Questionable Choices and Help Wanted

I wouldn’t say I’m the type of person who caves to peer pressure in most areas of life (interesting fact: I’ve never smoked pot or done any other illegal drug. Seriously, it’s true. Stop laughing.), but my strength of character does not extend to race registrations. You can peer pressure the shit out of me and I will sign up for the race pretty much every time, with only a few exceptions – namely, Rock ‘N Roll races and trail races…I don’t like running that much. In fact, it might even be an exaggeration to say that I require peer pressure to make these questionable choices, because I really don’t. Usually, someone just innocently mentioning a race that sounds interesting is enough to convince me to sign up for it. Case in point? The Go! St. Louis marathon on April 7th.

I was scrolling through the 50 States Marathon Club facebook group and I saw a post about a woman who was considering doing the Southern Indiana Classic Marathon on April 6th and also doing the Go! St. Louis Marathon on April 7th, since the races are only about 2.5 hours apart. I didn’t know that this was even an option since the St. Louis race is normally held later in April, so I hadn’t even checked. I was planning on going to Missouri in November to run a different marathon, but flights are expensive, so this idea became super tempting. Two marathons in two new states in one weekend? I liked the sound of it immediately and basically had made my decision as soon as I found out about it, but I called T-Rex Mom to kind of float the idea as if I wasn’t sure about it.

I feel like I could use this GIF in every single blog I write
I feel like I could use this GIF in every single post I write

The problem? Oh yeah, that stupid surgery thing. As in, I got surgery and Southern Indiana was supposed to be my first marathon back. I’m cleared to run and all, but my doctor never said anything about doubles. In fact, I think his exact phrase was “start with 3 miles and build up slowly,” which sounds an awful lot like “run two marathons in one weekend six weeks after surgery,” if you ask me. And even though it sounds like/is possibly the worst idea I’ve had in recent memory, I’m feeling relatively good about it. I’ve been building my running back up and did 13 miles this past weekend at a decent (for me) pace. Tonight, Amanda and I ran 15 miles, and I’m going to try to throw in another longish-run on Saturday – hey, I do them when I have the time in preparation for days when I don’t. I don’t feel like I’ve lost a ton of fitness, and Amanda hasn’t been running much so she’s promised to gut (see what I did there?) these races out with me. Ultimately, I just can’t pass up the opportunity to knock off two states for pretty much the price of one, especially since I’ve heard really good things about Go! St. Louis. Bonus? My friend Angie over at the Marathon Training Academy has graciously agreed to let Amanda and I become hotel squatters and share her suite in the host hotel, just two blocks from the start of the race! Come on, I can’t pass that up!

So anyway, I have no backbone and my first marathons back will be a double weekend. YOLO, as the kids say.


In other news, I made another questionable decision (are we sensing a theme?) recently and applied to be a keynote speaker at the 2013 FitBloggin’ conference this summer out in Portland, Oregon. I heard about this conference last year and when I read about the experiences of some of the bloggers that I read regularly, I really wanted to participate. The only problem is that the cost of registration is pretty steep ($300) plus hotel and airfare out there, and that’s seriously cutting into my marathon budget. Then I learned that this year’s conference is in Portland just one week after my race in Alaska, which you might remember is on the same side of the country (aka very far away from me but comparatively close to each other). The wheels started turning. Maybe I could just extend my trip to the west coast for a few more days and stay for the conference. Maybe I would only have to buy one plane ticket. Maybe I could bully  encourage my large Portland following, particularly the Honey Badgers, to hang out with me and show me the sights while I’m there. Hmmm.

Honey Badgers, I'm heeeeeerrrreeeee
Honey Badgers, I’m heeeeeerrrreeeee

Well, as it turns out, the keynote speakers get free registration for the conference, which would be a huge help. It would also be a great opportunity for me to talk about my blog and get some more traffic to my eating disorder series, which I think many in the fitness and healthy living communities could benefit from. Plus, I’d get to meet other bloggers and get some great tips to make my blog even better – I know it seems impossible – for all of you. And I’m basically 100% sure that me speaking in front of a large group of people will result in me somehow embarrassing myself, which just gives me more material with which to amuse you, so really, we all win.

This is where you come in. In order to be selected as a keynote speaker for the conference, I need you to vote for me! I rarely ask you for anything other than your undying admiration, so please do this one  thing for me. Go to THIS LINK and scroll down until you see “The Little Dinosaur That Could – My Journey to Run a Marathon in All 50 States and DC Before Age 30,” then click and give me 5 stars! I’m really nervous about this, but incredibly excited. Also, please feel free to vote for other topics that you think are interesting. They will pick multiple speakers in an attempt to have the best line up possible! I love how diverse the topics are and I’m looking forward to (hopefully) hearing many of them! I really appreciate y’all’s participation in this! It means a lot to me, so thank you to everyone who has voted so far!

One out of four ain't bad!
One out of four ain’t bad!

LEAVE A COMMENT: What questionable decisions have you made lately? I can’t be the only one, right? RIGHT?

97 thoughts on “Questionable Choices and Help Wanted

  1. You can only vote once…I keep trying to vote more…it says “thank you” but the number of votes doesn’t increase.

  2. See ya at the Go! St. Louis marathon/half. It’ll be my 4th half of my 13 in ’13. I’ve heard not so great things about hills and few water stations. Hopefully they’ve ironed those out! Good luck with your double! And, bring plenty of warm clothes. It’s been cold around here.

    1. Awesome! Looking forward to seeing you there! I know it is pretty hilly but that doesn’t worry me as much as the water stop thing. I am hoping for cold weather! I love running in the cold 🙂

  3. I LOVE that you’re running the GO! I live in St. Louis and I’m finally running it this year after hearing great things about it since we moved here in 2010. Unfortunately, I’m sticking with the half instead of the full. Apparently, my OB doesn’t think it’s an awesome idea to run full marathons pregnant (what does HE know!?). Already looking forward to your hilariously snarky review! Good luck 🙂

    1. Awesome! I hope I see you out there! Feel free to say hi if you see me run by – I’ll be the one with the luxurious hair.

      You are awesome for running while pregnant whether it is half or full marathons! I have already determined that in the event I should spawn a child, I will go to OBs that not only allow me to run marathons but encourage it. Because obviously life works that way, right? Right.

  4. Wooohooo I’m not alone. I have never smoked pot either and I live in a state where it is completely legal to do so now 😉 I also sometimes register for races when I know its questionable if I should or should not. Usually its like “Didya see that finisher’s medal on the website!? And the cheap registration fee?! Oh, my knee could use another week off you say? Psshhh my knee feels fine. Lets run!” I also voted for you the other day and yup, you can vote multiple times, but it will only count your first vote as Trex Mom mentioned.

    1. Oh I’m totally guilty of that, especially with this St. Louis race! The medal and shirts are great, and that definitely did not help me resist going. I’m a sucker for a good medal! Thanks so much for voting 🙂

  5. Love your blog. I voted. Tried to vote multiple times but it only counted one. But you’re so far ahead of everyone else! I think you have made wise choices. You’re just being frugal- hey whatever works to reach your goal. I did my first half in February. Looking forward to more and working my way up to full marathons. I’m going to need to get a second job to support my habit.

    1. I like your interpretation of my choices better than mine 🙂 It is really hard to pass up the opportunity to save money but still do a great race. Congratulations on your first half! Let me know if you need any recommendations for your first full! I am full of exceptional advice on the topic.

  6. um, is signing up for a trail marathon a questionable decision? (A year ago, I would have said that any distance over 10K is grounds for a psych evaluation, but not any longer (ha! see what I did there?)). I am going with planning to run 500 km before I turn 51. That’s a lot of distance.

    1. I don’t think it’s a questionable decision for most people, I just find trail running to be impossibly hard. Marathons are hard enough to do without having to worry about falling off cliffs and tripping over roots. But I never say never, so who knows?

  7. While I’m thrilled you’re running in StL, I’m not a fan of Go! This is one time where RnR is a better race 🙁 Please make sure you have your own hydration & nutrition, especially if it’s exceptionally hot or you might be a little slower than normal. This race is not friendly to the “fashionably late finishers.” I’ve done the half three times. Never again.

    I plan to be there to cheer, though. I’m doing the Run With Lincoln Half in Springfield, IL, on 4/6 and have friends coming in to do Lincoln/Go! double. They used the same justification as you: one airfare, 2 races.

    I hope to see you!

    1. Thanks for the tips, Melissa! That is good information to have, especially since I will definitely be fashionably late. That phrase is awesome, btw! Let me know where you will be cheering and I will make sure to stop and say hi!! I have a lot of friends doing the Lincoln/Go double as well!

      1. I finally pulled out my course map to check out where I might cheer. Since most of my out of town friends are “only” doing the half, I’ll probably stay on the first half of the course. I expect to be between miles 6 & 7. As time gets nearer, I’ll try to check back with more details. Love to give you a shout out on course.

  8. How much do you love that nobody that you’re up against has even CLOSE to the number of votes that you do? 😉 We’ve voted on every computer we’ve got, plus our phones.

    I’ve never even smoked a cigarette, much less done any kind of recreational drug. I’m such a square. But then, I had a homebirth (10 1/2 lb baby!), and lots of people found that to be questionable. I had a midwife, two of ‘em actually, so I think that keeps it above board.

    1. Haha! It’s making me feel a little bad, actually. I’m afraid I’ll get to the conference and everyone will hate me! Sorry I’m not sorry for being so popular.

      The idea of birth, let alone homebirth, is very traumatizing to me. BAH! My friend Abbi is a midwife, though, and she is awesome, so I could see how that would work.

  9. I really liked Go. I did it in 2010, finished in 5:45, and had no problem with water stops not being up. The only bad thing was they ran out of beer (in STL?? With Anheuser-Busch right down the street?? REALLY??) but our friends that we stayed with had good beer in their fridge for me 🙂 And the shirt is still one of my favorites–it gets worn on a regular basis. Enjoy!!

  10. Voted! Go! will be my first half and I’m too excited! I’ll be on the lookout for your hair. And dino arms. That’s a little creepy…

  11. Oh, and I’ve also never smoked pot or done an illegal drug, or even smoked a cigarette, though I was raised by smokers (parents and grandparents.) Same with my husband (Half Fanatic and tri geek.)

  12. I signed up for a 30k trail run. I’m not a trail runner but on my 2nd trail run ever (3 miles at most) a friend talked me into this race. It will be at least 7000′ higher elevation than I’m used to. I’ve only run one marathon – I mostly do half marathons. I made the mistake of reading Born To Run and thought I could be that kind of runner. On my third trail run, I ran 9 miles and injured my achilles tendon. Duh! I don’t normally use those muscles!! Now that I’m “better” I am questioning that decision. I’m already signed up so I guess I’m on the hook.

    1. I think everyone who has ever read Born To Run (myself included) convinces themselves that they could be that kind of runner! I was all set to strap some rubber onto my feet and go run the Grand Canyon. I like the IDEA of running on trails, it’s just really hard and I get mad because I’m running even slower than usual! Good luck in your 30k. You can do it! And maybe you’ll inspire me to do one. Probably not, but you never know 🙂

  13. So far your the only one with votes in the triple digits. We’re getting cookies for being the best fans ever, right? Ditto about never doing any illicit drugs. As for the double marathon, I’d say go for it, but I don’t always make the best decisions. You’ll probably know after the first one if doing the second is a good idea or not.

  14. I enjoy your writing – thanks for the snorts of laughter. And… since almost every flight to Alaska stops in Seattle, you should run a marathon on your way there. Like this one: in the San Juan Islands. Or, since you seem to dislike the RnR series, you can run this one, which is the day after the Seattle version of that event, just across the lake. Or have I missed something and you’ve already run one in my state?

    1. You’re right, Wendy – I have not run a marathon in Washington yet! The Bellevue Ghost Marathon is the day after the Anchorage marathon and I won’t be back from Alaska yet. I actually haven’t picked a Washington marathon yet (one of only 3 states I haven’t planned out), mostly because there are so many great races out there! It’s overwhelming! With the timing of the conference and Alaska, I don’t think I will be able to do one that weekend, but I will obviously be back to Washington at some point. Any recommendations?

      1. Oh, wow. You would have to ask my opinion and then I will have to confess that I have not actually run any marathons in Washington, in fact, I have only run one marathon, in Portland, OR last fall which was stupendous by the way. However I have gotten the bug and will tuck one or two in this year between injuries, halfs, and trail running events. I have listened to several endless conversations from my fellow local runners about which marathons are the best, and their reasons. A lot of those great marathons are on trails, which I realize you are not interested in, but I’ll give you the scuttlebutt on local road marathons. It is quite long winded, so perhaps you want to save it for when you are having a bout of insomnia.

        A good rule of thumb would be to realize right off the bat that the western (read: beautiful) half of the state is a coastal area and lots of Seattle is hillier than San Francisco, making for some tough races. While it can be rainy here, it is usually more like drizzly and quite mild all year round and great running weather. We run outside all year – yes, all year long. From July to mid October, we actually get almost ZERO rain, and August can be just ass-kickingly hot. But we just run along the shore of whichever body of water we happen to be near and it’s all good.

        The “big dog” traditional local event is the Amica Seattle Marathon (just plain old “Seattle” to us local runners), which has good and bad points. It takes place on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and the weather can be absolutely miserable (or rarely, incredibly pleasant). This means that fewer than 3000 people usually run it – a bonus in my opinion. It is pretty, and very hilly, ambling along from the base of the Space Needle through downtown Seattle and along both saltwater and freshwater shorelines. Being hardy northwest souls, we chose to plan the loopy route so most of the hills begin late in the race, just for giggles. (It is part of the Seattle Quadzilla, a favorite of many local Maniacs – 4 different full marathons in 4 straight days near Seattle, starting on Thanksgiving. A friend of mine did the half version last fall, called the Quadzuki (or something similar) The other big, big dog in the area is the – eek – Rock and Roll, which takes place in late June and is the start of our month long Seafair celebration. I know, I know. It is actually quite beautiful – you run through the city, tunnels, and along part of Puget Sound and near lakes (and even across Lake Washington on the floating bridge.) The route is very similar to “Seattle”. Many people like to complain about hills, but this one isn’t quite as bad as “Seattle”. Weather is generally much nicer, though normally still quite cool at the start, and you can catch a parade somewhere in the city on any given weekend in June or July. I have done the half marathon version of both of these events and enjoyed them both, even though I froze my patooshie off at the start of both and one year for the entirety of “Seattle”.

        The one local-ish road marathon that I yearn to run is the North Olympic Discovery Marathon (NODM) which is in early June and is a point-to-point on the Olympic Peninsula (about 2 hours and a ferry ride from Seattle). I have heard from friends (who have actually run it) that it is stunningly beautiful and actually somewhat flat for this area. Sadly it won’t happen for me this year since it takes place the week my (non-runner) husband wants to *gasp* take a “real” vacation. Hopefully 2014.

        So – if you want to come here in the spring, I have also heard good things about the Whidbey Island Marathon in April, also about 90 minutes northwest of Seattle. (Hint: Any race with the word “Island” in it is extra hilly.) Supposed to be stunningly beautiful, if you lift your head up and look around while slogging up all those hills. A friend is doing a repeat of the Yakima River Canyon Marathon in a few weeks – she says it is beautiful also, in a different way. Yakima is about 3 hours east and south of Seattle, and us west side city snobs tend to head there for the spring sunshine. Another spring run I have heard great things about is the Capital City in May – it is in Olympia, which is – doh – our state capital. About 90 minutes south of Seattle and I’ve heard lots of forests and water views. That one I am also seriously considering, even though I’m turning into more of a “trail” chick partly because of all crazy characters and the wonderful beer at trail runs.

        In the fall lots of us head out of state and run either Victoria (B.C.) or Portland (OR). Portland was phenomenal and I’ve heard Victoria is too but neither of them will work for someone seeking “Washington Marathons”. There are a couple of good ones I heard about in the state – The Leavenworth Marathon is usually the day before Portland’s in early October (you could drive the 5 hours from Leavenworth to Portland and do a back-to-back weekend). Leavenworth is a little Bavarian themed village in the Cascade Mountains about 2 1/2 hours northeast of Seattle. The marathon happens in the middle of Oktoberfest (read: giant crazy beer festival – we are the cradle of micro-breweries after all) and the medal is a beer bottle opener. Supposed to be lots of fun but if you stay at a hotel in town don’t expect to get much sleep the night before. I’m also considering this one for 2014, having already signed up for Portland again for this year. One other “good vibes” marathon is the Bellingham Bay Marathon in late September. Bellingham is a college town about 2 hours straight north of Seattle on Interstate-5 near the Canadian border. My son went to college here for 2 years and I fell in love with this little city. There is quite a serious running community there, but I’d expect the race to be chill. Lots of glorious Puget Sound vistas.

        One other possibility for you is the tiny little “Light at the End of the Tunnel” Marathon in July (already sold out) with a September version “Tunnel Lite”. It’s just a half hour or so east of Seattle in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. This one is very popular with Boston hopefuls as it is a gentle downhill slope the entire way. Near the beginning you run through a cool – even in July – (thankfully abandoned) 2+ mile railroad tunnel while carrying a flashlight or wearing a headlamp. At the end of the tunnel you can toss a drop bag with your jacket and headlamp and proceed on your merry way to a PR. A friend of my did qualify for Boston here last year with an 18 minute PR. I have no such aspirations, but it sounds fun.

        Ultimately, I suppose you will choose a marathon in Washington based on when you can fit it in. There are so many great events all year long around here that I didn’t even mention – and oh, if you would only consider trail events! The trails around here are stupendous (just ask Scott Jurek) and the trail running community is… interesting… and destined to become even more so with the recent advent of legalized pot. It will be interesting to see which one you eventually choose. And let me know if you need a place to sleep when you get out here. It would be lovely to meet you. I live about 12 miles north of Seattle. But I’d understand if you think that would be too weird. Let me know if you have any questions about any other events I haven’t mentioned and I can ask around. Happy running!

  15. Lol. I am a relatively new runner (I still don’t consider myself a ‘real runner’ as I think I’m too slow to qualify as a runner. 😉 yet in the last year since I started running big races I have run both trail races and traveled for a rock ‘n roll race! I have to say rock n roll was crazy! But a lot of fun (with a cool medal), but trail races are awesome! I love them. Give me trails over pavement any day! I get bored on the roads and wonder why exactly I’m putting myself through such crazy torture. At least on the trails when I wonder why doing it to myself I’m normally looking at some pretty interesting stuff. I just wish I knew why I decided that a trail marathon (and one of the toughest around) was the right marathon to be my first. Oh yea I wanted my own damn fuzzy. Took 9:30 grueling hours on my feet up and down a mountain but I did it (and vowed I would NEVER do it again). I think I’ve already reconsidered. I need to write a race report. I think I’m far enough away from the race to do it justice now. 😉 it’s been a month.

    1. Wow, that is awesome! Of course you’re a “real runner,” btw. Bart Yasso himself said “I often hear people say I am not a real runner. We are all runners, some just faster than others. I have never met a fake runner.” I am sloowwwly making my way into the trail world, I just think trails are so hard! Definitely can be interesting and fun though, and more power to all you crazy people out there running them! I’ve done two RnR races and that was enough for me, but I understand why people like them. I’d love to read your race report when you’re done!

  16. Im telling you…I can go to Alaska then Portland to visit my old roommate. I’ll be like agroupie not hear you talk unless I sneak in BC that’s expensive.

      1. Well we still want to do Alaska and I want to go to Portland but its probably too far apart for me to miss work. Would love to hear you speak though! And explore the city. Is AJ trying to go??

  17. Not a questionable choice at all in my mind! But I’m also someone who doesn’t hesitate when a friend asks if I want to run a race with them (Am I free? Sure, let’s do it.). I’m also all about efficiency and its pretty hard to resist knocking out two states with one weekend. I think you’ll do great! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I guess it is pretty insane, but it’s efficient, and I love efficiency. I pretty much never try to PR so no worries about that during a double 🙂

  18. I love that you have almost 300 votes and the rest are in double digits (teens, twenties, thirties). Me thinks you have quite the loyal following. I’d get up there to hear you speak if I could swing it Questionable choices/peer pressure? That’s exactly how I signed up and ran my first marathon (Big Sur) and the next and the next…. Let’s go run a marathon in California! OK!!! Let’s go to Houston and run a marathon. Ok!!! you get the picture! Good luck, although I don’t think you are going to have any problems winning this thing!

    1. Thanks, Becky! I would love to see you at the conference. My presentation wouldn’t be very long, but I’ll probably fall going up there or something, so it might be worth your time. I’m jealous you ran Big Sur! That’s on my bucket list.

  19. I voted for you because you said “y’all’s” I say that all the time and people make fun of me for it – and I live in the SOUTH, for pete’s sake. So, voted for you in solidarity. Also, because you’re pretty neat. You’re waaaay ahead of the competition.

  20. When I saw Southern Indiana, I was like, YEAH – I’m going to root the T-Rex on in costume… but Evansville is still 2 hours away. Wrong part of Southern Indiana – BOO! 🙁

    Keep using Real Houewives GIF for your posts… they make me smile everytime. I’ve gotta twirl now just since I’ve seen Kenya

    1. Who knew Southern Indiana was so big? Fail. It’s actually funny because I don’t even watch Real Housewives, I just follow their drama from random articles I read about celeb gossip. Their GIFs never fail to express what I’m feeling, though!

  21. I ran the Go! half in 2010 and enjoyed it despite Olive Street’s neverending hills. Can’t speak for the second half but it takes places in a huge park, so I’m sure it’ll be quite pulchritudinous. And if I’ve learned anything from running long distances, it’s usually the ideas you consider bad that end up being the most memorable and rewarding.

    However, those didn’t include invasive surgery, so I’d still try and placate the gung-ho attitude whenever possible just to make sure you don’t hurt yourself. But in the words of a great Greek scholar, “If you done registered for the race, ain’t nothing gone stop you.”

    1. Dude, pulchritudinous? WELL PLAYED. I’ve heard mostly good things about the race and I don’t mind hills, so whatever – especially since it’s on the second day. Good luck in Charlotte this weekend! I briefly considered the idea of coming up and running the half, but baby doesn’t pay $85 to register for a half.

  22. Great vote total. The other bloggers are going to have self-esteem issues. I’m predicting serious suffering for you on day two of your double, but hey…you know what you’re getting into. Good toughness and great writing. Regards, Mark

  23. The other bloggers are definitely going to have self-esteem issues!! They aren’t even close to you!!
    If there’s an opportunity for a double (when you need both states) I’d go for it every time!!
    I’ve run a marathon with two stress fractures in my left foot so I might not be the best person to ask!!

    1. Ouch! Thankfully I have not had a stress fracture since 2010 – that was no fun! I always try to do doubles if both of the races are good, but I didn’t even know about this one! I disappoint myself.

  24. Hi T-Rex girl, I hope my 5 stars vote went thru well for you. Why i wanted to mention this is because I hope the first vote didn’t go thru.The first time I tried to cast my vote, I started by pushing on the very first star, intending to push on all 5 stars. As it turned out, it quickly took the one star as my vote and a massage popped up saying, ” thank you”. I quickly undo the page and tried again by pushing only on the last star. A massage came back saying again “thank you.” You might want to clarify this to our fellow friends so they won’t make the same mistake I did.
    Good luck to you, i have a nice gut feeling you will be the top pick. I am looking forward to the posts regarding this conference.
    FYI, the okc memorial marathon is at the end of April, that is if you happened to be in the area around this time.
    Take care

  25. I also live in Saint Louis and am delighted that you are doing Go..I’ve done it a few times, last one being my 100th last year and it is a little hilly but well organized. Also, this year it will be Terri Fiala Menghini’s 100th this year so lot’s of MM’s coming to town to do it with her. You’ll have a blast.

  26. I just found you tonight through a link of your Thomas pic on the I Love to Run facebook page. I voted for you and it looks like you’ve got close to 400 votes already, pretty sure you will get it since everyone else has less than 50!! I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far:)

  27. I voted! I tried multiple times but it just says “thank you” Chad’s friend Mel lives in St Louis! I saw the arch once from the car driving to the wedding and I didn’t know there was a park there. I must go back someday. I am staying w/ Mom if I can make it to Evansville. I hope so but then again I also really want a job. I want to see you run (and to see my sweetface) so it’s win-win-win.

  28. I voted and it is looking like you will be the keynote speaker! ” I don’t usually get a good time, but I always have a good time”. Hopefully your competition does not discover this little sound byte to use against you:-) My wife and I will be running the Go! half and will be looking for the magnificent hair.

  29. I have voted! And, part of the reason is that I’ve been trying to find and follow some other running blogs that are as “real” and candid as yours. That hit the nail on the head and give insight into the writer as well as the run. I cannot find ANY! Thank you for your writings and sarcasm! LOVE this blog!

  30. So I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now and this is my first comment because I’m not happy with you missy! I can’t believe you’re doing your STL race the same day as my sister’s stinkin baby shower. I would have totally made you a sign and stalked you..I mean..introduced myself and said casually said how much I like your blog. Anywho, I was vote number 399 and I hope you have a great time in STL!

  31. Questionable decisions? You have 36 years worth of time to kill? Speaking of…I have a killer rack…Can we join forces since I voted for you? LOL!

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