Prague Marathon Training Recap Week 2


My enthusiasm from Week 1 of Prague Marathon training carried over into Week 2, and I was ready to start this week off right. Since AJ and I were leaving for New Zealand at the end of the week, I was determined to make this one count.

Monday, 1/16/17, 4 miles extra easy: I was a little apprehensive about running the day after my long run, but I trusted that my coach knows what she’s doing and also reminded myself that I can change things up at any time based on how my back feels. I ended up running part of the run with AJ and ended with a 10:05 overall pace, feeling great! I then did 20 minutes of barre3 videos for some seat and core work. Strong start to the week!

Added a little weight behind my knee for an extra burn for seat work! Leggings here – they’re on sale and code DCA15 gets you 15% off!

Tuesday, 1/17/17, barre3 class: For the first time in as long as I can remember, I actually took a class at the barre studio instead of teaching one! It’s a totally different experience (and a lot more challenging!). I got a great burn and I know my core benefited from it, as always! As they say, a strong core means a strong back on marathon day. Or at least, that’s what I say.

Wenesday, 1/18/17, 1 hour run: My coach had very specific instructions for this run. She wanted me to just run for an hour without looking at my watch AT ALL and then not look at it for at least half an hour after I got home. The point of this was so I wouldn’t freak out about my pace (whether “too fast” or “too slow”) during the run and that I would bask in the accomplishment of the run afterwards without immediately associating it with my pace. I followed her instructions to the letter! My run ended up being 6.3 miles, or 9:30 pace, which I was happy with. Another item of note – I got up early (for me) to do this run. I really don’t like running in the morning (and I have the grumpy Instagram stories to prove it), but I was happy I did, as always.

Thursday, 1/19/17, Spin Class at Cyclebar: A new spin studio called Cyclebar opened in downtown Greenville this week, and they have free classes through the end of January. A friend of mine from barre invited me to go, and I thought it would be great cross training! Not gonna lie – I was totally terrified walking in. I haven’t taken a spin class in forever, and I remember them being impossible a few years ago. This one incorporates some strength training, and I actually liked it a lot! It’s not something I would make my primary form of exercise, but I definitely plan to go occasionally. I was absolutely drenched in sweat when I got out!

That feeling of terror when you enter a new fitness class for the first time

Friday, 1/20/17, 4 mile run easy: Not too much to say about this one! AJ came with me for half the run and I felt good. I ended up with a 9:51 pace overall and finished feeling good about Saturday’s long run.

A little casual post run flexing

Saturday, 1/21/17, 11 mile long run:  As is always the case when I run in and around my neighborhood, this week’s long run was super hilly! My quads were feeling it by the end, but my pace was really consistent and my overall pace was once again 10:05. My last two miles were again my fastest, although not by nearly as much since I kept the whole run more evenly split overall. It was tiring, but I know I could have kept running a few more miles and I finished feeling strong! Can’t ask for more than that. Then I immediately jumped on a series of flights to New Zealand, which is a billion hours away – obviously the best way to recover.


Sunday, 1/22/17, OFF: Not a whole lot of exercising going on during our 27 hours of travel to New Zealand! I was the crazy person walking in place at the back of the plane to try and get as many steps in as possible. I still only got like 2,000.

Nutrition: I had a few big nutrition milestones this week. First, there were two days this week where I not only did not eat any dark chocolate after lunch (I’m a dessert-after-every-meal person), I actually didn’t even think about it. That is CRAZY. I have cut way back on my sugar and it’s really limited my cravings a ton! Second, I went out to dinner on Friday night and didn’t get a glass of wine. I always get a drink when we go out to dinner because we don’t go out very often (usually once a week), but I wanted to feel good for my long run and our flight to New Zealand on Saturday. WHO AM I?

I also ate this amazing salad, which deserves a mention because I rarely eat salad.






14 thoughts on “Prague Marathon Training Recap Week 2

    1. We were originally hoping to, Kylie! We felt like we wouldn’t have enough time to do both countries justice since we’re only here two weeks. We’ll have to take a separate trip to Australia!

  1. I’m happy your training is going well. I love to see you able to run more and I think you are truly setting yourself up for some great success this spring.

    1. Thanks, Hollie! I am really having fun with it so far! Fingers crossed that it will continue.

  2. I need to work on my sugar. Right now I’m just letting myself go hog wild, and so the cravings are only getting worse. I obviously don’t want to cut it out, but I know that I need to have some mindfulness of it. You are doing a fantastic job, and I am excited for some NZ running pictures!

    1. It’s hard! I feel like with most foods, if you eat what you’re craving, the craving goes away. Definitely not the case with sugar, though! I hope you’re hanging in there on couch rest!

  3. Hey Danielle, I have a question! I’m training for my first marathon, and I’m wondering how I should hydrate for the longer runs. Have you ever used a fuel belt? Or what would you recommend?

    1. Hi Erin! Thanks for asking and congratulations on starting training! Different things work for different people when it comes to hydrating on long runs, and I’ve done all of them, haha! Some people set up their runs to run loops past their house, car, a specific water fountain, etc so they don’t have to carry anything. Others set fluids out along their route (in a cooler, plastic bag, etc). Many people will either carry a handheld water bottle (they make special ones for running), use a fuel belt, or wear a camelbak. I always have struggled with fuel belts because they slide and bounce around so much on me, but I’ve found great success with FlipBelt. The only problem is that the bottles that fit it don’t fit a ton of water. I have also used a Nathan’s handheld water bottle, which I love, and have used for a lot of training. I’ve never really been super into camelbaks because I get hot easily, but many people use those! Good luck!

  4. Great job this week!! There is a Cyclebar that recently opened in my area, as well. I found the workout fun & different from the spin classes I was used to. Made for a great change.

    Have a great time in New Zealand!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Aimee! That’s so exciting there is a Cyclebar near you as well! It’s really fun so I’m hoping to add it in maybe once a week or so as a treat. Intense for sure!

    1. Kyle, I agree! I didn’t love the idea at first (it made me nervous because I thought I’d look at my watch by accident – yeah, I’m THAT neurotic) but it was actually really nice.

    1. It really is scary! I totally get it. It’s hard to get back in to it but I’m really enjoying it, as you can tell!

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