Prague Marathon Training, Week 4

Lucky me, we spent this week in New Zealand, too! Although two weeks might seem like a long trip to some people (my mom says it feels like we’ve been gone forever), there is really so much to see and do here that we are struggling to find the time to take in even oneRead more


How to Choose a Destination Race

There are a lot of wonderful things about racing close to home: the familiarity, the ease of logistics, sleeping in your own bed, and the support of your family and friends! However, running is a fantastic way to see a new place and a great excuse to travel. It’s no wonder that more and moreRead more


Spring 2017 Race Plans

Although it sometimes feels like it happened in another lifetime, it wasn’t very long ago that it seemed like I was always running another race. And in 2012 and 2013, I pretty much was! Whether it was a marathon in a new state or a local half marathon, nearly every weekend brought some excitement inRead more


Prague Marathon Training Recap Week 3

Hello from New Zealand, boys and girls! Weeks 3 and 4 are going to be a bit unorthodox since I’m on vacation. I had originally not planned on bringing my running shoes on this trip (between those and my hiking boots, that’s a lot of valuable packing space), but I ended up having room forRead more


The Great Traveler vs. Tourist Debate

As is probably surprising to no one, I am a lover of all things travel. I read tons of travel blogs, endlessly stalk Instagram for trip inspiration, devour travel memoirs – you name it, I probably do it. As much time as I spend thinking about and planning for travel, I’ve started to notice theRead more


Ringing in the New Year in Vienna

The last stop on our whirlwind Tour-de-Eastern-Europe was Vienna. Although this was our original destination, it was probably the place I was the least excited about going. Not that I wasn’t excited – it just seemed the least unique, for lack of a better description. Let me publicly state that I am an idiot andRead more