Help me understand why “Aromas” are necessary

Today’s a big day – we have our first AND second reader submissions to the blog. That’s right. People actually cared enough to see something funny, take a picture of it, and immediately call me to tell me they have perfect material for my blog. It’s like you guys are doing my work for me, and I love it. Today’s first submission comes from Dr. J, who captured this gem in the restroom of a rest stop bathroom on the way back from Charleston. It should be pointed out that this particular exit features the popular Lion’s Den Adult Superstore, which may be part of the problem. Don’t act like you haven’t seen the signs for it on I-26, but just in case not everyone drives to Charleston as much as we do, here you go.

lionsden-3And you’re welcome, because now you know it’s at Exit 159.

img_0084-3Can someone, anyone, explain to me why an “aroma” might be necessary? Because I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it and I can’t come up with a single viable reason. If you can, please enlighten me, because I clearly don’t spend enough time in bed with truckers.

Our second submission comes from my friend Rachel, who is equally as irreverent as me.

god-3For the record, I’m not an athiest. I believe in God, and I pray multiple times a day. But I find hyper-religious people endlessly amusing. I saw a bumper sticker once that summed up my feelings perfectly.

its_not_god_i_have_a_problem_rectangular_magnet-3I just felt the need to clarify because I’m pretty sure my South Carolina readers think I’m a heathen. Anyway, henceforth, please feel free to take pictures of amusing crap and send it to me for groundbreaking analysis.

In other news, Kristen forced me to run another 8k this morning, this time in the arctic cold. To be fair, I was planning on running 14 miles with Amanda anyway, since she was here visiting her dad and needed someone to run with. As it so happened, I normally start running at a park that is exactly 1 mile away from the start of the 8k, meaning Amanda and I could run to the race, run the race with Kristen, run back to the park, and then do one of the 7 mile loops I know. It kind of seemed like fate, so we registered. In case you can’t tell, Kristen is a little hopped up on the races lately.

before-3Kristen was determined not to walk at all during the race, and I’m very proud of her for achieving her goal!We even sprinted towards the finish. I use the word sprinting loosely because none of us really sprint (as in run fast) in the traditional sense of the word.

shandono8k-3The race was a turkey trot, and guess what? THERE WERE PEOPLE THERE IN COSTUME.

gobble-3Where does one even buy a turkey suit? I have so many questions today.

After the race, Amanda and I said goodbye to Kristen and headed off to do our last 8 miles. We observed people drinking from the Team in Training coolers that are not TNT alums, which is an ongoing source of rage for me. I don’t mind so much in the winter, but these same asshats are out there during the summer, drinking all our water and Gatorade, and they aren’t saving children from cancer at the same time. I find this WHOLLY UNACCEPTABLE. End rant.

I took my dog on a walk today because I don’t want him to love Tom more than me I’m a good owner. It was his lucky day, because he found a rawhide bone on our walk and he picked it up and carried it all the way home.

rockbone-3Would a responsible owner allow their dog to just pick up a bone they found outside and carry it into the house and ingest it? Probably not. But I’m not home a lot and I’m one of those dog parents who has a guilt complex and lets their dog do whatever it wants to try and cover up the emotional pain it feels from my abandonment. As you can see, I’ll make a great parent one day.

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