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If you’ve gotten this far, I guess you like my blog enough to want to know more about me. If you aren’t sure why I refer to myself as The T-Rex Runner, click here. I won’t go too much into detail, but here are some basics about me.

My name is Danielle, and I live in Greenville, South Carolina with my husband, AJ, and our rescued Rottweiler, Rocket. We became foster parents in September 2015 and foster boys and girls ages 4-10.

Crossing the finish line of my 50th marathon!

I started this blog with the intention of documenting my quest to run a marathon in all 50 states before I turn 30 in December 2015. Thanks to back surgery in April of 2014 and ongoing problems with my back, that didn’t end up happening, but I did accomplish my goal of running 50 marathons total (in 37 states).  I’ll be finishing up the final states with half marathons, which are much easier on my back. Along the way, I’ve started writing about a lot more than just running. If you stick around for awhile, you’ll hear me talk about my 11-year struggle with anorexia and bulimia, my intense wanderlust, and all of the strange and mostly annoying things I do in an effort to torment my husband on a daily basis.

Other topics of interest include my fantasy football league and our strange traditions.

I made a resolution two years ago to make my life more interesting every day, and I’ve been living that way every day since. If you love running, international (and domestic) adventures, snark, the great outdoors, and pictures of Rottweilers in costumes, this is the blog for you!

Greetings from the United Arab Emirates!

Everything else you need to know, you’ll learn from this blog.  If you want some random facts about me, click here or here.

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45 thoughts on “About the T-Rex

  1. love love your blog- nancy wentink MM#2859. i blogged marine corps and the NH-maine double from last fall if you want some “tips” nanadventures blogspot. happy trails. nw

  2. You’ve adjusted to the south? Huh? You were born in the south! Wasn’t it you who explained to me that the most southern part in the US is in FL and not HI. I want a snuggie sooo bad! Jealous!

  3. I just started reading your blog Danielle, and i think it has motivated me to start taking more photos! I am also a transplant runner, albeit in Miami. I see the weirdest stuff down here sometimes, and I appreciate the funky photos you post! I really will be jealous if you hit 50 before 30, as i am vastly getting closer to the 30 and barely have a handful of states. 🙁

    Cheers! Keep up the good shots, and the justin bieber witicisms.

    1. Hey Benjamin! Thanks for reading! I actually grew up in South Florida so I know exactly what you mean about all the weird stuff you see. I WILL hit 50 before 30…got too many readers to stop now 🙂

    1. Thanks Julie! I did Illinois at the Chicago Marathon this past October and LOVED it. I will probably be back! And I will check out your blog – I like the title 🙂

  4. Rocky/Rocket/Higgins/Baby Higgins/Alan/Terrence is a beautiful Rottie!! 😀
    Is he a mini marathoner? 😀
    My own Rottie Skipper takes me for a walk/run/pull/drag, as opposed to me taking her… 😛

    1. Thanks! He used to be a mini marathoner! He is about 8 years old now and not great around other animals, so I don’t take him running too much anymore. He has run up to 13 miles with me before. He prefers about a 9 minute pace, which is usually dragging me along 🙂 He’s the best dog ever 🙂

  5. I love your blog! I have seriously used all my free time in the last couple of days reading all your posts. Hilarious! You have inspired me to run more races for fun, starting with my second marathon, Disneyword in January. Now, don’t get creeped out, but we may be twins. I too am very pale, run not-fast (I don’t use the s word), was divorced in my early twenties, and have big legs (except mine are really big because they are attached to a size 8 ass), and ran Chicago this year and LOVED it!

    1. I am super impressed if you actually made it through all my posts, as I’ve been told I can be long winded. Sorry I’m not sorry. Thanks for reading and following along!

      Disney is AWESOME so I hope you love it! I had such a great time. That was the first marathon I’ve ever run where I didn’t care about my time at all. I had such a blast! Don’t kick any photographers in the face, though.

      It does sound like we might be twins, but my mother continues to insist that I was not adopted. If you like, feel free to tell people that you don’t get tan, you get beige. Also, the next person to tell me I should try spray tanning is going to get punched in the face. I mean, REALLY?

  6. I love your blog and every post gets me pumped up for when I can start running again. I am roughly 2 weeks from having my second baby and the only thing I’m looking forward to more than running again are drinking adult beverages and eating sushi! By the way, I’m a Bostonian living in Switzerland so if you ever need a Boston Marathon hook up or decide to expand your races abroad, I’m your gal.

    1. Wow, only 2 weeks to go! That’s a long time of not running and not drinking beer and not eating sushi. Important but potentially irrelevant question – does no sushi mean no california rolls, or just no fish? Again, hard hitting journalism at it’s finest.

      Um, I REALLY want to go to Switzerland. That’s where most of my ancestors are from. Must find a Swiss marathon and thousands of dollars to finance it immediately.

      1. Oooh, I love being part of your ‘hard hitting journalism’. No sushi really means no raw fish or meat. Well cooked items are fair game. So if a CA roll doesn’t have raw fish, then it is a-okay.

        I had a feeling, given your well documented luxurious hair, that you might be Swiss. Everyone here seems to have equally svelt locks. The Zurich Marathon happens every year (this is the city we live in) so now you just need to save for a plane ticket. Given your dollar per mile savings plan, you should have no problem saving before the next race.

        1. Ok then, I can handle the idea of being pregnant some day. I don’t eat the fish kind of sushi. Can’t deal with it.

          Zurich Marathon has been added to the list! I hope you’re planning on living there for awhile, because it’s looking like I can squeeze it in sometime around 2015, haha!

          1. Nooooooo no no no no I’m not excited about being pregnant, just dreading it slightly less.

            HOLY CRAP I JUST READ YOUR BLOG and now I am dreading it the normal amount. YIKES! Glad you’re ok!

          2. Sorry, didn’t mean to add to your already long list of anxieties! I’ll let you know when I start running again…maybe I’ll even take a pic of me in T-rex pose by Zurich Lake!

  7. Liam and I would like more cousins. 🙂 Bud light is the only beer I drink. though I am trying to expand my alcohol drink menu.

  8. I was in SC in January for the first time ever, I loved the place but one of my coworkers overthere told me that the only funny thing to do there, in the evenings, is going to shoot. I guess that´s not your case. Anyway what I do in here, is mostly kayaking and swimming, I have tried to run but I am too fat for that, my limit is half an hour…it´s nice what you have done with Thomas. I will tell my French pal in SC that there is something different to do –overthere – apart from shooting….

  9. I just wanted to tell you how informative your interview on the Marathon Training Academy was and thank you for your openess. Also, If you haven’t run a marathon in Florida yet check out 26.2 with Donna it’s awesome race. The whole community really get behind the race including a life sized Gumby who cheers for you haha! And best of all 100% of the proceeds supports breast cancer enducation and research.

    1. Thank you, Lee! I’m so glad you enjoyed the interview. I have run 2 Florida marathons (Disney and Jacksonville Bank), but I have heard the Donna is a great race! One of my good friends paces it every year, so I’m sure I’ll make my way back down there again eventually.

  10. I just found your blog and sadly, I am at work. I cannot wait to get home so I can read more. I will read every second that I am not running until I finish reading your whole blog. Ok, that may be a little white lie, but I am excited to read it all.

    1. I genuinely appreciate your enthusiasm and I look forward to hearing what you think! Some of the early posts are kind of weird. Sorry about that, but I hope you enjoy the rest of it 🙂

  11. GIS, I am taking a Spatial GIS course this semester then I graduate! Your blog is hilarious! I love the one about he guy with the tshirt! I have my first 10k coming up, I will have to read more of your blogs!

  12. Happy Birthday Danielle, Hope I’m leaving this is the right spot. I’m in great need of this ICEdot crash sensor not only for the usual stuff of biking and running trails, but as most know how late I’m up by facebook posting it’s what I do when I sign off. It is usually 2 or 3 am when I go to bed but before I can go to bed I have to bundle up and go down the snow/ice covered stairs, across the slippery driveway, around thru all the snow on the side of the house and go down a short hill to my outdoor woodstove to fill it up and keep the heat in the house for my wife and grandson who spends several nights during the week here because of parents work schedules. There has been many times when my imagination has ran with the idea of freezing to death because I could slip and knock myself out and know one would even know I was missing till say 8 or 9 am in the morning when they wake up. At minus 12º last night it sure wouldn’t take long for my blood to freeze up. I do have a cell phone I take out but it will do no good if i’m knocked out. Enjoy your day and Happy Birthday.

  13. I thought that I read on one of your post that you use a coupon app and you really liked it. If you do which one is it? Thanks Jenny

    1. Hi Jenny! Thanks for your question! I use both Ibotta and SavingStar and I like both a lot! I hope this helps 🙂

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