“Contrary to earlier theories, T. Rex had more than just junk in its trunk.”

The Danielle of 2011 would say that 2012 has pretty much sucked so far. Without going into too much detail, every day has had its own share of something  or multiple things that are really crappy. However, the Danielle of 2011 died. She was tragically eaten alive by a bearded man. So the good news is that the Danielle of 2012 is looking for the positive things that happen each day while still learning from the negative ones. Here’s some good stuff that has happened so far this year.

  1. I went skiing and didn’t die. I’m pretty sure no one else died either. Also, Tom saw a really hot girl and almost passed out because she was that hot. Ok, so did I.
  2. I changed my grad school schedule around so that I’ll be less stressed out.
  3. Kristen and I ran 7 miles yesterday and she didn’t yell at me once. It was the farthest she’s ever run before and she did great. We had a Taylor Swift sing along that I’m sure all the cute guys who ran by us appreciated. Maybe she has a resolution to appreciate the positive running influences in her life instead of swearing at them. HINT HINT.
  4. I saw my friend Katie tonight and fortunately for humanity, we are not the same people today that we were in Fall 2005 when pretty much every night was New Year’s and no one was safe from our belligerence. Trust me, be thankful that’s over.197250_515302457638_5700410_15107567_6130_n-2

Another really great thing that happened was that my friend Alex sent me this article. It basically said that studies have confirmed what I obviously already knew: T-Rex was wicked fast. A quote from the article reads “T. rex’s actual speed is hard to determine but… it could probably run down any other animal in its ecosystem.” Omg, how much is this like my life? The T-Rex got all its speed from its muscular tail. I get all my speed from my muscular ass!


Next, they’re going to tell me that the T-Rex also loved anything with a theme, can’t stand Madonna, and can eat anything as long as it’s covered in cheese.

In other news, it occurred to me today while I was talking to Katie that I now think of everything in terms of running, and I can apply almost everything I’ve learned about running to life. Katie and her boyfriend just broke up and she, like all girls, is having trouble resisting the urge to belligerently text him. My SUPER helpful advice was “Don’t think about never texting him again. That’s too hard. Just try not to text him for one hour. Then when that hour is up, try not to text him for one more hour. That’s how I think when I run marathons, I just take it one mile at a time, because I can do anything for one more mile and you can do anything for one more hour.”

See above.

What? What am I doing with my life? Who says that to someone?

So if you were planning on asking me for advice or talking to me about your problems, it’s probably best if you don’t. Not because I don’t care, but because you’re going to hear an obscure running analogy, and I don’t want that for you. I think I used four of them on Katie tonight, and things are hard enough for her as it is.

Sorry Sorry I’m not sorry this post had no point whatsoever.

And now, because I’m a giving person and I care about all of you, here is the best youtube video ever. Click on it. Watch it over and over again. Live it.


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