The one that’s completely self-serving

So in the midst of my hate/panic spiral over the possible cancellation of the Madison Marathon this weekend due to the heat (SERIOUSLY I WILL FREAK OUT), I have decided to write a post that I’ve been putting off for a long time because, well, it weirds me out.  Since the early days of thisRead more

T-Rex takes New York

I’m terrified of cities. Something about the tallness of the buildings makes me feel claustrophobic. Then there’s all the dirt. And the taxis. And the birds. And the muggers. And the homeless people who might pee on me for no reason other than because they can. I have spent the better part of my adultRead more

T-Rex goes to a neurosurgeon

Well, it’s finally here – the big day! Today, I was going to see what I hoped would be an actually competent neurosurgeon. One who would do things like, you know, spend more than 30 seconds talking to me, perhaps do an actual examination, give me all of the possible treatment options instead of justRead more

How to cheer up a T-Rex

Well, it turns out that my great ballad of discontent has proven very popular among the masses. My Flying Pig Marathon Race Report is my most popular post yet, which, as I see, it means one of the following things: You are all sick, twisted people who enjoy the pain of others; I’ve finally usedRead more