Workout Roundup: Week of August 28, 2017


This was my first full week at home after hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc. While I was mentally ready to jump back into my workouts, my body really wasn’t, as I would come to find out. It can be hard to get your groove back after a long trip, but I normally try to get into my routine as quickly as possible and just adjust as necessary.

Monday, August 28 – 4.5 mile run, Personal training – legs: I got home from my trip late the previous Wedneday night, and my feet were still killing me from our hike. When I woke up on Monday, I felt like things were normal enough that I could attempt a run, but that was really not the case. Although I was feeling fine while walking, the impact from running was pretty painful on my poor abused feet. Each step hurt and the run just wasn’t enjoyable at all. Personal training was leg day, and while that’s my absolute favorite, I definitely wasn’t up to my usual strength. Still, it felt good just to get moving again and start putting the work back in.

How I felt after my stupid attempt at running on Monday

Tuesday, August 29 – 45 minute walk: I had to drive down to Charleston for work on Tuesday morning and knew I wouldn’t be home til nearly midnight, so I decided to head out for a walk in the morning. While I had originally planned on running, that definitely wasn’t happening after Monday’s fiasco.

Wedneday, August 30 – 30 minutes stepmill, Personal training – chest and back: After getting home late Tuesday night, I opted to do all my workouts on Wednesday after work. I had a pretty decent chest and back session considering the circumstances, although we didn’t attempt to bench press at all. My trainer had me do some pull ups with a super wide grip and that was really hard! He has a unique ability to help me find things I hate doing. After my training session, I jumped on the stepmill for 30 minutes. I like to mix up the speed every 1-2 minutes while on the stepmill to make it go by faster. I’m planning on incorporating a few stepmill workouts into each week so that I can get stronger for hiking. As you’ll see in my upcoming Tour du Mont Blanc posts, I was pretty humbled by that trek and I have a lot of work to do!

Thursday, August 31 – 3 mile run, Personal training – deadlifts: After two more days off, I decided to go for a short run on Thursday to test out how my feet were feeling. They didn’t feel quite normal, but it was definitely a lot better than on Monday, and I wasn’t in agony at any point. Personal training was deadlifts! I don’t do heavy weights at all on deadlift and probably never will because of my back, but I really enjoy these days because I get to focus so much on improving my range of motion. It feels like one long stretching session that also makes my butt look better. What’s not to like?

Oh, I’ve also been eating everything in sight this week. Gotta work on that for next week.

Friday, September 1 – 4 mile run, Personal training – arms and shoulders: I finally got to run with my friend Pearce again after nearly 3 weeks! I felt much better on Friday and I think my feet finally are back to normal. It was humid and not particularly beautiful weather, but it was nice running with a friend again. Personal training focused on arms and shoulders and I think this was my first session this week where I felt like I was finally at normal strength and energy levels. I’m hoping for big improvements next week!

Saturday, September 2 – 7 mile hike: With beautiful cooler weather moving into Greenville for the weekend, AJ and I decided to take advantage and head up to Table Rock State Park. There’s a great 7 mile hike there up to the top of Table Rock Mountain, and it is usually pretty tough. In fact, the last time we went, AJ stopped with about a mile to go and let me go to the top by myself because he was over it. Between me just getting back from a super tough hike and the personal training we’ve both been doing, Table Rock felt MUCH easier this time. It was a beautiful day and a great workout, as always!

Sunday, September 3 – OFF: I am going to try and be better about taking rest days going forward. I’ve really been loving the running and personal training combo, but I felt myself getting really exhausted before I left for Europe. I’m going to try and take at least one complete off day per week and see how that goes!

LEAVE A COMMENT: Is the weather starting to cool off for you? Have your feet ever been too sore to run?

7 thoughts on “Workout Roundup: Week of August 28, 2017

  1. My feet are sore all day every day right now. Between being pregnant and being a server, they are just owiiiieee. I live in my Crocs when I’m not in my running shoes (or in my work shoes, which are supportive but NOT cushiony). Running shoes and crocs are when my feet are happiest! Then I take them off and try to walk around on the hardwood floors… OW

    1. I bet working on your feet all day is exhausting, especially while pregnant! Too bad I couldn’t have hiked in Crocs, haha! Probably would have helped.

  2. Definitely hear you on the re-adjusting! After our 2-weeks in Europe when I ran exactly zero times I really felt it that first week, mostly from my legs feeling uncomfortable on the flight back and then the 5.5 hour drive home from NYC the following day.

    It was interesting, we walked at least ~8-10 miles per day and were generally very active the whole time, yet I felt like my fitness was definitely impacted. Someone suggested that since I run nearly a half-marathon every morning before work and longer on the weekends, it was possible I lost my edge and my idea of ‘easing back in’ involved starting out at 10.5 rather than 12.5 was … um, foolish. Either way, it was really this past week that I felt great every day, every mile.

    Glad you are back and feeling more ‘normal’ – looking forward to the stories from Mont Blanc … absolutely loved all of the pictures!

    1. It’s really funny, because I think sometimes vacation can totally take it out of you – but for different reasons. Sometimes, you struggle when you get back because you haven’t maintained your normal routine and you lose some fitness. In this case, I actually think it is the opposite – my body was so worn down from how grueling the hike was that I was just completely depleted. The hike was WAY more than what I would normally do, and it took a while to recover. I’m glad you are back to normal after your trip! Perfect weather this time of year too, I’m sure!

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