There are two types of people in this world.

“There are two types of people in this world: people that are fans of your blog, and people that will be.” – KBeezy

Aside from flipping out every five minutes about the massive amount of homework I still have to do for grad school, the past 24 hours have been really exciting for me. Obviously, I’m really freaked out about school because instead of doing homework, I’m blogging. You can see where my priorities lie.

I went running last night in the freezing cold with Team in Training. We put in 7 solid miles and it was noticed that I am getting “fast.” Fast is relative, of course, but I kept up with people that used to blow by me in the summer and fall. By “it was noticed” I mean I kept pointing out to people how fast I was.

“Alan, look how fast I have gotten! I’m keeping up with you.”

“Yes, you’re much faster now.”

…20 minutes later…

“Alan, look! I’m still running with you!”

“Yes, Danielle, you’re so fast.”

Before we started our run, I mentioned that I am headed to Dallas this weekend to run the MetroPCS Dallas White Rock Marathon and visit my friend Fawn!

dallas-2Roddy, my TNT coach, then asked me if I had any interest in running the Kiawah Island Marathon since he decided not to go. Um, OF COURSE I have an interest. Free marathon entry? Absolutely. Then Chuck mentioned that I could stay with him and his wife, Robin, and sleep on the couch in the condo they are renting for the race if I promise to put them in the blog. Free entry AND free lodging? HELL YES. I have no problem shamelessly pimping out my blog.

kiawah-2You know who wasn’t excited? Alex. There’s this teeny tiny little issue in that Kiawah happens to be on December 10th. That’s less than a week after I run Dallas. Alex already yells at me on a daily basis for running too many marathons (and he’s talking about one a month). Two in one week? It can’t be done, he says. I’m too fragile.

I think we see how the Hammer feels about me being too fragile. Maybe I’ll even run Kiawah in parachute pants. You cannot stop it. You cannottttt stop it.

Even more exciting, my 26th birthday is December 9th. I had planned to run Dallas as a birthday present to myself. What could be more fitting than running 26.2 miles for my 26th birthday, right? RIGHT? I might be the only person who thinks that. But you know what’s the only thing better than running a marathon the week of your 26th birthday? Starting and ending that week with a marathon. COME ON!!

over-celebrate-birthday-ecard-someecards-2I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted my March marathon to be the Little Rock Marathon. It gets great reviews and has the biggest medals of any marathon. Since we all know I run for medals, this is a huge draw. I’ve been following them on facebook and there were only 350 spots left after today, with expectations for the race to fill by the end of the weekend. So, while driving down I-26 this morning on my way to Charleston, I multi-tasked like any 20-something with an immortality complex and signed up for the race.

littlerock-2I also started brainstorming ideas for my impending book yesterday. A surprising number of people have told me they would buy a book that I wrote (don’t worry Lauren, it will be available on Kindle), so I started thinking about stuff to write about. Tom had a helpful suggestion: “Well, a lot of shit annoys you, so just make each chapter about a different thing and rant about it.” This could be so therapeutic for me. I might not even have to see my therapist anymore! I can just take all my rage out on the written word. I came up with 4 things today alone, and I wasn’t even trying. This could be a book rivaling War and Peace in length. Get excited, friends.

In other news, now that I’m a gold member of my hotel points club, I get free beer. What a country!

Also, Dr J finally figured out that in my spare time, I draw the Garfield cartoons and model the character of Garfield after myself. Jim Davis is just a pen name.


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