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  1. My son is down on his luck and had his 1.5 year old placed in foster care. The foster parents are going to court to take full custody. My son will eventually get back on his feet I must be mistaken but I thought that foster care was temporary. If my son does not sign any papers are they able to take custody?

    1. Hi Tony! I’m really sorry to hear about your situation – I can’t imagine how heart breaking this must be for your family. Foster care is temporary in theory, but it depends completely on the parents’ willingness to work their case plan. If your son is keeping up with his visitation and doing the things outlined by the judge in his case plan, it’s very unlikely that the foster parents would be able to adopt your grandchild. By contrast, if your son is missing a lot of visits and is not meeting the terms of his plan, then it is possible that he will lose custody permanently (whether he voluntarily relinquishes his rights or not), but that usually takes a pretty long time. The goal of foster care is reunification with the biological family, but it is incumbent upon the family to show that they are making positive changes in order to provide a safe home for the child. I hope this makes sense!

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