Workout Roundup: Week of July 3, 2017


Ahh, the dog days of summer are upon us and gone is my will to run. Ironically, this week brought my first long run since the Prague Marathon, but more on that in a minute. I always welcome July because July means that it is almost August, which means it is almost September, which means it is almost time for reasonable temperatures. Am I wishing summer away? Yes. Does it seem to be helping? No.

Monday, July 3, personal training – full body, 75 minutes of walking: Tragedy struck when I realized that my gym would be closed for personal training on Monday and Tuesday due to the holiday! It would still be open for workouts, but not training, but I had yet to lift by myself before. My trainer assured me I would not drop a weight on myself and wrote out a plan for me to do on Monday. I made it through in one piece and then spent 45 minutes walking at incline on the treadmill. Combined with an outdoor walk earlier in the day, I got in 75 minutes of walking, which was mostly as boring as it sounds.

Tuesday, July 4, 10 mile run: I knew I wanted to run on 4th of July before we headed out to celebrate, but I figured I would do 7 miles. That’s still kind of a long run for me these days! While running, I thought that maybe I should do 7.4 since it was July 4th, but then it occurred to me that I might as well just do 8 miles. And then I thought maybe 9 miles. Ultimately, I ended up with 10! It was nasty hot and humid, and I took plenty of walk breaks, but I enjoyed it. It wasn’t miserable. First double digit run in like 2 months!

Hooray for freedom and long runs!

Wednesday, July 5, 50 minutes of walking, personal training – legs: I knew running wouldn’t be a good idea the day after my first long run in months, so I opted to do a couple of walks instead. Then, it was time for leg day! It felt like forever since I had seen my trainer, and leg day is my favorite. Since my range of motion is improving, I’m able to do more and more exercises safely, including deadlifts and a bunch of different types of leg presses (apparently, there is more than one). I wish every day was leg day.

Thursday, July 6, 5 mile speed workout, personal training – arms and shoulders: I woke up a little sore on Thursday thanks to leg day, but it’s a good kind of sore. After work, I headed to the gym for training, where we hit arms and shoulders. I really hated both of those when I first started training a few weeks ago, but they are getting to be slightly less miserable. Even triceps weren’t so painful today. It was a long workout – about 75 minutes, and afterwards, it was time for my weekly speed workout! I wasn’t feeling as confident since I was still sore and had just put it in a tough workout, but I was also excited to test myself. I started with a 1 mile warmup and then did six 1/4 mile intervals with 1/4 mile recovery, then a 1 mile cooldown, for a total of 5 miles. My previous workouts have been a total of 4 miles, so this was a change! I also ended up mixing things up a bit unintentionally. I did my first interval at 8 minute pace, but accidentally bumped the second one up to 7:45 pace without realizing it. When I saw that I survived, I decided to switch back and forth for the rest of the intervals, and then do the last one even faster. All told, I did 3 intervals at 8:00 pace, 2 at 7:45 pace, and the last one at 7:30 pace! Quite exciting, and I didn’t collapse.

Me on the treadmill, where it isn’t 100 degrees and 100 percent humidity.

Friday, July 7, 5 mile run, personal training – chest and back: Pearce unexpectedly was able to run on Friday, so I finally got to run with her this week! Even though I had just run the night before, I couldn’t pass it up. It was pretty brutal with the heat and humidity, and I actually felt pretty faint for a while afterwards. I never really drink electrolyte drinks, but I decided to run and grab a Powerade Zero before I headed to the gym for my workout because I felt like I had no strength. Thankfully, the drink helped a lot and I was able to power through my workout! Although chest and back is my least favorite day, I do kind of like doing bench presses for some reason.

Saturday, July 8, 75 minute walk: Since I did my long run earlier in the week, why not do a long walk on Saturday? I definitely wasn’t running 3 days in a row, but the walk was a nice way to start the morning. Still profusely sweaty, of course.

Sunday, July 9, OFF: I was hoping to run this morning, but I woke up with horrible back pain for no apparent reason. Well, actually, I think the reason is that I had to drive AJ’s very uncomfortable (to me) car home from Columbia last night, which is about a 2 hour ride. Nonetheless, no run for me – I’ve been laying down the entire day. BOO.

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8 thoughts on “Workout Roundup: Week of July 3, 2017

    1. Thanks, Sam! Honestly, I do a lot better when I have a specific plan to follow. I am a rule follower, so if someone (ie my trainer) tells me to do something, I do it! When left to my own devices, I am not nearly as motivated 🙂

  1. It sounds like a good week of training for you. It took me a long time to want to lift weights by myself in the gym. It’s honestly kind of a nerve-wracking experience when you go for the first time. I guess anything you do for the first time is though…

    1. Yes, it is nerve-wracking! I think I don’t really know enough about strength training yet to feel confident in what I’m doing, and I am not super sure about how to combine different exercises, how much weight I should be doing, etc. I like having someone tell me what to do!

  2. Another great week – and I had to laugh about the treadmill work when you posted last week on IG and again today, definitely helps with your heat avoidance.

    My basic mantra is “Lisa and I both off = no run”. Our schedules are generally misaligned, so these days are few (I had run 12 straight days of my normal 12-19 miles/day leading into the 4th) but I savor them.

    I wonder if the car ride just exacerbated things from a strenuous week? I know I can end up with extra muscle fatigue if I do uncomfortable stuff (stand too long on solid concrete after a long run). A thought anyway?

    1. Honestly, there is literally zero chance I would do speed workouts at all if I wasn’t doing them on the treadmill. At this point, I figure whatever helps me get it done 🙂

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