Finally Back Home, and Some Scenes from Colombia!

Whew! I’m back from my trip and catching up on life as we speak. I only have 5 days at home before I leave for Colorado for the event of the year, also known as my back surgery. I’m sorry for being a bad T-Rex and not responding to all of your comments on previous posts yet, but I WILL. In the mean time, here are some pictures from our last night in Ecuador and our short trip (more like a layover, really) to Bogota, Colombia!

Our tour guide for our two days in Quito invited us out for dinner and drinks with him and his friends! I practiced my Spanish with them. Amanda helped them practice their English.
They took us salsa dancing to fulfill Amanda’s great South American dream and my worst nightmare. Here she is with Daniel, the self-proclaimed “Mr. Salsa.” He is a salsa teacher so that was fairly legit.
With Colombian women in traditional dress outside the Museo del Oro in Bogota!
Next stop – Monserrate! There is a church on top of the mountain that provides great views of almost the entire (huge) city of Bogota! There’s also a long trail that you can hike up for great views, but we didn’t have time, so we took a cable car instead!
Scenery from Monserrate
Views of the city
Ajiaco soup! It’s a potato-based soup with corn, chicken, and cream and then avocado and rice on the side that you could add in. This might have been the best food we ate on the entire trip.
There’s tons of street art (and just plain old graffiti) in Bogota. We’re posing next to artwork that showcases traditional native jewelry, although there were plenty of other murals to choose from!
Some of the many colorful buildings in Bogota’s famous La Candelaria district! Amanda is on the right getting a history lesson from Edgar, our fabulous guide.
On our way to the Salt Cathedral, we saw a protest taking place on a major highway. Our guide said that protests are very common and people lump all sorts of causes into one protest, and they take place in the streets, clogging up traffic! The police were not impressed.
There is a cathedral located entirely within a salt mine about an hour outside of Bogota! It’s pretty insane, and we got there late so were actually the last ones there. The mine is haunting and beautiful!

6 thoughts on “Finally Back Home, and Some Scenes from Colombia!

  1. Thanks for sharing all of the great pics – looks like a fantastic time! I really hope all goes well in Colorado … definitely praying, pulling for you, crossing fingers and toes, and whatever other pseudo-magical intervention devices I can muster! 🙂

  2. Welcome back home! I can’t wait to hear all about Peru and the Inca Trail. Ironically, just after you left I watched a show where the main people went and did the Inca Trail, and I cannot wait to see your pics. Ps, because my internet is a piece, and took forever to load, I got to study the first picture-hilarious photo bombing in the background. And that soup–mmmmmm. I’ve heard the protests are pretty frequent and rather unruly, so I’m glad that you all were able to explore despite the mass protest of multiple protestations (equal-opportunity protesting?). And a cathedral inside a salt mine sounds absolutely incredible. Good luck getting everything done before Colorado–give me a call if you need to freak out a little 🙂

    1. I love that photo bomb. We actually knew it was happening which made it all the better. Sorry for crashing your internetz with all my pictures! The protest didn’t seem unruly necessarily, just disorganized. It was kind of like a parade, where there would be one group marching with a banner that they all held that said what cause they were protesting, and then the next group would come with their banner for a cause that was totally unrelated, etc. It was kind of hilarious, but I do enjoy a good protest.

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