Greer Earth Day 10-Miler Race Report

After crippling back pain on Thursday had me laid up on the couch, all plans for my planned 18 miles went out the window. Although I woke up on Friday feeling better, my coach decided it would be best to play it safe for Saturday. Instead of doing an 18-mile long run with the GreerRead more


Prague Marathon Training, Week 12

After last week’s cutback week, Week 12 saw a hypothetical return to four days of running and a long run. As you’ll see below, things didn’t exactly go as planned. Monday, 3/27/17, 7 miles: My coach instructed me to run 7 miles and 5 miles on Monday/Tuesday and gave me the option of switching themRead more


T-Rex Rantz, Volume 10

Annnnd we’re back with another edition of T-Rex rantz! If you’ve missed my days of complaining about inane and irrelevant things, today is your lucky day. I’m not sure if I am just getting more patient in my old age or if I’m just increasingly aware of how petty these complaints are, but either wayRead more


“Well, sh*t.” – Spartanburg Half Marathon Race Report

I can’t say the Spartanburg Half Marathon was a race I was particularly looking forward to. I knew I’d be running it by myself, it’s not that close to my house (about a 45 minute drive) and I knew the course was extremely hilly. Still, with this being a cut back week, I liked thatRead more


Prague Marathon Training, Week 11

Y’all, after last week, I’ll be the first to say I needed a little physical and mental break. After running my highest mileage week in probably 2 years and feeling that familiar twinge of back pain, I was happy when my coach said this week would be a cut back week. Monday, 3/20/17, barre3 video:Read more


How to Pack for 2 Weeks in New Zealand in a Carry-On

If you’re traveling to New Zealand from the United States, Canada or Europe – hell, pretty much anywhere, let’s be honest – you’ve probably got a longer trip planned. After all, there’s a significant amount of travel time to factor in when you’re headed to New Zealand, so it makes sense to spend at leastRead more