Prague Marathon Training, Week 13


This week, we crossed a BIG milestone – there is less than a month to go until the Prague Marathon! Eek! I’m trying to be as careful with my back as possible while still getting in some quality runs and workouts when I can. Every single day is played by ear at this point. While my coach and I have goals for the week, each workout is being decided day-of based on how my back is feeling. The main goal is to get to the starting line in one happy, healthy piece! For the rest of training, I will only be running 3 days per week at most. I’m happy for all of those 4 day weeks I’ve done for the past few months, but when combined with the higher mileage, they don’t seem to be making my back very happy.

Monday, 4/3/17, barre3 video: We had terrible weather on Monday (tornado warnings and all!) that had me not wanting to leave the house, so I opted for an hour of barre3 videos. I know strengthening my core is one of the absolute best things I can do for my back, so this was the perfect opportunity. Nothing exciting, but I got it done!

barre3’s version of Drinking Bird

Tuesday, 4/4/17, 9 miles: My coach decided I would play this one by ear and run anywhere from 5-9 miles depending on how my back was feeling. It might seem like a big range, but it takes a couple miles to figure out how I’m feeling, and by the time I turn around and run home, that’s about 5 miles. I ended up feeling pretty good (despite the heat…I’m not ready for the 80s!) and ran 5 of the miles with Pearce and the other 4 on my own. We ended up with a 9:36 pace overall and I’m very happy with that! The question is, will my back be happy when I wake up?

Wednesday, 4/5/17, yoga: I had cross training on the schedule and although I had thought I might go to barre3 class, I woke up exhausted and a little achy. I opted to do some gentle yoga and stretching instead. I had to head to Charleston for work for a couple days’ worth of meetings, so unfortunately, I couldn’t wait til later to see if I felt better. Them’s the breaks!

Thursday, 4/6/17, 5 miles 7 miles: I had high hopes to run on Thursday morning with my friend Amanda while in Charleston, but the crazy weather forecast ended up forcing us to cancel. Bummer, because when I woke up on Thursday morning ready to hit the treadmill, the weather was totally fine! So, I decided to take myself on a little solo tour of downtown Charleston. I had 5 miles on the schedule but got pretty lost along the way, so I ended up with 7 miles and only half an hour to get ready before I needed to leave for my work meeting! The good news is that my back felt really good. I stopped to take lots of pictures, look up directions, and wait at intersections, so my overall pace was around 10:30 with all those breaks. I got a cool picture out of it thanks to the humidity and wind, though!

Running along the Charleston Battery, where I am apparently also very tall, skinny, and blurry, thanks to this camera angle.

Friday, 4/7/17, OFF: For my rest day, I decided to try and get in plenty of movement and some yoga/stretching to make sure my back was feeling nice and happy for Saturday’s long run. I took a long walk in the morning before work and then got up for a few more throughout the day to get in my 10k+ steps, and spent about 45 minutes stretching.

Saturday, 4/8/17, 18 miles: As you can imagine, I was pretty nervous about my 18-miler on Saturday! Thankfully my coach/friend/travel buddy Bobbi came up to keep me company. She is in the process of getting over an injury, so she ran the first 10 with me and then biked alongside for the last 8. I’m not going to lie – this run was challenging at the end. That was a bit of a shot to the ego because for all of my other long runs, I’ve ended feeling like I could run a few more miles if needed. And yes, I could have run a few more miles if needed – but the thought of running another 8.2 miles to get to 26.2 was totally unappealing. I did run quite a bit faster for this run than I did for my 17-miler a few weeks ago (20 seconds per mile faster, to be exact), so I think the combination of that and talking the entire time took a toll on my energy. My overall pace was 9:46, and my last mile was my fastest – something I definitely didn’t think would happen! In reality, I can’t complain about this run. It was a great pace for me and my longest run of training so far. And my back? It was as good as can be expected at this point. Not perfect, but certainly good enough, and I felt fine later in the day. I’ll take it.

So much salt. So, so, so much. Shout out to the best coach ever! Hats are from Headsweats, of course.

Sunday, 4/9/17, OFF: I considered doing a barre video today, but honestly, I got sidetracked by nemesis, yard work. Y’all, I hate yard work. Yet somehow, AJ and I spent all day Sunday doing it (and part of Saturday, and part of Friday) and I just sort of ran out of time. Oh well, it’s probably good for my back to have a little extra rest anyways. I just have to keep it happy for another 4 weeks!

LEAVE A COMMENT: What’s your long run looking like these days? What is your least favorite household chore?

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15 thoughts on “Prague Marathon Training, Week 13

  1. I’m glad you made it through the long run and it’s been exciting to watch you progress again.

    My least favorite household chore is cleaning floors. I honestly feel as though it takes forever.

    1. Thanks! I’m hoping for continued progress moving forward! Getting through this one is a huge hurdle.

      We recently bought a robot vacuum called a Neato and it has changed my life. It is the best thing ever and I feel like our house is a million times cleaner because of it.

  2. So glad you had a mostly great week and your back seems to be dealing well! As for yard work? No thanks. We hire people to do almost anything around here!!

    1. Mine is definitely a tie between doing dishes and yard work. Dishes gross me out and yard work is just pure hell, especially with as many trees as our yard has. I feel like my entire year is somehow spent raking leaves, even though they allegedly only come down in the fall.

  3. From the photo it would appear that Bobbi’s injury was the loss of her left hand! That’s a rough one for a triathlete. Be sure and extend my condolences to her! 😉

  4. Beautiful form on Drinking Bird pose!

    My running has been non-existent, so I’ll skip ahead to question two: my least favorite is cleaning bathrooms. Just…ugh.

    1. Thanks, Brea! I don’t love cleaning bathrooms either, but at least no bugs bite me during the process 🙂

  5. I thought you wrote at first you did a 3 HOUR Barre video… haha – i was like dangggggg – that’s a long video 🙂

    Glad your back is hanging in there so far.I cant imagine after all those miles it would feel 100% so that its decent, that’s good news. keep going girl!

    1. OH my gosh, no! Although I have taught 3 barre classes in one day on more than one occasion. That’s torture enough, haha!

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