Pre-race Thoughts With a Side of Psychosis

Remember in college how you’d have like 4 finals on the same day, but instead of studying for them, you spent the whole week beforehand binge watching the entire series of Sex and the City starting with episode 1, and then it came time for your finals and you were totally screwed? No, just me? Well, that’s basically what this week has become. I should be packing and preparing for my trip to Kiawah this weekend, but I forced my dog to wear an elf costume and made this video instead. Without any further adieu, here’s my third (I think) video blog and my pre-race thoughts with a healthy dose of insanity.

LEAVE A COMMENT: Do you get nervous before a goal race? Have you ever bought your pet a costume? What was it?

43 thoughts on “Pre-race Thoughts With a Side of Psychosis

  1. Good luck, T-Rex!! You’ll be great! And that costume is fabulous!

    1. trex

      Thank you! By the end of the video, Rocket was actually tolerating it pretty well. Progress!

  2. Julie

    Good luck Danielle! I think your goals sound great and I’ll be rooting for you! I’ve only been running since February, so I haven’t really had a goal race yet, but I was definitely feeling nervous before my 1st half marathon. I think a lot of your aches and pains are less severe than your nervous mind makes them feel. Does that make sense? Anyway, I hope the humidity isn’t too bad and I’m looking forward to your post race report. You got this T-Rex runner!

    1. trex

      Thanks, Julie! You’re probably right. I’ve had plenty of races where I felt some aches and pains in the weeks leading up to the race and felt totally fine on race day, so it was probably all in my head. I’m REALLY hoping that’s the case here! I guess we’ll see :)

  3. Patty

    I’m so relieved to see this post!! I have been nervous and almost sick to my stomach today. I’m excited but ready for the marathon to be over too! I haven’t packed yet and instead am watching your video blog and enjoying Rocket in the elf costume making funny faces. Oh and I’m also watching the Jenks vs Union high school football championship game on tv. See you tomorrow! Great video blog, by the way!!

    1. trex

      Oh thank goodness! At least I’m not the only one who is nervous! We’ll have JC to steady our nerves. See you tomorrow!

  4. Bill McGready

    You never did say what it was that opened and slammed the door. Was it something that would be stopped with buck shot or a house cleansing? :)

    1. trex

      I think it was the wind. Apparently AJ forgot to lock the back door…that’s the only thing I can figure out! Too bad my buck shot is useless against the wind!

  5. Colleen

    Good luck!! Hope you have a great race!! Trust your training :)

    1. trex

      Thanks, Colleen! I’m trying :)

  6. Stephanie

    OMG I love your posts and sometimes wonder if you’re copying shit from my journals because I just voiced about everything you said before my two goal races last month…ok well everything except your goal times, I’m way slower than you but I’m right there with you on everything else!! In my mind you’re ready for this! Here’s hoping you overcome the weather stuff and wishes for speedy feet!!

    1. trex

      I not only am copying shit from your journals, I actually stole your journals. #sorryimnotsorry

  7. LOVE Rocket in the costume – we bought our terriers jingle bell collars, and our older dog started working picking the jingle bells off of hers!

    I also really love these video shots, because you don’t tend to edit and they are just loads of fun!

    Good luck this weekend. I really hope you can pull it out – I’ve been working on finishing faster in my pace work this winter and controlling my pace. Look forward to reading whatever you have to say about the race!

    1. trex

      Finally, someone with an appreciation for a dog in a costume! The bells are the best part.

      Well, I would edit them, but I don’t know how. My ignorance is your gain!

      Thanks so much. I really, really hope I can pull it out too!

  8. Deanna

    Good luck! I’m sorry you are running into so many issues, but I think you can and will do it! Either way, you are clearly an inspiration to many including me. I just signed up for two marathons 14 days apart in the spring so that I can hopefully be a fellow maniac at next year’s Hatfield McCoy race.

    1. trex

      Aww thank you so much, Deanna! I look forward to meeting you at Hatfield McCoy :)

  9. Ashley S.

    Good Luck! Your dog is SUCH a lover! He made me laugh a few times and I totally loved his costume. I bought my dog a Santa costume once and he growled at his reflection in the patio door. Hopefully he doesn’t get that from me. I’ve never really made race goals except to simply finish. Obviously, I set the bar real high in that regard. Your Christmas tree looks amazing as does your hair.

    1. trex

      If it makes you feel better, my goal is simply to finish in about 75-80% of the races I do. And it used to be my goal 100% of the time basically. I’m sorry to hear your dog does not like his costume. Mine doesn’t like his either, but I ignore his distress.

  10. Those eyes! They are frightening!!! :’(

    And goal races.. I don’t think I determine goals before the race, at least not anymore.. that helps. I believe. Before I used to do a lot of events, I always got a bit nervous, because obviously, when you’re running on your own, just training, no one will notice when you stop/drop out. But in a race, e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e will know… So I always got a bit anxious with a ‘Oh.. I really have to finish this..’-angst..

    But for the last couple of months, I’ve just told myself to ‘just run’ and see how it goes and try my best, and just have a look at my Garmin every now and then and decide DURING the race whether I feel up for/stand a chance of running a PB. After all, I run for the fun of it, and not to break any records… ;)

    And no, I have never bought my pet(s) a costume.

    All the best for the Kiawah Island Marathon and just try to enjoy ;) In my experience: the more you enjoy it, the faster you go ;)

    1. trex

      Wise words, Gaby! Unfortunately, the more I enjoy myself, the more beer I tend to drink, which has yet to translate into blazing speed. And I promise Rocket’s eyes don’t look like that all the time. Just when he’s wearing his costume.

  11. UG KIAWAH IS TOMORROW. I’m not nearly as excited about this race as I should be. In fact, I’m kind of dreading it, now especially because it’s going to freaking rain all weekend! I’m very upset about that. Enough about me. Good luck!!!

    1. trex

      I hope you had a great race, Steph! The weather is such a shame.

  12. Ah, I feel like we are hanging out chatting like the creeper I am. Anyways-the cold has made me feel awful in my runs actually (like I’m going to pass out?). I hope you feel well and break 4 hours in your race this weekend. Good luck! :-)

    1. trex

      In April we WILL be hanging out chatting! Hooray!

  13. bobbi halverson

    nice hair! that is all.
    just kidding. I always feel nervous before a race, to the point that I am continual;y in the bathroom and it has a tendency to mess with my nutrition=all goes out (hope that’s not too much TMI), but a plus to that is that I also don’t wet my pants…he he

    1. trex

      Oh, I’ve been there before! Especially when I first started doing marathons. It’s not as bad anymore, thankfully!

  14. OMG!!! Your dog is too cute!
    Good luck at Kiawah; you’ll do awesomely. Just think of how great your hair’s going to look streaming out behind you as you run fast :)

    1. trex

      I think my hair will probably be manifesting itself into some kind of rat’s nest shape in that humidity, but I like your idea much better.

  15. sonya

    Nervous before a race? Uh, yeah – try nervous before my long runs!!!

    I agree that Rocket is a spectacular elf. My Layla vetoed costumes many years ago, so I can only live vicariously through others dogs in costume.

    Good luck this weekend. Looking forward to your race report.

    And your hair is GORGEOUS, almost as good as mine…

    1. trex

      Oh girl, I get nervous before long runs too, especially now that I have a coach. If he puts in a tough workout, I worry that I won’t be able to hit my paces! I even worry about speed work.

      I’m very sorry to hear that your dog will not wear costumes. That is a deep tragedy.

  16. Good luck with Kiawah! It is a great half and full marathon, lots of people really like it. And there’s good food at the end! I can’t wait to read your race report about it as I may do it next year myself since I’m so close (Charleston).

    As far as aches and pains and race nervousness goes… it happens. I think our running goes through phases where we want to strive to meet time goals or distance goals with running, and then some where we strong just to stay afloat. You’re pretty inspirational so regardless of how you do clock wise, it will be fun and fun to read about.

    1. trex

      Thanks Amy! I actually ran Kiawah in 2011 and really enjoyed it, which is why I wanted to go back in the first place! It’s very well done and it’s beautiful – I would definitely recommend it! And thanks so much – your compliment means a lot to me :)

  17. Good luck!
    I’m very much the same where I analyze why I’m not feeling 100%, so far I’m not so great at figuring it out, but I still do it.
    Anxious before a race? Well, anxious is my default setting, so yes :)

    1. trex

      Normally I wouldn’t spend a ton of time thinking about it, but it’s been going on for long enough now that it’s clearly an issue. If I just don’t feel good for a day or two, I don’t worry about it, but a few weeks is too long, ya know?

  18. Good luck! I feel your nervous pain, trust me. I get nervous before every race but especially a goal race. And, this weekend I’m running a half in Florida and it will be 70 degrees and 90% humidity at the start and around 80 and raining with possible lightning at the finish! So, it’s pretty much a wash…heheh wash. And yes, I buy my dogs costumes, clothing, shoes, sunglasses and lots of other things. My mini dachshund has his own dresser and it’s a double dresser. He even has dugs to match my uggs and doggles that look like little oakleys. Fortunately he loves clothes so it works out. How do I know he loves clothes? When I take his off, he goes to his dresser and pulls out more and brings them to me to put on him. How cute is that?

    1. trex

      Oh my gosh, dugs are a thing? This is life changing. That is so adorable!! I hope your half went well!

  19. Knee Issues are my middle name. :(
    No dreams but bad dreams? That makes me so sad for you…
    Please don’t pass out. If you do, surround yourself with your awesome friends & have them take pictures of you :)
    Good luck on your race. Hope everything falls in place – it usually does.

    1. trex

      I know, isn’t it sad? People say “Oh you have good dreams, you just only remember the bad ones.” Well what difference does that make? All I see when I wake up is the bad ones! Ugh.

  20. Mark Bryan

    Hi Danielle,
    I am writing this after the time you would have run but thought it might be helpful. If are having pain in both the sciatic and knee(s), stretch your piriformis. You can find some good stretches on youtube. The simple ones are the best. I also where patella bands (old knees) and find them very helpful.

    I hope your race went well. I enjoy your blog, video and text, a lot so don’t ever stop!

    Happy Holidays to you, Rocket and AJ.

    1. trex

      Hi Mark! Thanks so much! I do piriformis stretches every day because of my chronic sciatica and back issues. It helps stave off the problem most of the time, but the occasional flare up is unfortunately just part of my life. I am thinking about the patella bands, though! I will look more into that. Happy holidays to you as well!!

  21. Niklas

    Haha 06:06 is my favorite part of this clip. “So aah… either way” *dogs nose pops up trying to say “give this shit up and play with meeee” :)

    1. trex

      That’s what he is always trying to say :)

  22. 06:06 favorite part. Looks fun when the slightly frustrated dogs nose pops up after a short period of calm :D

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