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Hi! I’m back from hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc and I have so much to show and tell you. But I also need to get a bunch of pictures from my friends before I can do that (it’s for your benefit, I promise). And although it is Monday and I therefore owe you a workout roundup, I didn’t do much working out last week thanks to all the traveling, so instead, you get my random thoughts. Hooray for you?

1) I fell down the rabbit hole of 90s R&B: If you have not yet had the sheer pleasure and utter joy of watching Todrick Hall’s incredible 90s mashup, please stop what you are doing right now and watch it. I saw Todrick on Broadway and he is probably the most talented human being on the planet. The 90s are also the best musical years of our time, but I might be biased. Anyway.

So I’ve watched this video literally 40 times since it came out and it sent me down a deep, dark rabbit hole of 90s R&B music. Who can resist a Boyz II Men harmony? Not I. Long story short, I started googling Boyz II Men tour dates and before I knew it, I was screaming along to Whitney Houston with a single tear rolling down my cheek. It got really weird, guys. But also, who is coming to Vegas to see Boyz II Men with me?

2. Wearing fall clothes in the summer does not magically change the weather: I was talking to my best friend Lauren about this because we both are afflicted with the same unfortunate condition. She and I both apparently let our brains convince us that if we just put on fall clothes, like sweaters and boots, the weather will suddenly turn cooler to accommodate us. As it turns out, that is not how it works. Instead, I’m walking through the Costco parking lot sweating profusely in my jeans and sweater and find myself angry at the sun. Not rational.

3. I have developed an irrational fear of lice: I don’t think the idea of lice ever really occurred to me until I went to Nepal last year. I never got it as a kid, and I didn’t know anyone who did, so I didn’t think much about it until sleeping on not-the-world’s-cleanest-bedding for 2 weeks in Nepal. Then, I became fixated on it. And now, as we prepare to accept our first foster child, I think about it all the time. I am googling way more than any sane person who does not yet have a lice issue should ever google. You guys, do you know what lice look like? BECAUSE NOW I DO AND I CAN NEVER UNSEE IT. Please send me all your lice-curing ideas preemptively. Thank you in advance.

That awkward moment when you have already gone through the lice cycle of grief but no one you know has lice.

4. Sugar addictions are hard to break: I had pretty much stopped eating any type of dessert or candy before leaving to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc, and I was really feeling good about it. I have a major sweet tooth, so not constantly craving chocolate was a huge victory for me. Inevitably, trying to stay alive on the trail in between meals ended up involving a lot more candy bars than I’d care to admit to, since that was pretty much all we could buy at the little refuges on the trail. I am now back to a full blown sugar addiction and it is ugly. I just need to white knuckle it through a few days of no dessert before the cravings will go away, but I obviously can’t do that until I’ve eaten all the candy I have left from my trip. Doing something mature like throwing it away is not happening.

5. I’m really annoying myself: You know when you’re just annoying, and you know it? I’m in the middle of that right now. I am annoying myself on many different levels. One of the big reasons for that is just the anticipation of the final count down for foster care to start. I’m not gonna lie – as excited as I am about becoming foster parents (potentially at the end of this week!) I’m also extremely nervous. I’m stressing out over absurd things (see above re: head lice) and am just generally in a frenzy that is making me want to shut down, hide in a hole, and eat tons of M&Ms until the child arrives at our house. I figured that AJ was probably starting to get anxious too, so the other night, I started expressing my worries to him and asked “Are you nervous too?” And he just shrugged and said “Nope.” At least one of us is sane.

My reactions to myself every second of every day lately

6. Unpopular opinion – I’m genuinely creeped out by Taylor Swift’s new song: Confession – I used to be an unapologetic Taylor Swift fanatic. Her first four albums (up through Red) got me through more sad relationships and weird moments than I care to admit. Over the past few years, I’ve become increasingly ambivalent but still generally liked her music. This latest song, though, is just creepy. I feel like I’m listening to the soundtrack to a murder, and I’m not into it. I’ll inevitably still become addicted to it anyway, but for right now, I just think it’s bizarre. I miss the old Taylor and the way-too-many-songs-about-kissing-in-the-rain.

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16 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Round Up

  1. LOL!!! You are too much! And I can tell you that I have two boys who have survived lice outbreaks at school for the past four years. It’s harder to get than you think. I also used to put their winter hats and coats directly into a HOT dryer when they came home from school but I’m not sure you even wear those things in winter…I mean, I know you tried it at the end of summer but…:-)
    And I’m SOOOO looking forward to all the pictures and stories from your latest trip!!

    1. Hey, we wear coats! But yeah, not usually hats. That’s a good idea. Much better than my plan of shaving everyone’s head preemptively.

  2. GIRL I miss the old Taylor as well! I will go back to those albums with you any time.
    So my brother and I had lice twice. RID works great, if it does happen. But aljgpaitjapiogjaps (that is me shivering).
    Random thoughts… I feel like a 45 year old right now. If I sit for too long, I get stiff. My feet hurt. I’m tired. I look at young 20s in their fancy, trying too hard attire and judge.
    I would say that I envy the fact that they have clothes that fit, but we all know that they aren’t wearing clothes that fit.

    1. I’m glad to hear you survived lice although I don’t love hearing that it happened twice! Gah! The nightmare. And yeah, one of my favorite activities is actually look back at old pictures of my friends and I from college and marveling over WTF we were wearing. Spoiler alert: usually a denim mini skirt, tank top, and knee high boots…in 30 degree weather.

  3. Target (and I am sure other places) have a spray that you can spray on their hair that deters (one hopes) lice. SoCozy Boo! spray is what it is called I think. I spray a few squirts on my sons head – in his hats – and jacket hoods.

    Good Nites (in diaper aisle at TGT) makes disposable pads you can put on the bed to protect the mattress. I recommend putting it on top of the mattress pad instead of under -less laundry, Just rip off the pad – put a fresh one down and a clean sheet and you are ready to go!

    Good luck!

    1. Great advice, thank you! I just ordered mattress protectors the other night and I think the disposable pads are a great idea as well. Can’t have too much protection, right?

  4. I had to laugh about the clothes stuff – on our trip we sent back sweaters from Ireland and cool clothes from Paris for the kids … but all of it is Fall weight. But they wanted to wear it so they did … and subsequently died. I tend to have the opposite problem – it will be a long time before I give in and wear a jacket to work, same for sweaters, etc. I have gotten better, but still your basic truth holds: you cannot will the weather to adapt to your clothing choices.

    I think falling into musical holes is an awesome thing, and try to do it regularly. I think there is a general tendency to connect innately with the music that was out when your were in high school & college … somewhere between what was popular and what you sought out. I know that despite always being a fan of ‘out there jazz’ I know *all* of the 80s songs that get played on pretty much any playlist! Funny aside – as a jazz person, I am the WORST about lyrics- I just don’t care, so half the time I have no clue what words are being sung. That actually informs whether or not I will like something pretty directly.

    Speaking of music – I am with you on the new Tswift. My kids played it for me first and I thought ‘blah’ – reductive, tries WAY to hard to sound ‘edgy’ and fails, and the lyrics seem like a slightly retrofitted whiny gripe left over from previous albums. No thanks – saw the video and that actually lowered my opinion of the song. Sadly, like you say it will become overplayed very soon due to the amount of money the record label is pumping into the release.

    Annoying ourselves is a double-edged blade – on the one hand it shows self-awareness. But on the other hand it is still annoying! But ‘nesting’ for a new arrival is a very real thing, and can totally turn you into a psychopath who annoys everyone in your path – including yourself. Not saying that happened to me at work with both of our kids or anything …

    Finally – we have escaped the lice thing: Lisa, myself and neither of the boys ever had to deal with it … but we know people who have. I think getting past the yuck factor of it is (like your graphic) harder than actually dealing with it. Some good suggestions already … and having a fully enclosed mattress protector is a really good idea anyway (e.g. For any potential bed wetting, and because kids aren’t always the best about not throwing up in bed, etc).

    Loved all of your Mont Blanc pictures and videos on Instagram and can’t wait to read more. Also the incredible fostering journey! Thanks for sharing all of it!

    1. Thanks for the insight, as always! Your trip looked wonderful. I don’t blame the kids for wanting to wear the clothes as soon as they got them!

  5. My oldest daughter brought lice home in Kindergarten and shared with me and her sister. So I had to comb out three heads every day for three days and then the next two weeks I did every third day until I didn’t find anymore. But the expensive metal nit comb from ulta or amazon. And then use lice md solution. It’s just a thick conditioner like substance that helps you comb all the nits out. I poured listerine on our heads and we sat with caps on and watched a movie and then did the lice md again the second day. It’s gross at first but you get over it pretty quick.

  6. I had lice twice as a kid. Well, once for sure. Once they only found a single dead lice during a school-wide check after three kids in my class had it at the same time. It’s annoying but not the end of the world. If you survived getting off the tourist trail in Nepal, I have no doubt you will survive an encounter with lice.

  7. I kind of miss the old Taylor, but I’m totally digging give no f-‘s Taylor as well. I’m not sorry. I went down the rabbit hole of all the references from her video and now I’m obsessed. It’s probably a bit concerning.

    1. Oh me too. I’ve read every single Buzzfeed article written about those references and it’s embarrassing. I actually like the song way better now that I have seen the video. She’s a genius.

  8. I am just now reading this post. I don’t know how I missed it. The lice thing sounds worse than it actually is. We had lice twice when the boys were little. The first time, we got it from the neighbor boy who spent the night at our house when Ty was 4. I had just had Dylan. I cried! Fortunately, my mom was at my house helping me with Ty and Reece. She cleaned everything! We went to Walmart and got RID. Ty and I have thick hair and we may have had to use it twice, but it worked really well! We put everything we couldn’t wash (stuffed animals etc.) into a large trash bag and tied it up tight for 2 weeks. Didn’t have another problem until Dylan was in kindergarten and brought them home. It was so much less traumatic. 🙂
    I wore a fall shirt the other day and didn’t even realize it until my coworker asked if I was ready for fall! LOL!
    The weather seems to be paying attention a little bit though!

    1. Oh my gosh, two little kids and an infant and lice? That sounds like a nightmare but I’m glad you survived. So far, no lice here – thank goodness!

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