I am many things, T-Rex included.

I am many things. I guess I’ve always known that, but over the past year, I feel like I’ve discovered something new about myself every day. Last week, for example, I discovered that I strongly resemble a Tyrannosaurus Rex.


That’s right. Scrawny, generally useless upper body. Giant T-Rex legs. It is, I like to think, the body of a runner.

People who have only known me for the past couple of years probably can’t imagine the time when I wasn’t a runner. Yes, it’s true. I used to HATE RUNNING. In fact, I hated it more than any other form of exercise. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof:

  1. I quit playing soccer when I was 7 because my coach made us run one lap around the field at our first practice. ONE LAP. I could not imagine the correlation between soccer and running since no one made me run laps when I played as a 6 year old. On an unrelated note, my would-be team was undefeated that year. I’m sure the running was not a factor.
  2. I had a hurt knee during pretty much the whole year I had to take P.E. in high school – freshman year. My coach still made me do the mile, so I did it on crutches – a whole lot faster than most people ran it. Why run when you can crutch? Seemed like an obvious choice.
  3. I worked out a lot my freshman year in college. Rather than run, I would go on the elliptical, sometimes for two hours (more on that later). My friends would work out and THEN run a mile. A mile seemed so far as to be unfathomable. They used to say “oh, we’re going to run a 10 minute mile, then we’ll be done.” I thought that was miraculously fast.

In my pre-running days, I did other things, like ride horses. Here’s a picture of me and my first horse, Monty, when I was about 13.


So anyway, like I said, I’m a lot of things. I’m a T-Rex runner. Hell, I’m a marathoner. This blog is about a lot of things. And yeah, I run a lot, so that will be a lot of what you read. Mostly, though, it’s about the things I will learn about life and myself along the way while I attempt to run a marathon in every state, and the lessons I insist on learning the hard way every single day. Yeah, I’m that girl. I promise this tendency lends itself to entertaining/infuriating stories, depending on who you ask. If you ask Lauren, one of my best friends who I used to be “married” to on facebook and therefore refer to as my wife, they tend to lean towards the latter.


Over the next few posts, I’ll be writing about the three marathons I’ve already done. I’ve got three more lined up for November, December, and January on my quest to join the Marathon Maniacs and eventually the 50 States Marathon Club. As God is my witness, I will qualify for one of these glorious yellow singlets before my 26th birthday on December 9th (a marathon is 26.2 miles…I’m turning 26…get it?).


I hope you’ll check back here a lot. I paid for this sweet domain name, so lets make that $25 count, ok? I promise I’ll do my best to entertain you. And as soon as I can figure out how to make this blog better looking, I will.

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