying to achieve for some time.

This will be a short post, but while sitting at home tonight not running (partially because of the rain and partially because it’s probably not the best idea), I’ve been looking for ways to cure my melancholy. Here’s a collection of shit that amused me today.

1. I bought a T-Rex necklace on Etsy because I’m so self-absorbed that I want to wear myself around my own neck. Think about it.


It was only $9. What a country!

Feel free to buy T-Rex items and send them to me as tokens of your adoration.

2. The amendment banning gay marriage passed in North Carolina. While I don’t really have strong feelings on the issue one way or the other, I DO have strong feelings on the hilarious signs people make in support of gay marriage. And that is that I love them.


Why hasn’t anyone figured this out yet?


Unrelated fact: T-Rex Mom loves corduroy pants.


Don’t go there girlfriend


Gets me every time!

I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there.

3.  Thanks to the Devil’s toolbox Pinterest, I found a great/life-ruining store called Vestique and maybe ordered some summer ensembs. Plural. And a statement necklace. Please don’t ask me what a statement necklace is, because I have no idea. The website told me my shirt would look good with one.


When someone tells me I should save my money

4. I found my new favorite video. I haven’t posted any youtube gems in awhile, so here’s one for your viewing pleasure. It seems boring at first, but wait for it. You’re welcome.

There’s a pretty good chance my lightened mood will be stomped to pieces at my doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning, but that’s ok. I’ve got the Harvard baseball team to cheer me up.

If you have any interwebs gems you think would cheer me up, please leave them in the comments. Baby needs the interwebs at a time like this.

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