Workout Wrap-Up: Week of January 29, 2018


Week 2 of living my “best” single parent life and…well…can someone tell AJ’s boss not to do this to me again? Especially not for two weeks? Great, thanks. Oh, and I hurt my foot this week, so everything is going GREAT. Good thing AJ is home now! My foot, on the other hand…womp womp.

Monday, January 29 – 4 miles: I don’t want to brag, but I’m like totally getting faster. I mean, the bar is admittedly low, but whatever. Pearce and I managed 4 miles this morning at 9:43 pace – our first time breaking into the 9:40s this training cycle! We’re making progress and it feels good. I may or may not have been fueled by a need to get out of the house after a tough weekend of single parenting. I spent my lunch break on Monday getting fitted for new running shoes – they stopped making my favorite HOKAs! I tried a bunch of different brands but ultimately decided on the HOKA Bondi 5s. Hopefully they will be kind to my back this training cycle!

Tuesday, January 30 – 5 miles: First run in my new shoes! I had a bit of a twinge on the side of my foot (under my ankle), but it went away after a few steps. Maybe my new shoes have a little magic in them, because this was my fastest run of the training cycling so far! I had an overall pace of 9:22 and my first mile under 9 minutes – 8:56! In fact, I had my three fastest miles of the training cycle during this run. It’s so exciting to see progress!

Fast shoes and shorts weather! Ok, just kidding, I was FREEZING and it was a poor clothing choice.

Wednesday, January 31 – strength training: WOMP WOMP. Well, my fastest run might have been my last, because I woke up this morning with an aching left foot! It’s definitely not good enough to run on, but luckily, I have a strength workout today. It hurts a good bit to walk, but it’s ok when I’m just standing. Squats were the name of the game, and even though I’m not able to put a barbell across my shoulders because of my back, I was able to use a squat machine and do some weighted work for a change. I guess I’m trying to make my butt even bigger than it already is?

Thursday, February 1 – OFF: TRIPLE WHOMP. My foot hurts so bad today that I can’t put any weight on it except for my tiptoes. After thinking about it and where it hurts (it’s now more towards the outside of my heel), I think it may be due to the new insoles I bought. The insoles I had in my old shoes were about 4 years old (I KNOW, I know), and I decided to buy new ones when I bought my shoes. In hindsight, I should have just ordered the same ones I already had, but that would have been too much work, so instead, I bought the kind they sell at Fleet Feet. NOT a good move. UGH!

Friday, February 2 – strength training: My foot is still throbbing, but I figured I could go to the gym and just keep the weight off it (i.e. no lunges or anything like that). I forced myself to do exactly the type of upper body workout I hate – a hard one – and lots of backbody and ab work. That will teach me to mess my foot up!

Saturday, February 3 – OFF: My foot is finally feeling better, but it’s definitely not good enough to run on. I am not going to run again until my new insoles (the same kind as my old ones) come on Monday, though, so I guess I’m resting. So frustrating!

Sunday, February 4 – OFF: Sigh. Hopefully my foot will be back to normal tomorrow and my new insoles will come! Oh well – if there is a good time to have a “hiccup” in a training cycle, it’s at the beginning, right?

LEAVE A COMMENT: Do you use insoles? Are your feet super sensitive to new shoes?

10 thoughts on “Workout Wrap-Up: Week of January 29, 2018

  1. Ugh! I’m so sorry about the foot!!! I would have done the exact same thing with the insoles…if that makes you feel any better. But, you ARE getting faster so that is fantastic!! This is a minor setback and you will be blazing out there again next week!!

  2. Certain insoles at fleetfeet will push you outwards and put excess pressure on the outside of your feet. To me, it sounds like it could be something like that, especially because you are feeling better with rest. Or more better…

    1. I really appreciate this comment, Hollie! That’s exactly what it was, and the base of the insole was made of a really hard plastic that was hitting my heel and the side of my foot. When I compared it to the insoles I had before – which were completely soft and made of gel – it was like the complete opposite!

  3. Single parenting is hard stuff, and I think when we are โ€˜couple focusedโ€™ that makes it more difficult! Add to it the complexities of your foster situation … and it is quite an accomplishment just getting through!

    Some great successes this week – great pushing the pace! This week has felt like a slog all week long: crappy conditions of snow and ice, sub-zero temps and windy … all those layers are not great for hitting good paces! I think I was smarter when I used to just not track my run data all winter!

    So sorry to hear about your foot – hopefully just a momentary niggle that passes when you take care of the new shoe/insole situation. And you are probably right – changing both at the same time was likely not the best idea! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I am lucky that I have never needed to get special insoles, just use whatever comes with the shoes. And I can just throw on new shoes and no biggie. Except that time I tried New Balance Minimus … and the back of my heels bled. Oh well – those shoes lasted only ~800 miles, definitely not for me! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Yes, that’s very true! By the end of the second week, we had definitely found a groove, but it is very challenging at first. Everyone survived in one piece, though! Thankfully, my foot was just a momentary thing and now that I have the right insoles, it is totally fine! I never wore insoles before switching to HOKAS, but the insoles that come with their shoes are just awful and have no arch support at all. I can’t imagine getting 800 miles out of a pair of shoes! That’s amazing! Then again, you run so much that you’re still probably getting a new pair every 3 months!

  4. I hope you can take care of the foot situation and get some insoles and shoes that work for you. It sucks that Hoka stopped making yours and you had to get a new pair. Glad you got fitted for them and didn’t just buy something, but still, the shoes or insoles could have something to do with it, so might not be a bad idea to go back to the store and see what they say. I am glad it is feeling a bit better today at least.

    Great job on pushing the pace some and on the single parenting front but I know you’re ready to have AJ home!

    1. It’s kind of funny – on the one hand, I am glad I got fitted because it’s always nice to have the reassurance that you’re buying the right pair. On the other hand, they put me in the wrong size (my feet swell a lot when I run, but they insisted the size they gave me was more than enough), and the insoles WERE the problem. So, I kind of feel like I might have just had better luck shopping online, haha! I love supporting my local stores though, so it’s worth it.

  5. Sorry to hear about your foot! Keeping my fingers crossed that it was just the insoles.
    I also just got the Bondi 5. Mine aren’t as pretty as yours because I had to get men’s. Unfortunately my foot is too big for the largest women’s size. ๐Ÿ™
    Any decision on a spring marathon?

    1. It was just the insoles, thank goodness! I had to exchange for a larger size (clearly should not have listened to the guy at Fleet Feet) and the colors aren’t quite as pretty anymore ๐Ÿ™

      I haven’t totally decided yet. I’m waiting til March to see how my body holds up!

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