Prague Marathon Training, Week 12

After last week’s cutback week, Week 12 saw a hypothetical return to four days of running and a long run. As you’ll see below, things didn’t exactly go as planned. Monday, 3/27/17, 7 miles: My coach instructed me to run 7 miles and 5 miles on Monday/Tuesday and gave me the option of switching themRead more


T-Rex Rantz, Volume 10

Annnnd we’re back with another edition of T-Rex rantz! If you’ve missed my days of complaining about inane and irrelevant things, today is your lucky day. I’m not sure if I am just getting more patient in my old age or if I’m just increasingly aware of how petty these complaints are, but either wayRead more


“Well, sh*t.” – Spartanburg Half Marathon Race Report

I can’t say the Spartanburg Half Marathon was a race I was particularly looking forward to. I knew I’d be running it by myself, it’s not that close to my house (about a 45 minute drive) and I knew the course was extremely hilly. Still, with this being a cut back week, I liked thatRead more


Prague Marathon Training, Week 11

Y’all, after last week, I’ll be the first to say I needed a little physical and mental break. After running my highest mileage week in probably 2 years and feeling that familiar twinge of back pain, I was happy when my coach said this week would be a cut back week. Monday, 3/20/17, barre3 video:Read more


How to Pack for 2 Weeks in New Zealand in a Carry-On

If you’re traveling to New Zealand from the United States, Canada or Europe – hell, pretty much anywhere, let’s be honest – you’ve probably got a longer trip planned. After all, there’s a significant amount of travel time to factor in when you’re headed to New Zealand, so it makes sense to spend at leastRead more


Irrational Thoughts on Hard Workouts

At spin class the other night, I was forced to confront an ugly aspect of my attitude that I had forgotten about. My legs were aching and sore from my run and kickball the day before and teaching barre3 that morning, and I struggled to push myself through spinning. Sweat was pouring off my bodyRead more