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Although it sometimes feels like it happened in another lifetime, it wasn’t very long ago that it seemed like I was always running another race. And in 2012 and 2013, I pretty much was! Whether it was a marathon in a new state or a local half marathon, nearly every weekend brought some excitement in the form of a shiny new medal.

You know as well as I do that I haven’t been racing as much as I used to (and I lose the term “racing” loosely, of course) thanks to my back surgery, but it’s also partially due to the fact that training for half marathons requires a lot shorter long runs than marathons, obviously. I usually don’t run farther than 10 or maybe 11 miles during half marathon training, so I don’t feel as compelled to try and find a race to help the long miles go by faster. Now that I’m training for the Prague Marathon, though, that’s all about to change.

Woohoo! Prague, I’m coming for you!

First on my calendar is the Green Valley 10-Miler in Traveler’s Rest, South Carolina, on February 11. That is the weekend after we get back from New Zealand and I had 10 miles on my schedule, so this fits in perfectly. I expect it to be a pretty small race through Furman University. I might try to run this one at a medium effort rather than a super easy long run pace, but we’ll see.

On February 25, I’m running the Swamp Rabbit Half Marathon in Greenville, S.C. This will be my longest training run so far at that point (thanks to essentially taking two weeks off for New Zealand), so I’ll run this one at a pretty easy but consistent effort. My coach is coming up to run with me! Or rather, run directly past me. She’s very fast. But we’ll get brunch after.

The following weekend, I’m headed to my old stomping grounds for the Run Hard Half Marathon in Columbia, S.C. My friend Allison, who went with Bobbi (my coach) and I to Nepal, is coming to visit and run the marathon! It’s a double loop course, so I expect we’ll all run the first loop together and then Bobbi and I will carry on to cheer for the marathoners. I’m not sure about the effort level on this one – I will probably run one of the two half marathons a little harder and the other a little easier, but no full-out racing. Gotta keep my spine in one piece!

Hard to believe that the last time I ran this race was 5 years ago!! (PS Amanda, I miss running with you!)

On April 1, I have my first 18-miler. That’s the longest I’ll be running in training because my back usually feels good up to about 18 miles but starts to hurt after that, so I’ll run that distance a few times in training but no further. Gotta save something for race day! I will be running the Greer Earth Day 10-Miler in Greer, S.C and, fingers crossed, A.J. will be joining me! He’s training for the 10-miler now, so hopefully he will stick with it and not kill me and we can run together! And then maybe I’ll run home? I don’t know yet.

So, while these won’t be full-out race efforts or anything close, I’m really looking forward to getting more into the local running community here in Greenville. I haven’t found a running group here and I miss that aspect of living in Columbia. Hopefully, with all these fun events on the calendar, training will go by quickly – and pain free!

Of course, as you know, I’m headed back for the Run in Paradise Half Marathon in beautiful Antigua again this year on Memorial Day Weekend, but that is after Prague. Fortunately, I should be in great shape by then! I can’t wait to go back and run this amazing race again and visit the awesome friends I made on the island. And I’m even more excited that some of YOU are coming, too!! If you are interested or have any questions about the race, shoot me an email at thetrexrunner[at]gmail.com!

Can’t wait to see that water again!

I’m not sure what I’ll be doing after the Run in Paradise, but I’ve got a few ideas brewing. Stay tuned!

LEAVE A COMMENT: What races do you have coming up? Do you ever use races as part of your long runs?


6 thoughts on “Spring 2017 Race Plans

  1. I often encourage my clients to use races as part of long runs (especially if they haven’t raced in a while) because it is a fun and encouraging way to get those runs done and also to test out certain aspects of race day. (duh, you know this). That said, I have a few clients that I can’t trust to not RACE things, so they have to be carefully monitored! But yes, I used to do race/long runs, but usually only if I won an entry. It is hard for me to justify the cost if I am not racing it, personally. But I am cheap and poor.

    1. Hahaha well, if there is one thing I’m pretty good at, it’s not “racing.” I really enjoy the camaraderie of races, so I think they are a fun way to do long runs. That said, I totally agree – they can definitely add up, so I haven’t done that in a while. All the Greenville-area races were all about $30 though thanks to early bird pricing and the fact that they are local and small, so that definitely helps!

  2. Your spring calendar looks so awesome!
    I’m not sure yet what I’ll be doing race-wise. I’m currently registered for one race in August, and will hopefully run a race when I’m in DC in October, but beyond that I have no plans. It’s weird, but also freeing.

    1. Thanks, Ange! I’m really excited about it and looking forward to getting more involved in the Greenville running community. Are you doing anything at the Calgary Marathon with the Lole Run club?

  3. Your training calander looks great and I’m glad you are able to get out there again. I use races as workouts, not so much long runs (considering my longest runs are basically halves right now).

    1. I think it’s a really great idea to use races as workouts! If you win (as you do a lot!) it’s even more fun.

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