Bon dia from Curaçao!

Greetings from the beautiful and charming island of Curaçao! AJ and I got in last night and are having a great time exploring Willemstaad and the rest of the island! We went snorkeling for approximately 20 seconds today before he got motion sick from the waves, so he’s napping while I upload photos. Bless his heart. Here are some interesting facts about Curaçao that we’ve learned so far!

  1. The people here speak 4 languages:  Dutch (the official language), Papiamentu (the local language), English, and Spanish. AJ was amazed by this because, as he noted, he doesn’t even have a good grasp on one language.
  2. You can pay in US dollars or Antillean Guilden. Either way, everything costs a lot, especially food and sunscreen (we’ve spent $40 on sunscreen already).
  3. The tourist high season is during the winter, so there are virtually no tourists around right now. This explains why we got our hotel, Scuba Lodge & Suites, for such a great rate! Snorkeling gear is free for us to borrow as guests at the hotel, and you can go right from the hotel beach!
  4. The neighborhood where we’re staying, Pietermaai, was first occupied by the upper class but became a ghetto in the 20th century. Today, the buildings are being restored to how they looked originally, and the neighborhood is bright, safe, and walking distance from the main area of Willemstaad.
Almost all the buildings in Pietermaii that have not been renovated yet have art on them. This is one of my favorites. The quote says “Once you break the wall that has been holding you captive, your journey to explore the world can finally begin.”
Across the pedestrian footbridge in Willemstaad
The pedestrian bridge behind us is swinging open to let a boat through! It happens surprisingly quickly.
AJ in colonial Willemsataad, excited (as always) that I am taking his picture.
Exploring the fruit market and wishing we liked fruit
At our hotel shortly after our adventures in snorkeling and shortly before AJ went upstairs for his nap.


14 thoughts on “Bon dia from Curaçao!

  1. Cool pics and glad to hear you guys are having a great time (other than spending all your money on overpriced sunscreen!). And was it a trick of the light or did AJ look not-displeased in one of those pictures?!? Are you wearing him down? 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. Be sure to go to the Sea Aqarium and feed the pelican and nurse shark and pet the skates and turtles!!

  3. Oh no! Poor AJ! I went snorkeling once and had the same problem so I totally feel his pain! Hope you have a great time! Also – how do you not like fruit?

    1. I like SOME fruit, just not most. At least, not enough to really buy it. I like strawberries and blueberries a lot, but those weren’t really for sale. A lot of fruit has a ton of acid in it, so I’m not supposed to have it because of my stomach anyway. AJ is just ridiculously picky about everything so no change there.

    1. Feeling really good! Therapy is getting more intensive so I might have quite a few more sore days ahead of me, but I felt surprisingly great on the trip!

  4. Seriously you are always traveling and I am always jealous. I loved it there and I’m hoping to go back when I go on a cruise.

    1. We really loved it and were surprised (naively) by how many Dutch people were there. I knew it was a Dutch colony and still has an affiliation with the Netherlands, but it’s so far away that I guess I just assumed it was mostly Americans who visited. Wrong! We only met 2 other Americans the whole time we were there, which was great because it really enhanced the experience. Such a beautiful place!

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