Workout Roundup: Week of May 15, 2017

The week of May 15 was my first week back to real workouts after the Prague Marathon! Part of me was ready to get back to running, but part of me definitely also enjoyed my time off. I took a full week off of running but did teach a barre class and made sure toRead more


My Dirty Little Travel Secret

Can I tell you guys a secret? It might surprise you. Your favorite traveling dinosaur (me, obviously) came thisclose to canceling my trip to Africa last week. In case you missed it, I leave for my bucket list trip to Southern Africa (a safari in South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe), in about two weeks. AnRead more


Prague Marathon Post Race Reflections

I thought I was prepared for everything that could possibly happen in the Prague Marathon. I had worked on my mental toughness. I trained to finish strong. I visualized race day and what I would do if I was running my best. I thought about how I would handle extreme heat or exhaustion. Most importantly,Read more


Surprise, Surprise – Prague Marathon Race Report

I’d like to say that the morning of the Prague Marathon started with me rising from my bed, refreshed and ready to take on the day, but that’s not at all what happened. In reality, I spent the night desperately willing myself to fall asleep and trying everything in my power to make that happenRead more


Prague Marathon Goals

Hello from Prague! Well, actually, hello from my back porch, where I’m writing this. But as you read it, I will have landed and hopefully be wandering around one of the world’s most beautiful cities. In case you missed the four months’ worth of weekly training posts about it, I’m in the Czech Republic forRead more


Prague Marathon Training, Week 16

Wow! I can’t believe it – this is the last full week of training before I leave for Prague! Sometimes it seems like training just started yesterday, and other times it feels like it has been going on forever. The goal this week was basically just to not injure myself. Good goal, right? Monday, 4/24/17,Read more