Workout Roundup: Week of October 2, 2017


A bum back and a bum shoulder kept me down a bit this week. That’s life, right? You do the best you can with the time and resources you have. My body may not have been at 100%, but I did fit in as many workouts as possible while balancing another week of foster parenting. No heroics, just getting it done.

On the topic of my shoulder, I found out this week that it looks like I will probably need surgery. After getting my MRI results back, that seems to be the route it is heading. I have a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon on October 17th, at which time I’ll know for sure. I was a little surprised, but there is a lot going on in my shoulder (a bunch of cysts, bad tendinosis, a probably labrum tear, and changes to my collarbone). It makes sense that I am having so many problems, but it is still always sort of a surprise to hear you need surgery. I’ll let you know when I find out for sure!

Monday, October 2, personal training – full upper body: Although I thought my back was cured when I did my long run last week, it wasn’t. In fact, my run ended up making it worse, although I didn’t feel it while I was running. My back wasn’t in a position to run on Monday, so I just focused on the gym instead. The workout was nothing special since my shoulder is really limiting what I can do these days. My physical therapist and I discussed all of the movements I do at the gym and I’ve been cleared to do most of them, with modified (ie much lighter) weights for the time being.

Not related to working out, but I think this picture is hilarious. Our foster son wanted to watch dinner cook and literally pulled a chair over to watch the broccoli roast.

Tuesday, October 3, unexpected OFF: I had intentions of going to the gym, but a lengthy parent-teacher conference and some other fostering stuff took up my entire afternoon. Oh well! Win some, lose some.

Wednesday, October 4, 4-mile run, personal training – legs: My back was finally feeling well enough, and I enjoyed 4 solid miles with Pearce on Wednesday morning. I would prefer to be running 4 days a week, but the last few weeks, I’ve only been able to manage 3. Still, I’m mostly feeling pretty good. Personal training was leg day, which was a sweaty and rude awakening after not being able to move around too much previously because of my back. The good news is that it all felt pretty good! Lots of lunges and squats, as always!

Thursday, October 5, personal training – deadlifts: I had a GREAT deadlifts workout this week! They don’t bother my shoulder at all since I don’t have to move it very much, thankfully. I was able to do 5 sets of 10 sumo squats with a 70 pounds kettlebell, plus 5 sets of 10 deadlifts at 100 pounds – and it felt much easier than last week. Slowly getting stronger!

Friday, October 6, 4 mile run, personal training – full upper body: I felt like a giant pile of garbage during my run on Friday. It’s fun how that happens, right? No. I felt so out of shape and gross. My diet has been really bad lately for no good reason, and I think it is starting to catch up to me. Hopefully I’ll be inspired to fix that soon! Personal training was ok, but I had intense physical therapy on my shoulder on Friday morning and it always hurts after that. I did do my highest weight ever on tricep pull downs – 80 lbs! And it honestly felt pretty good – I did 2 sets of 10. To think that when I started back in June, I could barely do 30 pounds, it’s a huge improvement!

Saturday, October 7, 10 mile run: It’s hard to believe, but Pearce and I have been training for the Spinx Half Marathon for a full month now! I thought my long run on Saturday would be awful. I got very little sleep all week, then went out for a date night (finally!) with AJ on Friday night (our first since we started fostering) and stayed out late and ate and drank too much. In fact, Saturday really went better than I expected! The half marathon is at the end of October. Hopefully, I will still be able to do it – assuming I don’t have surgery before then.

High five for 10 miles!

Sunday, October 8, OFF: Planned off day! Woohoo! It was rainy, hot, and gross all day, so I’m really glad we didn’t wait til Sunday to do our long run.

LEAVE A COMMENT: Have you ever injured your shoulder or had shoulder surgery?

12 thoughts on “Workout Roundup: Week of October 2, 2017

  1. I’m glad you got some good workouts in, even if you had to modify them some. I hate to hear that you might have to have surgery though- hopefully the new ortho will have some non-surgery solution for you because you’ve been through so much with the back surgery and now this. Heck, you’ve been through so much with LIFE and you’re still out there training and working out when so many people would have quit- and I admire that you are still training and blogging it. Love the pic of your foster son watching the dinner cook too!

    1. Thanks! I have some mixed feelings about surgery. It’s been bothering me for a long time and 4 months of physical therapy hasn’t helped, so on the one hand, I’d like the problem to just be taken care of so I can get on with the recovery. On the other hand, obviously, surgery is never fun. At this point, I just want it to be fixed!

  2. I had 6 shoulder surgeries in 2 years, with the most recent being in May (I’m still rehabbing, but it was a doozy). My one recommendation would be to go in as strong and mobile as possible – it really will make your rehab better if you end up having surgery. It’s great that you’re still able to get your workouts in!

    1. Dang, girl! That is terrible! I have been definitely focused on staying as strong and mobile as possible, which is why I’m still going to the gym and just doing approved exercises. It’s not ideal, but I know it will make recovery easier if it eventually comes to that point.

  3. Bum news about the shoulder. I hope the surgery all goes well and recovery isn’t too much of a drag.

    For a laugh, I injured my shoulder trying to open the door to my office. Thank goodness it was my left arm because it was out of commission for almost three weeks. All because I wasn’t paying attention to see that my swipe pass didn’t actually scan so the door was still “locked”. How hard do I wretch on that door every day?!?

    1. Thank you! I’ll find out for sure if I need surgery this week. Time will tell! I cannot believe you hurt your shoulder that bad trying to open a door! That’s both hilarious and disturbing, haha!

  4. That is awful news about your shoulder but, if the surgery takes care of the problem and the pain, then it’s worth it. Of course you are no stranger to surgery but still…
    Love the pic of your foster child watching the veggies roast!? Kids are curious and hilarious!!
    Way to kick the 10 miler’s butt after a late night out with your husband. I’ve mastered the hungover run…which I’m not sure is a good thing 🙂

    1. Haha you’re so right! For me it’s kind of like “Oh well, another surgery” and I always try to look at it like at least it will fix the problem. Of course, I’d rather not be injured at all, but that’s apparently not how my life goes.

  5. You are a beast, for sure! (In the nicest sort of way 😉 Best wishes with the shoulder doc ~ MRI and PT adjustments are familiar territory here post shoulder-fracture, post falling into a fence post 😉 I have a lot of respect for shoulders after five months of post-fracture PT and a ‘live with it’ (for the time being) diagnosis of tendon-labrum-rotator cuff, avascular necrosis. I am ready to run the Marine Corps Marathon and the New York City Marathon whilst ‘living with it’ in the next few weeks. No stopping for minor details 🙂

    If you need a good ice pack, I nickd this recipe from Bob and Brad (PTs on FB)

    1 part table salt, 11 parts water. Place in a superstrong ziplock bag, place the bag in a second superstrong ziplock bag. Freeze. This will form to a shoulder or knee and stay put. (I have been using the same one for several weeks. )
    Take care!

    1. Wow, Beth!! Props to you – that is intense! My shoulder bothers me on long runs, so I’m really impressed that you are able to run marathons with yours! I rely on some heavy duty athletic taping to get me through. Thanks for the ice pack tip! I hope you are feeling better soon – and GOOD LUCK during your marathons!

  6. I have weird rotator cuffs and have literally had both shoulders pop out of and back into the socket while lifting, so I don’t go over 25 lbs with anything above my head shoulder wise. Such a bizarre feeling. Not fully dislocated, but literally out and back in.

    1. That is weird! My knee used to do that a long time ago before I had surgery. It’s a very odd feeling!

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