Back from Curaçao and Making Some Progress

Well, AJ and I are back from Curaçao! We had a wonderful and relaxing time. I’m admittedly not the best at relaxing, but the physical limitations from my back and AJ’s proclivity towards seasickness meant that there wasn’t a whole lot we could do on the island besides lay around and walk downtown. For once, that was perfectly fine by me. I promise not to bore you with too many more pictures, but here are just a few. Ok, five. Don’t worry, there’s an actual blog post after the pictures.

The guy taking our picture didn’t understand that we wanted the gorgeous buildings of colonial Willemstad in the background, even though he was American and we told him so. Oh well.
This is what we actually wanted in the background. #selfie
The beautiful, tiny beach of Playa Lagun! I was definitely the palest person there. Who knew Dutch people were so tan? Sigh.
In front of the Natural Bridge at Shete Boka National Park
The most popular local beer, Polar, comes in a depressingly tiny yet undoubtedly cute 8-ounce can or bottle! I had approximately 43 while we were there. Not an exaggeration.

And now back to real life! One of the best things about Curaçao was how surprisingly awesome my back felt most of the time while we were there. Trust me, no one was more surprised than me. This recovery seems like it has basically been filled with either huge steps forward or no improvement at all. It’s hard to tell if I’m getting better all of a sudden, and then BAM, I see a huge gain. It’s hard to tell why I felt so good, since I was walking around most of the day (instead of the 20 minutes twice a day I’m allowed), only doing my PT exercises once a day (instead of twice – hey, better than not at all), and not lying down all the time like I’m supposed to when I’m not doing one of the aforementioned activities. I suppose it could have been the fact that I drank alcohol at basically every meal, but I like to think it was because I was directly ignoring the orders of my physical therapist. After all, that’s what makes the most sense, obviously.

On the physical therapy front, I did reach a milestone today: it was my first day on the underwater treadmill. Don’t get excited, I wasn’t running or anything, but I did get to walk on the treadmill and do strange stretches while watching myself on an underwater camera that zoomed in on my thighs. If you’re thinking that that sounds like your worst nightmare, welcome to the club. Oh, the price we pay for progress!


Speaking of progress, guess who is not making any progress on packing? That would be me. We’ve got a ton of stuff in the pipeline for Ramblen and I’m just not concentrating on preparing for Tulsa the way I should be. I’m using the unfortunate logic that I can buy anything I need there because they have a Target. What? It’s true.

13 thoughts on “Back from Curaçao and Making Some Progress

  1. I’m going to be pale winter white all summer too, one of my meds says to avoid sunlight I learned this when I locked my keys in the car and I was trying to get it unlocked myself. I’m okay with this only bc there are bees everywhere outside the doors and nobody ain’t got time for that. I’m starting my PT tonight actually looking forward to it oddly. I just hope it works! I’m glad you’re back stateside. Though sorry I don’t understand being sea sick but I’m glad you got to see/lay on the beach I’m super jealous of that. Much love.

    1. Good for you! I hope the PT makes you feel better. I don’t understand being seasick either, but AJ is pretty much the king of all types of motion sickness.

  2. I literally cringed when I got to the underwater thigh magnification part. I am so glad to hear you’re noticing progress!

    I work in the fitness industry, so you think I’d know better…and I was the WORST about doing my PT for my bulging disc. I made all my appointments and did the traction (which completely sucked), but the exercises? Nope.

    Anyway, it’s Team Danielle all up in here <3

    1. Right? Of all the areas of my body to be magnified and filmed for me to watch in real time, the thighs would be my last choice. Sigh.

      I’m historically pretty bad about doing PT once the problem goes away. Maybe because this problem will never go away, I’ll be good about it? I hope so. Is your disc better now?

      1. Any issues I had are completely gone…except in one circumstance: my neck is unhappy on my esthetician’s table. So basically, my neck is against waxing.

  3. Tulsa has beer. That’s all you need. :). And people willing to buy you one :). Glad you are making progress! I recently sprained my back (apparently, 36 is the age at which you should stop trying to do flips on trampolines FYI) and while this is nothing like what you have been through it still managed kicked my butt so I admire your patience and strength getting through this. I am just starting to feel like myself again and it is glorious. I hope you can feel the same way too!

    1. Thank you so much, Colleen! I am excited to be here and have already stocked the refrigerator with local beer. It’s been fun exploring the city and I’m dying to get out on Riverside! I hope your back is all better now and hopefully I’ll see you on the roads soon!

  4. The “real” photo of colonial Willemstad kinda reminds me of photos I once saw of Amsterdam: I took an intro geography class at UM (as a junior or senior… haha) and the prof was from the Netherlands. Spent an entire class session (or two?) showing slides & talking about the Netherlands. I do remember that we learned the difference between a “coffee house” and a “coffee shop” (one is a place to get drugs).

    Do you have access to an Alter-G treadmill? I know that’s something that’s helped some of my friends when they’re recovering from an injury or the like.

    1. I don’t have access to an Alter-G (that I know of), but the pool treadmill is ok minus the camera. I will ask my therapist, though – that’s a great suggestion!

      It was surprisingly interesting to hear about how architecture in Curacao evolved from Dutch architecture and added specific features because of the heat and conditions on the island. I really loved walking around and noticing all the details because I am a nerd like that. Oh, and I’m pretty sure I took that geography class when I was at Miami!

  5. You look so much more comfortable in your pictures–it’s written on your face. I’m so happy for you–you deserve it in a big way, and AJ deserves to see you better.
    And you better believe that you don’t need to pack anything, because you can just LIVE in Target. They have groceries, duh.

  6. I am SO HAPPY you are feeling improved! Perhaps a trip to a sunny warm place is better than PT? That is a prescription I could get behind.

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