Procrastination as an art form

I’ve been watching with both delight and amusement as the number of people reading my blog has grown hugely lately, so thank you! If you like my blog but don’t like having to check back all the time for updates, consider clicking on the button immediately to the right that says “Give me my T-Rex!”Read more

Go Go Power Rangers! or, How I Made AJ Hate Pinterest

This past weekend was my third and final weekend in a row of “resting” from the marathon lifestyle, but it was probably just as busy as any other weekend since I can’t sit still. As my father always said, “Life is boring to boring people.” So I try to never be boring so that wayRead more

DIY drives me to drink.

I’ve been taking a little hiatus from life recently, although it doesn’t really feel like one. I am coming off of two weekends in a row with no marathons – that means I haven’t run one since Knoxville. I haven’t written a blog post since I finished the race report. I’ve been trying to doRead more