Prague Marathon Training, Week 7


I sat down with my training plan this week and had a mini breakthrough. I looked at everything I have left to do before Prague and suddenly, it just seemed…doable. I didn’t feel intimidated or overwhelmed. I didn’t struggle with any feelings of doubt. I just though, “Ok, I can do this.” Of course, there is a big difference between a 13 mile long run (what I did this week) and an 18 mile long run, which is yet to come, but I’m liking this feeling of confidence! Finishing the Prague Marathon on May 7 is starting to actually feel possible!

Monday, 2/20/17, 5 miles: After a weekend of hanging out with my sorority sisters and drinking lots of wine, I wasn’t too pumped about getting up early and putting miles in, but I did it! I think the easy, shorter runs are the hardest to gear myself up for. I ended up at exactly 10 minute pace and felt strong and steady and was proud of myself for not putting off the run til as late in the day as possible, as I am sometimes known to do.

Tuesday, 2/21/17, Cyclebar class: Cross-training day! I met my friend for my weekly spin class and got my ass handed to me by that stupid bicycle. I really do like going to Cyclebar once a week if I can make it, and I genuinely look forward to it, but it’s not something I would do every day.  Good cross-training, though!

This is literally my face the entire class. Staring intently at the instructor, trying to breath, sweating profusely, and silently cursing my choice to go to spin class.

Wednesday, 2/22/17, 8 miles: In the interest of full disclosure, I had 7 miles on the schedule but planned my route poorly. I ran with AJ for the first 2.5 miles of my run, then ran to meet my friend and ended up running 3.5 miles with her. I ended up with 8 total for the day at a 9:44 pace and was really able to find a good rhythm the entire time. I felt powerful when I finished!

Pretty proud of myself after that run. And repping the Run in Paradise half marathon – which I can’t WAIT to return to in May! Who will I see there? Visor from Headsweats

Thursday, 2/23/17, barre3 video: I knew I would have a late night Thursday because of work, so although I had great intentions of making it to a 6 am barre3 class, I felt it was in my best interest to get a little more sleep and do a 60 minute video at home instead. I still got a great workout because my thighs were absolutely killing me all day!

Friday, 2/24/17, 4 miles: Holy crap, I did NOT want to do this run! I didn’t get home from work until midnight on Thursday, and running Friday morning was the last thing I wanted to do! I was sore from barre and just exhausted, but all I could think about was the brand new 26.2 visor I had from Headsweats that was waiting to be worn. As silly as it sounds, all I could think was “26.2 – focus on your goal.” So, I got out of bed and did my 4 slow miles. Eye on the prize! Average pace 10:08.

Saturday, 2/25/17, Swamp Rabbit Half Marathon: Full race report to come on Wednesday! I went into this race with a goal and then promptly blew that goal out of the water, completely shocking myself. You are not going to want to miss this race report! Total time 2:01:39! Whoa. Then, AJ and I decided to go to a rock climbing gym and give bouldering a try. Spoiler alert: it’s really hard, but a totally different type of challenge than any other workout I’ve ever done. It’s a good mental workout, too!

Note to self: the angled walls are a lot harder than the vertical walls. Do the vertical walls. Leggings by DanaLouFIT

Sunday, 2/26/17, teach barre3: While today was technically supposed to be an off day, I had been scheduled to teach a barre3 class. I made sure to take it easy (not on my clients, on me, haha!), but I did enjoy the core work and stretching. I’m feeling great after the race and ready to hit training hard again next week!

LEAVE A COMMENT: Have you ever tried rock climbing? What’s your favorite form of cross training?


10 thoughts on “Prague Marathon Training, Week 7

  1. I actually did rock climbing for a semester in college. My college offerered rock climbing, backpacking and ice climbing! It was really tough and I wasn’t great at it but it was fun. Glad you had a decent week of training despite long hours.

    1. Oh my gosh, that’s so cool! What a fun class. I definitely am not good at rock climbing but I kind of surprised myself with the strength that I did have. I can definitely see myself working it into my cross-training rotation – I’m still sore!

  2. I did a rock climbing event a few years ago with luna. It was kind of a bucket list thing–I’d always wanted to, but never gotten the chance!
    I know I’ve said it before (and hell, even you have spoken to it), but your approach and attitude and just vibe this time around is so much better and happier. 😀 😀

    1. That’s really cool! I bet that was a fun event. I do feel better and happier this time around. I think the break was needed. That said – running this type of mileage has never been the part where running wasn’t fun. It’s the longer mileage that will be the true test! We’ll see what happens!

  3. “I felt powerful when I finished!” You look and sound powerful, too! You are in a good place and it shows!

    You have mentioned Barre3 videos over the last few entries I’ve read. Any recommendations for a starting point for an extreme beginner. Ideally, I’d like something available online.

    1. Thanks so much, Mel! YES – barre3 is great for all levels! The videos are on and there is a huge range of plans. Basic plans start at $15 per month and give you access to the workout library, which has over 300 videos and is updated at least monthly. There are 10, 30, 40, and 60 minute videos. The more advanced plans start at $25 per month and offer nutrition advice, new weekly workouts, and a bunch of other things – you’ll see all the options on the site!

      The best part about barre3 is that literally anyone can do the workout. The instructions offer modifications and options for every single movement in the workout, so if you have an injury or any discomfort, you will definitely be able to find something that works for you that is still a great workout. They also talk you through each aspect of the posture. My mom came to one of the classes I taught and she had zero barre experience whatsoever but still loved it and was able to do it by using different options. It’s a tough workout but it is totally accessible to all fitness levels! I DEFINITELY encourage you to give it a try.

      1. Thanks for the prompt reply! I’ll check it out.

        And to piggy back on an earlier comment, taking a break is often needed. I made 2016 a race free year for me. No races other than a couple of 5ks with my youngest daughter.

        My 21yo treated me to a half marathon race trip in January 2017 and I wasn’t expecting much since my training leading up to it had been less than what it should have been (longest run was 5 miles). Race day came and I just relaxed and let the day happen. Imagine my surprise when I had my best race in a long time. It wasn’t my best race in finish time or pace, but how I felt. I had negative splits until my daughter started yelling at me for speeding up too much and had my slowest mile at 12 while I moved at her pace. HA!

        Sometimes a break is what you need, mentally and physically.

        1. HAHAHA! Love that you had such a great race! I can totally appreciate that feeling – my past two races have not been PRs or even close, but I’ve felt much stronger in them than I have in other races recently. It’s a good feeling! I am hoping it continues and will do everything I can to ensure that it does.

  4. Love that you tried rock climbing (bouldering!). I love rock climbing, indoor and outdoors (I own a rock climbing business). Boulder is REALLY hard for me, as most routes/problems start with your body low before you get up on the wall.; rock climbing is a bit easier for me with the rope!

    1. That’s AWESOME, Whitney! What a cool business to have! That’s really good insight and I’ll definitely give rock climbing a try next time I head to the climbing gym. We decided to opt for bouldering this time because we didn’t have to go through much training to do it, haha! Might be worth learning how to use the rope for next time, though. What a great workout! I’m still sore.

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