Workout Roundup: Week of July 24, 2017


This week brought big things! Between a shift in my speed workouts, a new bench press PR, and a workout that consisted entirely of deadlifts, my body got pushed to the max this week. Have I mentioned lately how much I love strength training?

Monday, July 24, 5 mile run, personal training- legs: This was a lonely week for running since my running buddy is out of town! I knew that I would have a hard time mentally with getting out there, so that meant that Monday was the most important day of the week for my running. There could be no excuses! I can’t say I did that 5 miles fast, but I pushed myself out the door, and that’s what counts. Leg day brought a new challenge – lunges while carrying a 25-lb plate in each hand! When I first started strength training, lunges hurt my knees a lot and I constantly caved them in. It was hard enough doing them without weight! But this week, I was doing them pain free while carrying 50 pounds, and that felt pretty damn awesome.

It’s the only way to make yourself get out there, you know?

Tuesday, July 25, 5 mile run, personal training- chest and back: Five miles is pretty much my happy distance right now. It’s far enough to feel like I’ve accomplished something, but not so far that I am completely depleted by the time I get done after sweating out all my bodily fluids. Again, I was proud of myself for getting out there and doing it on my own! The gym was chest and back day, which I am starting to hate less and less. No bench press today, sadly!

Wednesday, July 26, 1 hour walk, personal training – arms and shoulders: Since I had already run 3 days in a row (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday) and I knew I’d be doing speed work on Thursday, Wednesday was a day off from running. I headed out for a walk instead, which was a nice change. Nonetheless, I felt exhausted and depleted on Wednesday and didn’t have as much energy as usual for my workout, which was biceps, triceps, and shoulders. It was still a good workout, and I’m seeing the weights go up and up. We had the kickball playoffs after work, which was the most insane and drama-filled 4 hours of my life. We ended up winning the championship, although one of our players was taken away from the field in an ambulance after dislocating his knee and tearing his hamstring and the opposing team was wearing steel-toed shoes. CRAZY. I might write an in-depth post about it later, because it is utterly ridiculous and would very much have been something I blogged about 5 years ago, when this blog (and my life) was a mess. We’ll see. Let me know if you want to hear the story.

Greenville County Kickball Summer League Champions!

Thursday, July 27, speed workout, personal training – backbody/legs: My trainer had warned me on Wednesday that Thursday’s workout would basically be tons of deadlifts, so I decided to do my speed workout at lunch instead of after my training session. My speed work this week was bumped up to half-mile intervals since I worked my way up to 8 quarter-mile intervals last week. This week’s goal was to do 4 half-mile intervals at 7:45 pace with quarter-mile recovery. I would say that physically, this didn’t really feel a whole lot harder than last week, but mentally, it was a huge shift! I am very used to how long it takes to run a quarter-mile interval at this point, and my brain was itching for me to stop each time I got to that point – but I still had another quarter-mile to go! Not fun. I did the first 3 intervals at 7:45 pace and the last one at 7:30 and ended up with 5 miles total. Next week, I’ll add on another one! Personal training was, as promised, just tons of deadlifts. I don’t deadlift much weight at all because of my back, so right now, we are working on improving the range of motion in my hamstrings and backbody. This meant I literally did 200 deadlifts, in different variations, on Thursday! I liked it because it was something completely different than we’ve ever done before.

Friday, July 28, 5 mile run, personal training – upper body: My hamstrings were screaming at me when I woke up on Friday thanks to deadlift-a-palooza the previous day. I wanted to get my run in, so I figured that running would be a good way to loosen them up. It was a very slow 5 miles, but my legs did feel better right after I was done. About 3 hours after that, they no longer felt better, but oh well. I hit the gym for personal training, where we did a full upper body circuit, including bench press – my fave! I’m working on bench pressing my body weight (about 135, give or take), which is my current big goal. This week, I added on another five pounds and did 110 pounds. I just started bench pressing at the beginning of July, so it has been really exciting to see progression each week. Oh, interesting fact: the women’s WORLD RECORD holder for the bench press goes to my gym. She can bench press 385 pounds and is currently trying to beat her own record and get to 400. So, that makes my measly 135 goal seem pretty attainable, since she can literally do 3 times that much. What a legend.

Saturday, July 29, 1.5 hour walk: My trainer literally banned me from the gym this weekend – SAD! I guess he is sick of all my stories and/or wants me to give my muscles some days off. So I went for a 1.5 hour walk around my neighborhood while listening to My Favorite Murder (a podcast) while AJ went to the gym without me. WAHHHH.

Sunday, July 30, OFF: I woke up with great intentions of running, but then I realized I was super nauseous. I spent the rest of the day battling a brutal headache and nausea and basically did nothing. Womp womp.

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2 thoughts on “Workout Roundup: Week of July 24, 2017

  1. I definitely want to hear the steel-toe kickball story as a blog-post … and yes, I can totally picture that as a post from back years ago! And while you certainly don’t want to go back there, there were so many funny, bizarre, off the wall stories from back then … it is not a bad thing to revisit that type of post when the bizarre stories present themselves!

    Regarding podcasts – about the only thing I miss by not having any real commute is listening to podcasts. When I went to pick up Danny and his stuff at NYU in May I listened to several episodes of “TV Crimes” with Wil Wheaton, which are hilarious looks at terrible episodes generally late in a series … the discussions between Wil and his co-host are unfocused, meandering and hilarious.

    1. Ok, I might just have to do it then. It’s one of those stories where I’m not quite sure I can accurately put the insanity of it into words. It might be one of those “you had to be there” kind of things…but I’ll try!

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