What I’m Loving Lately: Spring 2017


It’s mid-April and by now we’re well into spring, so I apologize for the fact that I’m just now getting around to talking about my favorite things. I used to do posts like this quite often, but they seem to have fallen by the wayside. Without further adieu, here are the things, people, and places I’m loving this spring!

The Swamp Rabbit Trail: While the bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure on the Swamp Rabbit Trail is one of the big reasons we moved to Greenville in the first place, I haven’t made the best use of it in the nearly 2 years we’ve lived here. That has finally changed this spring, as I’ve started to run and bike on the trail after work some days. I think a big shift has come because I walk on the trail to the school where I mentor each week, so it’s been more on the forefront of my brain than it otherwise would be. Either way, I’ve been enjoying getting out there! One day, I’ll bike the whole thing (about 40 miles round trip).

Quick rest stop in Travelers Rest along the SRT!

Barrel House Wine: Let me preface this by saying that while I drink a lot of wine, I am no sommelier. I know absolutely nothing about wine. Prior to visiting New Zealand, I did not even understand that wines are named after the types of grapes they are made from (i.e. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, etc). I literally thought there were just “red grapes” and “white grapes” and you added different flavors to come up with the different names. So trust me, I realize my opinion is not necessarily to be taken seriously. HOWEVER. Barrel House is my new wine jam. I cannot take credit for it because Bobbi and her husband Chuck introduced me to it. It is a red blend and it’s aged in old oak barrels that previously held bourbon. It is delicious. It is now the only wine I buy besides the occasional bottle of malbec, just to mix things up.

KUHL’s New Spring Line: I’ve absolutely loved working with KUHL over the past year, but I think their new spring line might be my favorite. From the fun patterned tanks (that don’t show sweat!), to the stylish 3/4 sleeve tops I’ve worn to work and their brand new rain jacket, they’ve really outdone themselves this time. I wear some article of KUHL clothing almost every single day (not an exaggeration), which makes it pretty easy to be an ambassador for them. I just love the function and style behind all of their pieces! I have bought it for all my family members and they all say the same thing – this stuff is the real deal.

Trust me when I tell you that if this tank top doesn’t show sweat on me, it will not show sweat on anyone. #sorrysosweaty

Our New Robot: So, I’ve been trying to convince AJ to let me hire a housekeeper for pretty much our entire relationship. I abhor cleaning (specifically, sweeping). I find it to be largely a poor use of time, especially since we have a dog who sheds constantly. Why sweep up dog hair just to have it on the ground again in five seconds? It’s demoralizing. ANYWAY. He vetoed the housekeeper, but then I heard about a robot vacuum that uses lasers to map out your room and avoid obstacles. It’s sort of like a Roomba, but 1000 times better. My former coworker has one and raved about it, so I managed to convince AJ to let us get one. Was it pretty expensive? Yeah. Has it ABSOLUTELY CHANGED MY LIFE? Also yeah. My house is so clean, and I don’t have to do anything. It is the best. Goodbye, dog hair!

My Running-and-Life Friends: Since moving to Greenville, I’ve struggled with not having people to run with. I really miss my running group back in Columbia (even though I do not miss Columbia in general). It’s been so awesome having Pearce to run with, and I love that we have become friends outside of just running, too. Bobbi still lives in Columbia but we’ve run a ton together this spring, meeting up for races and long runs, and we are in communication every day as I work my way towards the Prague Marathon. I’m grateful for their friendship and companionship – it’s made running (and life) a whole lot more fun!

Pre-race photo with Pearce!

The Marathon Build-Up: It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to go through the whole marathon training process. The last time was the Spinx Marathon, and I didn’t do that entirely – I started kind of late. It’s been fun to start from square one and go through an entire training plan from start to finish, visualizing race day the whole time. I’ve loosely set some goals for Prague and I’ll share those soon, but I’m just enjoying the excitement and the thrill of “what if?”

My Feature in Women’s Running Magazine: The May 2017 issue of Women’s Running features a huge article by yours truly all about the beautiful city of Charleston! I had plenty of help from Amy (the Tiny Terror) who reminded me of all the places I used to love to visit when I worked there and shed light on some new ones! I’m so proud of how it came out. If you’ve got a runcation to the Holy City planned (which obviously, you should!), you don’t want to miss this article!

That layout tho. Obviously, I had nothing to do with that part.

Being Home: I can’t believe I am about to say this, but…I’ve kind of enjoyed being home the past 2+ months. It’s so strange to think that I haven’t stepped on a plane since I got home from New Zealand in early February. I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve gone this long without going somewhere, even between states. I was pretty sure I would lose my mind, and I think my friends and family were legitimately concerned I would, too. But honestly, it’s been pretty nice. Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely can’t wait to go to Prague and head back to Antigua and then go to Africa over the next couple months, but being home has been refreshing. It’s nice not to have crazy packed weekends and just be able to focus on AJ, our house, and of course, training for the marathon. WHO AM I?

Being Featured in the Washington Post!: I was recently interviewed for an article in the Washington Post written by Amanda Loudin – some of you may know her on Twitter as Miss Zippy! She wrote a fantastic article about the importance of mental training for athletes and how to get started. It was an honored to be featured and the piece came out great! Definitely check it out.

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13 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Lately: Spring 2017

  1. I love having good, flat trails to run on too. Running through side streets and traffic can be tough, especially if cars aren’t paying as much attention. That is super exciting about Amanda’s article, congrats to both of you.

    1. I do tend to get a little bored running on long, straight, flat trails (like this one) so I don’t do it very often, but it is nice once in awhile. I usually run in my subdivision and the ones that surround it, so there isn’t too much to worry about in the way of traffic. Still, my area is very hilly, so sometimes a break is really nice!

  2. These are some really fantastic things happening right now. I can’t wait to check out the feature–we had a great time in Charleston! And so many other people are rocking it as well, thank you for celebrating their successes. I think that this entire marathon season has been so different for you–why shouldn’t the lead into the marathon itself be as well? Sure, not EXACTLY what you anticipated, but sometimes? That leads to an even better result.

    1. Thanks so much! Charleston is such a great city – especially when it comes to food. This season has been really different for me, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how things come out in the end. Either way, it will be exciting!

  3. I can’t wait to read your article about Charleston and share it with others :).

    I want to go to Greenville and run the Swamp Rabbit Trail one day. You guys have some neat looking races up there on it and it’s nice to have routes without tons of traffic. Also I really want one of those robot vacuum cleaners myself… but I could secretly use the robot housekeeper from the Jetson’s, remember her?

    1. Thanks so much for helping me with it! It really came out great.

      You’re welcome to come up to Greenville anytime and visit! I’m happy to run with you if you don’t mind crawling along. Funny you mention the Jetson’s robot because my coworker actually named his robot “Rosie” after her!

  4. I need to check out those 3/4 sleeve tops – I always love a good 3/4 length!
    I had a chance to get a floor cleaner to review & passed… & man, I wish I got it. I have 3 dogs – you can imagine the hair… its a daily battle. I was just afraid our aussie would think its a glorified toy for him & it would be tossed on the hard wood floor a dozen times the first hour.

    1. Definitely check them out! I get so many compliments every time I wear it. It’s the perfect sleeve and shirt length. I’m going to order it in more colors.

      I was actually pretty nervous about how my dog would react to the robot because he hates vacuums (and noise, and things that move), but he mostly just seems to avoid it, thankfully! I cannot imagine the hair from 3 dogs.

  5. So I had a Roomba, but when my ex and I split we sold it (whyyyyyyy?) and now with TWO FREAKING CATS I think I might need a robot vacuum because litter and hair and OMG.

    Running friends. For freaking real. It’s the best.
    Calgary has an amazing trail system around the city and I love there. You can get almost everything on the trails and they’re so fun to explore.

    1. Get yourself a Neato. It will change your life, and I am not exaggerating. It is the best $450 I have spent in years, no question!

  6. Ooh I was in Charleston for like a day this past summer but have been itching to go back. Can’t wait to read your article when my issue arrives! Ugh when I get a job I want that vaccuum.

    1. It’s such a fantastic city! I don’t get down there very often anymore, but I love when I get the chance!

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