DIY drives me to drink.

I’ve been taking a little hiatus from life recently, although it doesn’t really feel like one. I am coming off of two weekends in a row with no marathons – that means I haven’t run one since Knoxville. I haven’t written a blog post since I finished the race report. I’ve been trying to doRead more

How to screw up a DNF – Bataan Memorial Death March Race Report

My readers, I have failed you. I am in Charleston for work for the remainder of this week and although I tried mightily to remember my camera cord, I did not succeed. So that means that you’re getting lots of pictures I stole from other people who hopefully don’t mind. You’ll get the race reportRead more

It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere – Jackie visits, part 2

I woke up on Sunday morning feeling surprisingly good considering the epic adventures of the day before. Fortunately, my body is pretty kind to me when it comes to hangovers. Jackie had purchased bacon and eggs for the purpose of making us a delicious breakfast, since I never have such perishable items in my refrigeratorRead more