Prague Marathon: The 10 Things I’m Most Excited About

The Prague Marathon is less than two weeks away! I am starting to get so excited, but of course, I’m nervous too. Since I’m trying to up my mental game, I decided to write a post that focuses on the positive and tell you about all of the stuff I’m looking forward to the most!Read more


Why I Wish I Played Team Sports as a Kid

I didn’t play team sports as a kid. Well, I guess that’s not true. I was technically on a soccer team when I was 6 and, if memory serves, I was actually pretty good (for a 6 year old). I played defense and I liked it because mostly I got to stand there while everyoneRead more


Prague Marathon Training, Week 15

This week was THE BIG ONE! While it wasn’t technically my highest mileage week, I did do my longest run of the training cycle. We’re sticking with three runs per week since it seems to be working pretty well. I basically just spent the entire week crossing my fingers and toes that my 20 milerRead more


The Cross Training Conundrum

Marathon training is a bit of an emotional roller coaster. I suppose the same can be said for any type of distance training, but I find marathon training to be especially mentally exhausting. Take, for example, my feelings about cross training. A couple months ago, it felt like there wasn’t enough time in the weekRead more


Prague Marathon Training, Week 14

After successfully surviving an 18 mile long run last week, this week was a cut back week. Monday, 4/10/17, Outdoor bike ride: I used to ride my bike outside all the time when I lived near Columbia, despite the fact that I lived in a tiny town and the roads were insane. People drove fast,Read more


Traveling and Water Safety: What You Need to Know

As you might remember, my trips last year took me to some pretty interesting places. For the two big ones – Nicaragua and Nepal – I would be traveling in developing countries where I wouldn’t exactly have all of the comforts of home. In fact, one big thing that I take for granted every dayRead more