Workout Wrap-Up: Week of January 15, 2018


Week 3 of marathon training is in the books! I love marathon training because it’s easy to take things just one week at a time. I never really look ahead for what is coming up next – just focus on the week at hand, and it flies by!

Monday, January 15 – 4 mile run: I think Mondays are a great running day, you know? It sets the tone for the week and starts things off on the right foot – literally. With a holiday from work, Pearce and I headed out around 10 am so as not to completely freeze to death, although it was still very cold. Our pace ended up being 10:02, which we were happy with! And then AJ and I went to some vineyards and spent the rest of the day tasting wine because #YOLO. Judge us if you will for sending our foster son to his daycare on a day we didn’t have to work, but you know what? Sometimes you just need to drink wine with your spouse without children’s voices in the background. #blessed

Tuesday, January 16 – 5 mile run: With a packed schedule for this week and the threat of “winter weather” aka one inch of snow on Wednesday morning, the only possible running time was this morning! BOO!!! BOOO WAKING UP EARLY! The temperature was in the teens and it was pitch black when Pearce and I headed out. I knew it would be a slow run (early morning runs always are for me) but I just wanted to focus on getting the miles in. We survived and finished without frostbite (barely) and at a 10:50 pace. Not ideal, but the miles got done!

Wednesday, January 17 – strength training: So, that winter weather that was threatening? Turns out it actually happened! We woke up to a few inches of powdery snow on Wednesday, which of course completely incapacitated the entire city. Thankfully, I have a 4×4 SUV that I bought for just such an occasion, so I still made my way to the gym! I got in a really great full-body session and I realized that doing full-body workouts at the gym is actually very hard. I constantly feel like there are so many exercises that I’m missing out on, and I want to add “just one more.” It’s kind of frustrating,  but I guess I can’t fit everything in if I’m only strength training 2 or 3 times a week! Something’s gotta give. I’m focusing big time on legs, glutes, and backbody work.

Living my best snow day life with the Flight jacket from KUHL

Thursday, January 18 – 4 mile run: A little ice on the roads doesn’t scare us! Actually, it kind of does, so we walked anywhere that looked remotely icy, but Pearce and I got our 4 miles in on Thursday at lunchtime. I can’t say I felt fantastic, but our pace wasn’t too bad given the number of walk breaks we ended up taking, so I guess we were moving pretty well on the running intervals. Overall pace: 10:24.

Friday, January 19 – strength training: I needed a little gym inspiration (it turns out that it’s kind of hard to come up with your own workouts when you’re just used to someone telling you what to do all the time), so I turned to – where else? – YouTube for some new leg moves. I have already done a lot of different things with my trainer, but sometimes you just need a reminder of what’s out there. I ended up using this video as inspiration and incorporated a lot of the movements into my full-body workout. Um, by the way, one-legged squats are horrible and my attempts at doing them were so, so sad.

Saturday, January 20 – 8 mile run: This weekend’s long run was a solo endeavor! I loaded up a new episode of the Ali on the Run podcast and headed on about my way. The first two miles weren’t my favorite, but once I warmed up, I felt pretty good. Despite 3 snow days in a row, Saturday’s high was nearly 60 degrees, so I was able to do my run in a short sleeved shirt. I pushed it during my last mile and ended the run with a 9:19 mile and a 10:05 pace overall. I’ll take it!

Snowball + short sleeves

Sunday, January 21 – OFF: I’m still pretty sore from my strength training workout on Friday, so a rest day was much appreciated. I probably should foam roll or do something productive…

LEAVE A COMMENT: Did you have any snow days this week? Anyone out there who runs regardless of whether or not there is ice on the road?


6 thoughts on “Workout Wrap-Up: Week of January 15, 2018

  1. No snow days in Charleston. We had our share a few weeks ago. You did a great job at getting the runs and workouts in! I didn’t grow up in a snowy environment and have only run in the snow when roads were clear (and even that wasn’t much snow)… so if it snows, I am staying inside. I don’t trust other drivers either.

    I’m so glad you guys got to do a wine tasting too… every parent or foster parent needs some time away from kids and it’s important to do things you like too, not let your life revolve around kids. Glad the daycare was open so you could!

    1. Yes, you guys definitely got your share of snow days a few weeks ago! We have had 5 so far this year, which seems like a lot, but then again, this is the first time I’ve paid attention to it, haha. I am scared to do runs on the treadmill after my knees ended up hurting so bad from doing a steady-state run on one over the summer, so I think that’s why I’m willing to get out there no matter the weather.

  2. It’s insane that your entire state shuts down with one inch of snow! My husband’s aunt and uncle used to own a Dunkin Donuts somewhere in SC and they were on the local news because they were open during a “snowstorm” where 4 inches fell. It was hysterical. Although there is nothing funny about running in that crap or having to deal with no school 🙁 Kudos to you guys for having a drink when you could!!
    PS – LOVE my KUHL fuzzy flight jacket all winter long!

    1. Hahaha well to be fair, I think we ended up with like 3 inches, but yes, I agree! The problem is that our state (despite the fact that it snows here every year) does not own ANY snow plows or salting equipment or anything. So if it sticks at all, the roads are a mess, and of course, no one knows how to drive in it. Thanks to my years in Maryland and my 4×4, I don’t mind it so much, but everything shuts down here and people lose their minds. School has even been known to close here just because it is “too cold.”

  3. Great week – and you did the two most important things: you got out there, and you stayed healthy! The rest is all just extra! Also – nice to NOT see a shoulder-injuring jump-selfie this week!

    Haha – I have plenty of friends at work who still put their kids into day care on work holidays. Nothing we ever did (daycare, that is), but totally a good idea – and you guys made the best of it, which is even better!

    As for winter … yeah, we have had much more of a winter this year – still not as bad as the ‘Polar Vortex’ a few years ago, but some solid sub-zero stuff. I have yet to see a day I wouldn’t run in (lowest was -8F with 029F windchill), but for me ice is *the worst*. There was still spotty ice patches as stuff warmed up which is challenging, but nothing bad enough to keep me of the road (yet). Today we head back to sub-freezing again, so who knows what tomorrow will be like! :). Stay safe!

    1. Yes, you run in all kinds of weather! I love your sub-zero selfies, haha! I would think with as much snow as you guys get, you have people out there salting and plowing the roads, which helps. Sadly, we have not a single plow or salt truck in the entire state. Don’t ask me why, since it snows here every year, but whatever.

      I never went to daycare or afterschool either because my mom stayed home when I was a kid. Now I think she was either a saint or a crazy person (or maybe a little bit of both) because I truly cannot even imagine.

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