Workout Roundup: Week of September 11, 2017


What do you get when you mix two hurricane days, a full-time job, and a relatively new foster placement? Insanity. You get insanity. In case you missed my panic-stricken Instagram story, we were notified Sunday afternoon that school would be closed on Monday due to Hurricane Irma. I’m not gonna lie – we were exhausted after our first weekend as foster parents, our foster son had just thrown a tantrum, and the thought of an extended weekend nearly left me in tears. School was cancelled again on Tuesday, but we survived both Monday and Tuesday just fine thanks to Netflix and puzzles (for him) and VPN and my laptop (for me).

Monday, September 11, Personal training – deadlifts: I had plans to run on Monday, but Mother Nature thought otherwise. The “hurricane” (really a tropical storm by the time it got to us) started overnight, so it was pouring and windy when I woke up.  I snuck out of the house on my lunch break (AJ was working from home, I’m not an animal) to work on deadlifts. They’re not my best lift thanks to my back, but I always enjoy the stretch I get from working the backbody. I did 15 sets of 10 in various styles, but the mental reset was the best part. I felt like I had the clarity to tackle the rest of the day!

Tuesday, September 12, personal training – chest/triceps: It’s weird, but I haven’t done heavy bench press in a long time, and I’m not sure why. Today was no different. I’ve noticed since I came back from the Tour du Mont Blanc that my trainer has backed off a little on constantly increasing my weights. At first, it annoyed me, but honestly? I’ve felt better and been able to give my full effort more often. It’s almost like he knows what he’s doing or something! The most significant thing I did during this workout was 5 sets of hanging tricep dips with no weight assistance – which is a lot for me!

Basically me

Wednesday, September 13, 5 mile run, personal training – back and biceps: Yay!!! Finally, time to run! I was so excited to meet Pearce for 5 glorious miles and fill her in all about the crazy four day weekend. It felt great to get out and run. My workout at the gym was great, too – my back is starting to get noticeably stronger. I hate doing chin ups, though. They are the worst. I make sure my trainer knows it, too – he loves me.

Thursday, September 14, 4.5 mile run, personal training – legs: I’ve gotta say, on the days when I need to wake up at 5 am to run (the days when I take our foster son to school), I’ve been hopping out of bed. There’s something about knowing that it’s the only time I have to run that day – rather than it just being the time I “should” run – that makes me a lot more willing to get up. Starting my day with a little mental clarity and “me” time makes a huge difference in my mood! Of course, what better way to follow up two days of running in a row than with leg day? I got to the gym super late after work and ended up working out with a different trainer. It’s amazing how just doing a few different movements (every trainer has their favorites, right?) makes such a huge difference in your soreness level. Thanks for the 100s of weighted lunges, Kevin!

Friday, September 15, personal training – full upper body: A light full upper body workout was just what I needed to finish off the week of training! I did do some bench presses, but just really light stuff – low weights, high reps. Nothing too exciting, just a good all around upper body workout! It’s nice to go light sometimes.

Saturday, September 16, 7 mile run and barre3 class: First thing’s first – long run! I am tentatively training for the Spinx Half Marathon with Pearce, so we headed to the Swamp Rabbit Trail for the week’s long run. It felt fantastic! The beautiful crisp weather and flat path always makes for a great run. If you ever make it to Greenville, SC, hit up the trail. It runs through downtown and it’s gorgeous! Right after we finished running, I headed to a class at Barre3! I haven’t been in a long time – since I taught my last class in April! – but this weekend was the 2nd anniversary of the studio opening, so I wanted to say hi to everyone. I got my butt kicked and sufficiently sweated all over the place! I was back home by 10 am and ready to start the weekend!

No better way to start the weekend than with this girl in downtown Greenville!

Sunday, September 17, OFF: Finally, a well-earned off day! AJ and I took our foster son up to my parents’ house (they live on a lake in North Carolina during the summer) and had a blast hanging out with them and my grandmother, who is here visiting from Florida. Lots of time on the lake kayaking, going out on the boat, and just enjoying time with family! It was a great end to the weekend.

So thankful for fun times with my family!

LEAVE A COMMENT: Who else is training for a fall race?

10 thoughts on “Workout Roundup: Week of September 11, 2017

  1. Yep, this all sounds about right as far as the parenting goes – – insanity! Closed school days can wreak havoc but you did it mama so hold your head high! And yes, there is definitely something about thinking “this is my ONLY time to run/workout” that gets your butt moving!
    Wish I could run in Greenville with you…someday 🙂

  2. Greenville sounds like an awesome place to run! It was still super hot here this weekend- the evenings are a little cooler, but that’s it. I’ve always wanted to go up there to run a race, though.

    You had an awesome week of training especially considering the stress you’re under with the fostering AND the hurricane. You should be really proud because you still made it to the gym and kept things together. Hope all has calmed down by now too!

    1. It is a fantastic place to run! You should definitely come up some time. The weather was quite a bit cooler here, but the high temp is back up to 90 today. Oh well – it was fun while it lasted.

  3. Yes, I definitely think that the value of ‘me time’ goes up when you have kids … and the often inexplicable ups and downs and meltdowns. I think that jumping right in with a 5 year old with a history not of your making also presents a unique set of challenges on both fronts … and I applaud you and AJ for what you are doing. Oh … and I simply LOVED the ‘Y Tho’ Instagram post … 🙂

    I have always been an early morning person, but that has shifted earlier through the years … basically I prioritize evening family time so I want to get home at a decent time, and I have always loved my morning runs for clarity, stress removal, meditation, problem solving and so on.

    Great week of getting it in and done!

    1. I can definitely see why you would want to get your workouts out of the way in the morning! There really isn’t much time after work and before bed time, especially with little kids. And especially once you factor in the inevitable meltdowns (his and mine, haha!) along the way!

  4. You are doing an amazing job as a new parent. Weekends can be stressful! Sometimes when my husband is out of town and I am on my own with no other distractions, I just absolutely dread them. But you learn to survive and get creative. The tantrums are tough but again, you learn to be creative and you learn their personalities. You are kind of diving in blindly so it will take a little while to get to know what works and what doesn’t.

    No fall races for me. We had a baby (4.5 weeks early) last week and I am just biding my time until I can start running again. I’m thinking that will happen at the end of the week and I can start looking at races around Thanksgiving. I have my eye on a few marathons for next year!

    1. Yes! It is really hard. I give single parents so much credit. Keeping a child entertained is exhausting! It’s also a challenge to do enough so that the child is entertained but not so much that they get overly tired, overstimulated, etc. We are learning! Each kid is different. I definitely feel like we are getting the hang of it slowly but surely, and each day is slightly easier in that we have more of a routine down.

      Congratulations on your new baby!! I hope you are both doing great!

  5. I’ve had my foster child since August while training for the New York marathon. So happy to find your blog since we are going through many of the same challenges. I’m in Florida so school was out for the entire week! I got in some treadmill miles but that’s about it

    1. Wow, Adele! So crazy that we are both experiencing this at the same time. I’m so glad you found my blog! You are amazing to train for a marathon while fostering. I hope to get to that point eventually as well, but right now, I am just trying to keep my head above water. I hope you and your family are safe and that you didn’t suffer too much damage from the hurricane!

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