The Grand Unveiling, ish.

The day that you have all been waiting for has finally arrived! No, I have not given up on my diet (yet). No, I was not finally thrown in jail for annoying people with my drunken high fives. And no, I have not decided to quit running. But today IS the day when you getRead more

T-Rex goes on a diet

As you are reading the above title, you are probably thinking one of the following things or a combination of all of them. HAHA serves her right, all she does is eat Moe’s and drink beer. Srsly, I am so annoyed with these skinny bitches thinking they need to lose weight. (THINK THAT ONE) ThisRead more

The one that’s completely self-serving

So in the midst of my hate/panic spiral over the possible cancellation of the Madison Marathon this weekend due to the heat (SERIOUSLY I WILL FREAK OUT), I have decided to write a post that I’ve been putting off for a long time because, well, it weirds me out.  Since the early days of thisRead more