Resolutions are for humans, not dinosaurs.

2012 is the year of the dragon according to the Chinese.  You know what a dragon sort of very closely resembles? Using the transitive property or something else I learned in math, we therefore might say that 2012 is the year of the T-Rex. Just go with me on this. 2011 was one of theRead more

I left my dignity in 2011

New Year’s Eve is not historically a good night for me. I’m pretty sure I’ve never once had one that didn’t end in tears, rage, or a combination of both. I was determined to start 2012 off on a positive note, so AJ, Tom, Blake, Emily, and I headed up to my parents’ house inRead more

I hate the sun.

I hate the sun. Yes, I’m blindingly, traumatically pale. Yes, I used to get sunburned while walking between classes in college (true story). Yes, I lack the ability to tan in any sense of the word. My darkest skin color is most other people’s palest. In fact, do not tan. I “beige.” However, this isRead more

Everyone knows Republicans aren’t gay!

Today was another day chock full of family fun. T-Rex Mom and I went for a run this morning before the rest of the dinosaur family woke up. The weather was a little better today, but it’s still miserably hot. But hey, a cold front is coming through tomorrow – highs in the 70s! SomeoneRead more

Embarrassing your family is what the holidays are all about.

Every year, typically on Christmas Eve, my family goes deep sea fishing. Due to the mountain human/my brother’s failure to purchase gifts before Christmas Eve, we had to postpone the event this year until the day after Christmas, much to my chagrine. My mom and I did some early morning after Christmas shopping, whereupon IRead more