It’s my birthday and I’ll give you stuff if I want to.

Yesterday (December 9th) was my 28th birthday, and because I am lazy, I didn’t write a blog post about what I learned this year or what I hope to accomplish in my 28th year or how much I hate birthdays or anything useful. Instead, I just worked on Ramblen and ate cake. I briefly considered only eating cake for all of my meals yesterday, but with a goal marathon on the horizon, that seemed unwise. I didn’t even run, actually. Yesterday was an off day on my training plan, and again, with Kiawah coming up on Saturday, I am adhering strictly to everything my spreadsheet says. I’m not one to make a big deal about my birthday in general, so this year, I decided that instead of buying myself a bunch of presents (I only bought myself one) I would give y’all some presents instead because I’m benevolent as hell in my advanced age. So it’s like I’m giving you presents that you can then give to someone else for Christmas. These are the gifts that keep on giving, really.

Entering each of the giveaways is easy! The only mandatory entry is to leave a comment on my blog, but you’ll get lots of bonus entries if you use the other options too! Read my reviews and enter below.

Giveaway #1: ICEdot Crash Sensor – $150 Value!!!

Item #1 that I am giving away is some really amazing technology from ICEdot. You may have seen this item mentioned in my gift guide from about a month ago, and you’re seeing it again because it is amazing. The Crash Sensor attaches to your bike helmet (or ski/snowboard helmet, or whatever other kind of helmet) and works in conjunction with an app on your smartphone that uses Bluetooth to communicate with the sensor. If you get into a serious crash, the sensor will detect the impact and send a signal to the app, which will then text your GPS coordinates and a notification to your designated emergency contacts. Pretty cool, right? The iPhone App is already out and Android is coming out in the next few weeks, so now your family doesn’t have to worry when you go on insanely long bike rides by yourself on dangerous country roads! Or am I the only one who does that?


Useful in all potentially deadly situations.

 For more information about the Crash Sensor (or to order it if you’re one of those unlucky people like me who never wins anything), click here.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway #2: PowerPlay Cold Compression Knee Wrap – $350 Value!!!

You’ve also seen me using my PowerPlay Cold Compression wrap in some previous blog posts. PowerPlay makes a series of wraps that provide both the “ice” and “compression” phases of the RICE recovery model at the same time, and anything that helps me recover more efficiently is something I want! The wrap comes with a gel insert that can be either frozen or refrigerated, depending on the level of cold desired. Once the gel pack is inserted, the user than uses the battery operated pump to inflate the wrap to the desired compression level. You’re killing two birds with one stone!

IMG953767 (1)

Chillin’ with my PowerPlay Cold Compression Wrap. See what I did there?

I’m giving away PowerPlay’s awesome knee wrap, although the one I use is specifically for my ankle as I recover from my stress fracture. The good folks at PowerPlay and I figured that since so many runners have knee-related issues, this would be the most helpful! Check out more information about PowerPlay’s wraps and order one here. a Rafflecopter giveaway


108 thoughts on “It’s my birthday and I’ll give you stuff if I want to.

  1. MJ

    Happy birthday!!

    I’d love to get the knee ice/compression wrap for my DH. He had surgery some years ago for a soccer injury (MCL tear) and his knee acts up on and off and when it bugs him it affects his running.

  2. I WANT BOTH OF THESE. PRONTO. BUT I NEVER WIN ANYTHING. I’m like the unluckiest person ever. Especially when it comes to riding my bike to work- which I love to do because I work a mile away. I love bike riding but i’m super paranoid about 1. crashing 2. being kidnapped… adultnapped? 3. crashing and not ever being found. I WANT THE CRASH SENSOR. I NEEEEED IT.

  3. Jenny

    Happy birthday!! Great giveaway, I run and bike so both of these items are extremely helpful!! Thanks!!!!!!

  4. Also, my right knee sucks so i’m down with the compression ice thing too. Probably works better than ice packs wrapped in paper towels on my leg and wrapped up in an ace bandage that doesn’t do much at all… Also, it looks utterly ridiculous.

  5. Kelly

    Happy Birthday T-Rex!! December birthdays unite!
    Dang, yo that PowerPlay wrap looks sweet. Could definitely use one.

  6. annemarie docter

    I would love that compression knee wrap. Sounds perfect!
    Happy birthday you! Glad you ate cake :)

  7. Nathan Napier

    Im moving into triathlon soon, looking at an Ironman down the road. So these would be great helps!

  8. Deanna

    Happy late birthday! I’m not usually lucky either but both are great products, so I figured I should at least try. Good luck on Saturday!

  9. Wendy

    My ice pack smells like food and my husband won’t let me ice my leg in bed.

    1. Christina

      :D This made me laugh out loud!

  10. ali

    i’ll keep it for myself. i’ve had 2 crashes and hopefully will have NO MORE!

  11. Aly

    Happy birthday!!! That compression wrap would also work for shin splints.. Brilliant!

  12. Amber S

    Happy Birthday!!! What a great early birthday present for me!! I snowboard every year and I run so I could benefit from both! I hope you have a great race on Saturday!!

  13. ali

    the knee wrap sounds awesome. i had a stress fracture in my knee this past year and this could have been handy!

  14. Pat Mantilla

    man the ICEdot crash sensor sounds pretty cool, nice to know if anything happened to me while riding the motorcyle, my wife could be alerted.

  15. The compression wrap sounds like a great way to RICE! For someone who gets injured far too often, I’d love to have this around.

  16. The crash sensor would be great for biking and skiing! What a cool product.

  17. Patrice

    This knee wrap looks awesome!

  18. Pat Mantilla

    heck while i’m at it might as well try for the Power Play knee wrap, my knees can use all the help they can get!!!

  19. Jenna

    I would love the PowerPlay compression wrap! Typically, when I am icing my knee, my diva dog finds it to be too cold for her and pushes it on the floor. This would put it end to that and would put me back in charge in our relationship.

    Happy birthday!

  20. John Pitzel

    Happy Birthday! I’ll celebrate with a knee wrap, while waving my cane at you kids on my lawn.

  21. Katherine

    Great giveaways! I would be so happy to win either one. Happy belated birthday!!!

  22. Karen

    Happy birthday!! There’s nothing wrong with cake overkill on your bday. I’d keep that knee wrap for me because literally tight now, my version of it is using a sports band totie ice packs on me

  23. S-A

    I want that knee wrap !

  24. Mark

    I hope you had a very Happy Birthday!

    If I won the crash sensor I would give it to my brother. He is the daredevil of the family. He is always taking off on his bike or skis without leaving a plan on where he is going or when he plans to be back. My sister-in-law is always worried that he will end up in a situation where he hasn’t returned and she doesn’t know where to start looking.

    I would like the cold compression knee wrap for myself. After a hard 20 miler this would work much better thn bags of frozen peas. :-)

  25. Jenn Rogers

    Happy Birthday! Cake for every meal sounds amazing! I would love that knee wrap as I have not been able to run since the end of October because I have a knee “injury” that every time I run, I’m in severe pain, however, the MRI says nothing is wrong!

  26. nicole

    Happy Birthday!

  27. Megz

    Even though we techically don’t have the same birthday (I’m Dec 10th) I live in Australia so we were totally celebrating at the same time. I also turned 28 :) Hope you had a wonderful day!

  28. April

    HBD, T Rex!

    I’d for sure put a knee wrap to use. I usually have rockin’ runners knee on a semi-permanent basis (cross train? pft.) and slipping around on ice and snow won’t do much to clear that up.

  29. Monica Frazier

    Hope you had a great birthday & hope I win one of your presents!

  30. Monica Frazier

    I would give this to my hubby- as I type he is sitting next to me with 2 knee sleeves on with an ice pack between the two so this would be perfect!

  31. Patty

    I would give the crash sensor to my husband because he always go snowboarding by himself.

  32. Patty

    I would want the knee wrap because my knees always get sore after long runs and this would be useful.

  33. Marnie

    Alright, you dragged me out of lurkdom. Happy birthday!! I’d be game for the knee wrap. I suspect soreness up ahead as I recently learned I’m pregnant with #4 OMG!!

    Good luck this weekend and CRUSH your goal! You can do it!

  34. Julie Heuer

    They both sound neat. I would use either one. Hope you enjoyed your off day. Your coach must have planned that for you birthday. Good Luck Saturday!

  35. Hollee

    Happy birthday!!

  36. I definitely could use the compression wrap for my knee pain!!!

  37. Melissa

    Happy Birthday! I would love the compression wrap! After both knees having ACL repairs this would be great!

  38. Liza

    The compression wrap would be awesome to help with knee pain and hopefully encourage more running!

  39. Natalie Cobb

    Happy birthday!

  40. Jarmo Sillanpaa

    I’ve hit my head too many times to need the sensor but the knee wrap would be perfect for my wife! I’m too stubborn to admit that I might need something like that myself. Too stubborn for my own good even.

  41. Julie Frank

    Happy birthday!!! The cold compression knee wrap sounds awesome and exactly what I need for my 37 (yikes!) year old left knee that has been acting up since I ran my 1st half marathon this fall. That bike helmet crash sensor is pretty sweet too! I’d love to win! Thanks for the awesome bday giveaway!

  42. Eric

    Happy birthday! I love my compression socks, for use during long runs, and should probably wear more compression wear afterward. This would fit the bill! BTW, when one of my friends was RICEing after a race, she was also drinking wine. I then dubbed a new post-workout regimen: WRICE :) (Although I suppose your preferred version would be BRICE.)

  43. Melissa

    I could totally use that PowerPlay compression wrap! Or I should say that my ankles could use it!!

  44. megan

    Happy birthday!!! My knee does not hurt. I know this is true, because I repeatedly tell myself that every time I run lately. And yes, I’m RICE-ing (you know…just in case it starts to hurt or something)…so more efficient “IC”-ing would be welcomed. Very much. And I also might want it when I start training for my first triathlon (gulp)! Which will be interesting because I don’t ride bikes or swim. And since I don’t ride bikes, I envision a lot of falling in my training (but hopefully not in the actual race…fingers crossed). It sure would be nice if someone could come save me from those crashes…if they could somehow know where i was;) That would make the sensor awesome too.
    Happy birthday again. I hope you didn’t crash or spend the whole days RICE-ing.

  45. David Rodgers

    Hands free compression and ice at the same time! Sign me up..

  46. Pat

    I tend to ride my bike in front of cars, so the ICE beacon will come in handy. For that matter, so will the compression sock.

  47. Rachel

    Count me in for both drawings! I would give the knee wrap to the best running partner E-V-E-R, my Momma!
    Happy, happy to you!

  48. Maureen reagan

    I’d love that ice dot sensor for my bf, always nervous when he goes riding by himself! That compression thing looks pretty nifty, too (I’d keep that for myself ;-) . Happy bday!

  49. My husband or daughter. Im so tired of stopping at walmart for frozen peas or broccoli so that they have ice for their knees after a hard run!!

  50. Happy Birthday Danielle! Here’s to a great 28th (or is it technically 29th) year!

  51. Brittany

    I would love either of this giveaways! My husband and I would share and I guarantee they would get plenty of use in our household!

  52. Happy birthday! :)

    I’m not sure if I can enter, usually the giveaways are limited to US?

    1. trex

      Thanks! You can enter…it might just take it a long time to get there :)

  53. I would give the crash sensor to my brother … he had a major heart attack this year and isn’t running as much, more doing casual biking. So … tryy to keep him out of danger.

    As for the Knee wrap … my poor wife and her injured knees :)

  54. Oh – and also happy birthday! I remember how much my wife hated her birthday when we were first together. Still not her fave, but after so many years of me wearing her down it is much better.

    We went on a cruise down the west coast of Mexico over her 30th birthday so she didn’t have to deal with her family on her birthday. True story.

  55. Kerensa

    I need the knee wrap because my injuries(right knee) halted my running for 4? months and I’ve gained weight and become depressed and stopped blogging. It’s wrecking my sanity.

    Happy December Birthday. I’m one of those also.

  56. Leah

    I would love the knee wrap so I could finally upgrade my ice packs from frozen vegetables! Happy Birthday!!!

  57. Maggie Hudson

    Happy Birthday! It’s ok if I don’t win anything. Who am I kidding? Me me, pick me!

  58. I often have weird knee issues when the weather changes so I could def use this to recover and relax those.

    Happy belated birthday!

  59. Christina

    Happy birthday!

    1. Christina

      Oh, and a ski injury in 1996 keeps me knee achy. I’d keep that wrap myself!

      1. Christina

        I’d give the sensor to my mom, who is a tiny woman who rides by herself a lot.

  60. Liska

    I am so not brave enough to bike around here, but I have a friend who does and I am always worried about him. So he would totally get the crash sensor for Christmas! And oh how my knees could use that wrap — my bag of frozen peas is looking a little past its prime.

  61. Misty Goble

    Happy late B-day. Mine is Dec 14th. Any of the abovementioned items would make a great birthday surprise from your benevolent self to me:)

  62. Can I win both? Seriously, I am really clumsy and I think both of these are crucial elements in my household. Good luck on Saturday.

  63. Happy bday! I actually just bought the ICEdot for my dad for christmas, but now I am thinking I need one for myself, badly.

  64. Lori

    As someone who both bikes a lot and has major knee issues, I could sure use both of these. Happy Birthday!

  65. Gary

    After running my first marathon on Sunday, and the way my knee felt the next two days, the knee compression wrap sounds wonderful!

  66. Roger Barkley

    Happy Birthday! I love ICEDOT! I’ve been wearing a ICEDOT bracelet for a couple of years and think the Crash Sensor is a great idea! But, I never win anything. Worth a shot

    1. Becky W

      Roger, I think you need the icedot crash sensor, based on last summer! ;-) – at least I hope this is the right Roger Barkley!

  67. Jen B

    I would keep the crash sensor for myself!!!

  68. Jen B

    How did I not know the cold compression knee wrap existed??? I need this in my life!!!

  69. Happy Birthday! This would make a great Christmas present for my husband, who suffers from ITBS. Thanks!

  70. Michelle

    I never win anything but it doesn’t hurt to try, right? Just bought a bike so that helmet thingy would come in handy… :)

  71. Becky W

    is it too late to enter? Happy Belated Birthday. Sorry I missed it, I did have cake however. Turns out I celebrated with you!

  72. Burgess Eberhardt

    As one who often ices injured parts, the wrap would be nice to have!
    Thanks, and HBD

  73. Rachel

    Happy birthday fool. I would give the compression knee wrap to James because it would stop a lot of complaining in my house. Do you have any giveaways that also do dishes?

  74. I totally need that knee ice/compression wrap!!! I had knee surgery back in February and although I am recovering nicely, I have found that I do a lot better if I continue to ice after activity. Talk about making my life a lot easier!

  75. Chris

    Happy B-Day – hope you had fun, maybe hung out with Sue and T-Rex Trying? An IceDot would be great on my solo rides, it’d make sure I don’t go extinct.

  76. Elizabeth

    Happy Birthday! And thanks for being benevolent in your old age!! Actually, I’m eons older than you but who’s counting?

  77. Elizabeth

    OK – so both would be awesome but that compression wrap looks pretty dang sweet.

  78. Melissa H

    I want to win that knee wrap!

  79. ICEdot would be AWESOME! My son’s a hockey player. :)

  80. Kelley

    Happy birthday! The crash sensor is awesome! My boyfriend cycles a lot and I worry about him when he’s out there alone.

  81. Happy birthday! I don’t cycle (my excuse is that there’s no room in my 214 sq. foot apartment to store a bike), but I’d love the compression wrap! My left knee loves to give me trouble, and I usually skimp on recovery (for instance, I haven’t a clue how to use a foam roller, having never used one before!), and the compression wrap will make recovery easier and more pleasant, hence hopefully motivating me to do more of it.

  82. Lisa Brooks

    I’m a new runner and my knee is NOT happy about it. The compression wrap would be awesome. Happy Birthday!,

  83. Mark Bryan

    Happy Birthday!! My next birthday will be my 64th and I am training for my first Half Marathon in June. That is why I need the Knee Compression wrap. To protect old knees. Enjoy your blog immensely. Keep up the good work and good luck with Ramblen.

  84. Mike Grandelski

    Happy (late) birthday. Stop by for a vist next time your in Charleston.

  85. Abi Veloso

    I want to win Period! :)

  86. GretchenP

    would give the sensor to my husband.. what a great idea! thanks for the giveaway!

  87. GretchenP

    wow.. would love the ice wrap for myself! knee issues :( thanks for the giveaway!

  88. Happy (belated) birthday! And although I’m not going to ‘compete’ for the give-away, I just wanted to say it’s a great initiative! :D

  89. chris

    Happy b-day and thanks for the giveaway!

  90. Sabrina

    Saw this and thought of you

  91. Kandace Jones

    My ice pack smells like food too – love putting that on me – yuk!

  92. Mandy

    oh my goodness I really want the second one!!

  93. Nikki

    Happy belated birthday! I would like the knee compression ice wrap because I am recovering from an IT band injury and am constantly wrapping my leg/knee in an ice pack with plastic wrap. The ice wrap would work so much better!

  94. Happy birthday! I would give that crash sensor to my husband! He is accident prone and rides a bike, haha.

  95. The cold compression wrap is pretty cool. It would be great for my left knee, which sometimes hurts after long runs.

  96. I would love the crash sensor because I am training for a triathlon and could really use it.

  97. I would put the knee wrap to use because I have a horrible knee.

  98. I want the crash sensor because I’ve had 8 concussions and would like to track how hard my head gets hit if I fall off my bike or while snowboarding.

  99. Jaime

    OMG, the crash sensor looks awesome! I’m always out riding…by myself…and am an anxious freak about falling, especially off my tri bike. Which I’ve been spending way more time in because my bum knee has made me stop running. Needless to say, the wrap would be awesome because it sucks icing a knee with frozen veggies and not being able to multitask.

  100. Leah

    I would love the iceDOT Snow when I go skiing!

  101. I’m pretty sure I’ve only ever won one thing my entire life. I better start saving up. HOW COME ALL THE COOL SHIT IS SO EXPENSIVE??!

  102. oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  103. Hellmonkey77

    Happy belated birthday!! Awesome giveaway!

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