Fall Favorites and a Qore Performance Giveaway

I’m the kind of person that either loves something or doesn’t bother with it. I don’t hate it, per se, it’s just not worth my energy to seek out an activity or product that I’m not crazy about. As a result, I’ve developed a weird aversion to trying new products sometimes. But every once in a while, I either purchase something or am offered a free item to review that literally knocks my socks off and I have to tell everyone about it right away. Between becoming a certified Barre3 instructor, putting in a full training cycle for a marathon, and traveling abroad in the past few months, I’ve found some new things that I can no longer live without. It’s fall, people, and I’m in love. But don’t worry – I bought all of these items myself except for one (which I’ll note) and my love for them is true and pure. Check out my fall favorites below! I linked to the websites where I personally purchased each product.

1. This day planner (Etsy)

As you can see, I love checking things off a list.

This planner has given me life! I was feeling so overwhelmed at trying to keep track of my freelance deadlines, my barre3 schedule (and which workouts I taught), and other details. Although I never missed a deadline or appointment, it seemed like it was only a matter of time before I did, and that stressed me out. I am NOT a planner person – previously, I had put everything in my phone – but something had to give. I was not prepared to spend $50+ on a planner (and I really don’t get the whole sticker thing) so I found this weekly planner on Etsy. For $15 it is a steal, and it has held up so well! Please get this for the disorganized person in your life. They need it.

2. Compression Sleeves and Socks (Vim & Vigr)



Full disclosure: I was sent a pair of compression calf sleeves and socks from Vim & Vigr for my review. This line offers “fashion” compression socks – that is, socks with fun prints for men and women who still want medical grade compression in their socks. To be honest, I wasn’t super excited either way. I almost never wear compression socks and have never really felt like I needed them. However, after a couple months of training on the hills around here all the time, I figured “What the hell, why not?” and gave them a try. I ended up sleeping in the calf sleeves when my legs were sore from my long run, and WOW – what a difference! These have been a game changer for me. I now regularly sleep in the calf sleeves (my feet get too hot in socks at night) and wear the socks around the house in the evenings after I run. No, I’m not wearing them out in public, but I usually wear pants anyway. Point being – these have changed recovery for me since I moved to Greenville and started running on hills regularly. I can’t recommend them enough! Use code VIMVIGR15 to get 15% off the Vim & Vigr site now through November 30th!

3. Toms Womens Nepal Boot (Cognac Suede Textile Mix) (Toms or Amazon)


BRB never taking these off

I saw these boots on a travel blog the other day and oh my goodness, I fell in love immediately. I do not think of myself as having a particularly cool or bohemian style in any way, and I would normally feel like I couldn’t pull boots like this off, but when I saw them, I had to have them. I ordered mine on Amazon because they were significantly cheaper in my size, but check both Amazon and Toms for yours. They come in brown, black, and grey, and I get multiple compliments on these things every time I wear them. I recommended sizing up a full size because the instep is shallow, but I absolutely love mine and can’t stop wearing them. You’ll be seeing these as pretty much my only footwear besides running shoes now that the weather is cold. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

4. ACURE 100% USDA Organic Moroccan Argan Oil (Acure or Amazon)


When AJ and I got married in Key West last year, the woman who did my makeup gave me a major wake-up call: I was not using enough moisturizer on my skin! She suggested that I put oil on it. OIL?? I was shocked. Gross! My skin doesn’t need oil on it! Wrong. I was sent Acure Organic Argan Oil long ago but never used it because I didn’t want my skin to break out. After the advice from the makeup artist, I dug it out and started using it. It has been a major game changer for my skin, especially in the winter, and even AJ uses it from time to time. There is no greasy feeling and it won’t stain your pillow at night (something I was weirdly concerned about), nor does it cause your skin to break out. I put it on my face and the backs of my hands at least twice a day and go through this stuff constantly. I’ve been a loyal customer for a year and will never go back.

5. Qore Performance Compression Shorts (Qore Performance)

Run. Eat. Qore.

Ok, this one isn’t new – but my giveaway is! It’s no secret that I absolutely love Qore Performance and their wearable hydration technology – I’ve been wearing their shorts religiously on my runs for the past year and a half. If I’m not wearing tights, I’m wearing Qore Performance shorts. They keep me hydrated and comfortable year round and offer a surprisingly flattering take on the traditional compression shorts. But shorts aren’t all this company has to offer! They also have half sleeve and full sleeve systems that can keep you hydrated in the summer and winter. So I want to give one lucky reader a chance to try the item of your choice, on me!

To enter: Check out Qore Performance’s website and LEAVE A COMMENT HERE telling me which item you would want and why  OR which items you are loving this fall that I need to know about. Must be a U.S. resident and use a valid email address! Winner will be picked at random from the comments! I’ll be accepting comments now through Wednesday, November 10th at 11:59 pm EST.

37 thoughts on “Fall Favorites and a Qore Performance Giveaway

  1. I always joke with a coworker that I have a planner for my planner. I really enjoy keeping everything together and on track.

    Those Qore products look really neat. I would probably try the hydration sleeves myself.

  2. I’m pretty self-conscious about wearing shorts when running – but am tired of dying in the heat of the summer and wearing even capris. I think I’d like to try Qore’s compression shorts – they look long enough to keep me modest. I don’t have any suggestions on new items you might like – sorry! – but I also was reminded that I need to get a new planner soon. Thanks!

  3. The compression shorts look modest and flattering – a hard look to achieve. But the hydrating sleeves also look interesting. Neither of which I probably need for winter running outside in Boston…

  4. I would love to try the compression shorts. I spend way too much $ on running gear/apparel that I end up not liking. It’s always great to hear a review of pursuits from someone who’s trustable.

  5. I would try the shorts—it might give me the cooling needed to keep me going since I seem to have lost motivation after my knee surgery!

  6. I’d love to win these slider shorts and try them out. I’ve never actually tried compression shorts before, but I do like the socks (and that pictured sock you have is cute as well). Thanks for sharing these cool things with us!

  7. I would love the pair of compression half sleeves because I live in the south where summer training is nearly unbearable in the heat and humidity. I would love a product that could help keep me cool to keep me going!

  8. I’d try the compression shorts myself, but I’d really like to find compression socks that fit me with a cool pattern

  9. I LOVE the hashtag #NotMyLegs. I think I am going to start using derivatives of that in my regular conversation. 🙂

    Also, your handwriting is VERY neat. As someone who writes like a 5 year old, I don’t understand how that even works 🙁

  10. I’ve been curious about the shorts since you’ve talked about them on your blog so would probably try them! I’m already shopping for my 2016 planner…

  11. I’d definitely have to try the compression shorts. I find myself shying away from my old running shorts because they tend to ride up (ugh) now that I am forcing myself to go at a slower pace, so this would be a perfect solution.

  12. I’m interested in the Slider Shorts, they look like they’d be the perfect length to prevent the annoying riding up issue I have with a lot of shorts! Shorts and I have a love/hate relationship, still searching for the perfect pair!

  13. I’m definitely going to check out the socks and would love the Qore shorts. I overheat very easily on runs and, living in VA, that’s a problem for much of the year!

  14. Acure’s Argan Oil saved my skin last winter–I even wrote the equivalent of a love let to it. I of course when to Vim and Vigor’s site and they have arrrrrgggygyyyllleeee. I have a major weakness for argyle. Does Qore make argyle pants? Because if they do, I need. I don’t care if I look like a golfer.

  15. Def. the compression short. I’m very interested in trying these and have cruised the website several times. I just haven’t convinced myself to purchase them yet!

  16. The shorts with the cooling systems look AMAZING. Summers in the Baltimore/DC area get so hot and sticky, the shorts would be great.

  17. I’m with you on making lists, but I prefer to keep a white board in my office rather than a planner since my lists are always changing.

    As far as the Qore giveaway, I’m interested in trying the compression shorts. They might not be very useful right now since I’m approaching Wisconsin winter, but in the summer they would be awesome!

  18. I would love to try the Hydration Short System. I think it’s going to continue to be hot here in AL for a while, so I could get plenty of use out of them!

  19. A hydration sleeve would be an amazing addition to my workouts… but those heating inserts look like they would feel divine this winter!

  20. I would love to try the Hydration Shorts! Not only do they looks super flattering, but I run exclusively in compression shorts during the summer months and LOVE the idea of a short that can cool you down. I run on the warm side and have been known to head out in shorts and a short-sleeved tech tee even during the late falls months here in Wisco, so the summer months pretty much destroy me. Great giveaway – thanks!

  21. I’d love to try the compression shorts! They look awesome. I always get so hot when I run, and I’m convinced it slows me down.

  22. Wow! So many cool items on their website! I’m curious about the hydration short system and the hydration sleeve system. I’d love to try some of the Qore products!

  23. Wow — so much cool stuff to try, not sure where to start. I’m always down for some compression socks but I’ve never seen arm sleeves like those before. Also love the pattern on the compression shirt!

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