“This is just like Mardi Gras, only without the booze or the fun.” – Route 66 Marathon Weekend, Part 2

So, the title of this post is something I overheard in the corrals while we waited for the race to start on Sunday morning. It turned out to be completely untrue on all accounts, but it still made me laugh, so there you go. As soon as I heard it, I knew I had to make it the title of my race recap regardless of what the day held.

Race day dawned extremely early for an 8 am start because we had to meet up with Patty’s running group, the Dom-N-8rz at like 6:30 am and caravan over to the finish area. I complained about this an appropriate amount. When we got to the area where we wanted to park for the race, we decided to see how many people we could squeeze into one vehicle and park as close to the race start as possible, since the start and finish were in separate areas. Mostly, we wanted to answer the eternal burning question of “how many runners can you fit in a Nissan Xterra?”

Three in the trunk…
…and 8 in the front. 9 Maniacs, 1 Fanatic, and 1 sane person.

Probably one of the most entertaining car rides of my life. We then headed over to the Holiday Inn to use the bathroom and gather for the group photo, which somehow led to an impromptu photo shoot in the bathroom.

You don’t take your pre-race photos in the bathroom? We do.

Then it was time to head over the exclusive Maniacs/50 Staters/Half Fanatics tent to check our gear and get together for the group picture. It was like a family reunion over there. I was actually almost overwhelmed because I really knew too many people and I didn’t have time to talk to them all! Tough life. The Maniacs picture was one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen in my life.

Half of the group doing the Dave Mari point, the other half not paying attention, but either way, HOLY SHIT!

When I saw how many of my family members were there, I knew it was going to be an awesome day. I gave a bottle of Sprite to an injured Maniac, Kathy, who was going to be cheering along the course and promised to have it ready for me, which was awesome. One day I’m going to be on my own at a race and totally screwed, but today was not that day. We caught up with Otter, Dan and Nolan and wished them luck, since they were going to be much faster than us, and then we headed over the the corrals, where I slowly froze to death and overheard amusing quotes.

Maybe one day I’ll buy a race picture. Maybe.

Our plan was to stick with Patty and her running group until we reached the Center of the Universe detour, which is an extra 0.3 miles that you can add to the route and receive a special coin. More on this later. We were all planning on doing the detour and Patty wasn’t, but she was going to be running at about 4:30 pace, which seemed like something we could stick with for awhile. I was so excited for the race but worried about my stomach, which had been violently rebelling against me for the entire week.

Two things happened in the first couple of miles of the race that I did not anticipate happening at all. First, we lost Kate, and second, we found Otter. Kate had run a marathon the day before and was having trouble loosening up, and apparently we lost her going up a hill. I was so focused on trying not to lose Patty and trying not to focus on my stomach that I didn’t even realize until we were a few miles in. I am the worst friend ever. Amanda and I stopped to look for her at every water stop, but couldn’t find her. Then, around mile 2, I heard someone say “Excuse me, miss, but you have the best ponytail I’ve seen so far today!” and there was Otter!

This picture makes me irrationally happy. It might be because Otter looks happy. It might be because he’s wearing a ridiculous windsock contraption on his head.

Unfortunately, me seeing Otter during the race is not a good thing for him. He has been struggling with a knee injury since a couple weeks after his epic PR in Chicago, and being back in the pack with me and Amanda meant his knee was giving him trouble. He was doing a kind of walk run thing and decided to hang out with us because he couldn’t run fast enough to escape us we are fun. The early miles of the race took us through some nice neighborhoods of Tulsa and through a Catholic school that looked like it belonged in a magazine. Around mile 4 or 5, we caught up with Anders, JC, Abbi, and their whole crew. Actually, I can’t remember if JC was running with them or not because I saw so many Maniacs that it is sometimes hard to remember who was with who. I do know we saw him, though.

Anders’ magical camera always takes the best/skinniest pictures of me.

As we approached the out and back portion of the race, there was a girl with a sign that said “Stop for a Hug!” I don’t know if she meant it or not, but I’ll be damned if me, Amanda and Patty didn’t all take her up on it. She may have regretted that sign about 500 sweaty hugs later. This perked Amanda up, who was quite grumpy early on in the race and didn’t really feel like running, which is usually my role on Team T-Rex. Fortunately, I had enough energy for both of us.

If you have a sign offering hugs and/or high fives, I will take one every time.

I had been feeling pretty sick since early in the race, but I knew that I would be seeing Kathy, who was holding my Sprite for me, at mile 8. I was initially planning on waiting til later in the race to grab it, but it occurred to me that I might not make it to “later in the race” if I didn’t grab it now. When we saw her, she thought I was waiting until later in the race for it too, so she didn’t have it with her and had to run back to her car to get it. The only problem? She can’t run because she is hurt, which is why she wasn’t running the race in the first place, so she walked back to her car instead and Amanda, Otter and I took turns holding the sign and cheering on the Dom-N-8rz. Many people looked at us quizzically because they had no idea who we were and why we weren’t running when we were blatantly wearing marathon bibs, but oh well. At this point, unfortunately, we lost Patty, who kept running on with her group. There went the plan to stick with her until the Center of the Universe!

Next, we got to run along the river on an out-and-back portion of the race. In theory, out and backs are awful if you do not have anyone to look for, and I sympathize with people running marathons alone who hate them. But when your whole family is running with you and you can see them all along the way, it is really fun. I can amuse myself for hours on an out and back if there are enough people I know running the race. I shouted out to every single Maniac, Fanatic and 50 Stater in the process, probably embarrassing Amanda in the process. We saw soooo many Maniacs, it is impossible to name them all here, but I am still waiting to see all of the 4000 pictures Dave Mari took of us while we were out there. Jay ran past us on his way to a new half marathon PR and shouted “Who’s the sexiest dinosaur ever?” I think we all know the answer. Just look at this picture.

You can even see Amanda’s look of shame.

Shortly before the halfway point, we ran past some people with sticks of vaseline. It was at this point that Otter asked me if it was considered socially acceptable to apply vaseline down his shorts in the middle of a race. If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again – there is no dignity in marathoning. Apply away, sir. The halfers turned off right before mile 13, but it wasn’t too traumatizing as we did not actually see the finish line. Besides, shortly after that, there was beer! And jello shots. Wait, what? Also, there was epic dancing to “Apache” by the Sugarhill Gang. For those of you (like me) who do not know what song I’m referring to by the name alone, it’s the one that goes “Tonto, jump on it, jump on it, jump on it!” and you do inappropriate hip movements to. You know what I’m talking about. I would demonstrate, but I think you’ve seen enough of my dance moves for one week.

I think this was the first of many beer stops along the way, but I could be wrong.

I can’t say this was the most scenic course I’ve ever run, but the time was going by quickly and aside from wanting to throw up constantly, I was having a very good time. We ran when we felt like it, walked when we felt like it, took pictures – the usual. I of course got super excited when we saw the iconic Route 66 sign, although I realize now that I’m pretty sure we never actually ran on Route 66 itself.

I am the queen of awkward poses. Seriously.

So finally, we made it to around mile 16.5 and took the Center of the Universe detour. This is an optional detour that adds 0.3 miles onto your total marathon distance. Most importantly, it gives you a shiny coin and free beer! Otter actually got free beer before we even entered the detour, in what proved to be an ongoing theme of this race.

Drinking out of a giant pitcher? Check. Sock on head to determine the direction of the wind? Check (For the record, Otter asserts that this is a baklava and has a real purpose.)

So, the Center of the Universe is this spot in Tulsa where, if you stand in the middle of it,  you can make any sound you want and it will allegedly echo in your ears.  Apparently, no one else outside the circle can hear it and there are no surfaces nearby that should produce an echo. I was way too distracted by people giving me coins and trying to coordinate a picture that I didn’t actually have this experience, but apparently that’s the deal.

At the Center of the Universe. Otter is showing off our special coin.

At the bottom of the detour there was…beer, of course! We all stopped this time since it had been a long journey into outer space.

Otter is looking pained because instead of taking one cup of beer like a normal person, he took FIVE.

And lo and behold, look who was coming into the Center of the Universe just as we were leaving? Angie and Kate, who busted into an impromptu dance party for our benefit.

Maybe I’m wrong about this, but every time I see people dancing at a marathon, they are wearing a Maniacs shirt. Sorry we’re not sorry for having more fun than you.

I will point out that at this point, I started to feel bad about my life because Kate and Angie were not far behind us at all and Kate had, you know, run a marathon the day before. Oh well. I never promised speed, just amusement along the way. We kept trotting along, and around this point I told Otter that I was no longer interested in running, and that marathons should only be 18 miles long. He responded with the very astute observation that “If marathons were only 18 miles long, everyone would do them.” True. 18 miles, meh.

Otter tried to rally and leave us at mile 21 or so because we were now running too slow on the running parts for him, even though he was still doing run walk. We sent him on his way, because Amanda is just like me in that she does not care about time during the vast majority of races, and she was in a good bit of pain from early on. Fortunately, she was no longer in a bad mood and I took over that role. It wasn’t very long at all before we caught up with Otter again and he couldn’t escape us. By this point, we were running through Tulsa University, which is the home of the inappropriately named “Golden Hurricanes.” Will someone please tell me the last time a hurricane hit Oklahoma? Don’t worry, I’ll wait. And furthermore, what is a golden hurricane? Ugh, it pains me.

A Google search yielded the picture above with this description: “The University of Tulsa has changed its mascot from a golden carrot to a somewhat gay-ish superhero called Captain Cane, or as I call him, Gay Leno.”

Around mile 22, Otter left us for good and Amanda and I were left to ponder the mystery of the golden hurricanes on our own. This also allowed us to do jumping pictures, which turned out to be a rousing success.

No need to start taking attractive marathon pictures now.

As we hit mile 23 or thereabouts, we arrived in the Florence Park neighborhood, which billed itself as “the best damned neighborhood in Tulsa” and offered full cans of beer and pretzels and gummy bears. Best damned neighborhood in Tulsa indeed. It was here that Amanda and I decided we didn’t want to run anymore, and with Angie and Kate having passed us and thereby removing all of our incentive to run, we sat down for a minute and cheered on other runners, as I like to do at races. People always look so confused. Just take the damn cheers, people. It’s fine. On a related note, I would like to submit the fact that Kate and Angie passed us as direct evidence that karma is a bitch. Sorry I’m not sorry to admit that while we were running, the thought occurred to me that I might finally finish ahead of Kate in a marathon. Yes, I realize that she had run a really difficult marathon the day before and yes, I realize that she had done a marathon every weekend before that for 3 weeks, but dammit, this could be my one shot at glory! Well, it wasn’t, so I give up forever. I love you, Kate, even if you will always defeat me.

Then we laid down for a little while, because really, why not?

For some reason, mile 24 is when I always get my second wind and regain the will to live, so Amanda and I started preparing for a T-Rex. I realized that Anders and whoever he is running with always take a picture at mile 25 of them getting ready to do a T-Rex, and I almost never do. Given that I invented the idea in the first place, that seemed a little silly, so I’m trying to work on it. And I’ve got to say, a deep lunge feels pretty good around mile 25.

The only problem with this method is that I am now unable to lie about my race times, since I know you guys thought I was BQing at all of these events.
As much as I like a good lunge, I think I’m going with this as my preferred T-Rex position.

So Amanda and I ran the rest of the way in, right past the special finisher’s area for Maniacs, 50 Staters, and Fanatics, which was awesome! Because of all the perks provided by the race directors for our groups, a ton of people had stayed to enjoy the festivities and were cheering us all in. Thanks to all the dicking around we did during the race, Amanda and I had plenty of energy left to jump at the end.

Although it is a great tragedy that only half of Amanda’s body is in this picture, you can still see how awesome our faces are.

One of the best parts of the race (and there were many) was being able to hang out at the end of the race with all the Maniacs and 50 Staters and eat food (ok, well I didn’t really eat food) and drink unlimited amounts of beer. YES, people, it finally happened. I drank my first ever beer after a race! I was determined to because dammit, we had the time, and if my stomach was going to hurt anyway, it might as well be for good reason.

Annnnnd now I’m freezing

One of the many perks of the race was special medals for Maniacs and 50 Staters. Kate and I had come up with a grand plan to switch the ribbons on our medals because she got the 50 Staters medal and I got the Maniacs medal, so this way our medals would represent both clubs. However, our plan was foiled when we realized how totally legit these medals are and that it would require cutting the ribbons and then sewing them back together, which is about 2 steps too many.

I mean, this is pretty badass.

We were getting ready to leave when Heather got a text from Dave Mari that said “At mile 25. My balls are chafing so bad.” So clearly, we had to stick around to see him waddle to the finish. We figured it would be like…an 11 minute wait, but Dave must have been acting like his usual self and running back and forth between tons of Maniacs, because homeboy finished about 25 minutes later, snapping pictures the whole way. I was determined to get a picture of him for a change, but my camera failed me at the moment of truth. I guess karma was still punishing me, so I’ll steal this picture instead. That will help.

Dave took 7,349 pictures at Route 66. You read that correctly.

After the race, we even had enough time to shower (SWEET SWEET LUXURY) at Patty’s house before heading to the airport. The whole afternoon was so relaxing compared to our usual post-race frenzy and it was so nice. It is here that I have to thank the amazing Patty on behalf of Team T-Rex for being the best hostess ever and letting us terrorize her and the Dom-N-8rz for the weekend. The only way the race could have been better is if we could have stuck with her for more than just 8 short miles. We are already planning our next race together! Patty, we miss you already!!

So basically, Route 66 was one of the most fun marathon experiences I’ve ever had. Was the course the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced? No. Don’t go for the scenery (sorry Tulsa, you know I love you). Is the course hard? Yeah, actually, I forgot to mention that. It’s pretty hilly, but hills don’t matter so much when you run slow as hell. I wouldn’t put it as the most hilly course I’ve ever run or really even close, but it’s definitely not an “easy” race. The organization is superb, the crowd support is very good for a smaller race, and the perks for Maniacs and 50 Staters cannot be understated. It’s easy to have fun when you’re surrounded by so many of your friends the whole time. Seriously, if you aren’t running marathons, I don’t know what the hell you’re doing with your life. I don’t know how you have fun. Join the Maniacs (or 50 Staters or Fanatics) and come party with us. There’s beer! It’s even better than Mardi Gras.

Dress up in 80s attire AND run a marathon? You only wish you could be this awesome. (HI BREANNA AND ANDREW!!)

42 thoughts on ““This is just like Mardi Gras, only without the booze or the fun.” – Route 66 Marathon Weekend, Part 2

  1. Enjoyed the recap immensely. I also died watching the mascot dash on your previous post. Literally died. I will do my Maniac qualifying race this Saturday! Super excited!

      1. This might be a weird question, but what size MM singlet do you wear? First I got a men’s medium (by accident, I ordered a women’s medium) and it was GIANT! Then I got the women’s medium and it is tiny (and WAY too short). I am definitely going to order a men’s size (either x-small or small). By the looks of yours, you have to be wearing a men’s shirt unless you are like 3 feet tall. And if you are 3 feet tall, never mind this question.

        1. Not weird. I wear a men’s small, but it’s a little too big. The sublimated (new) singlets run bigger than the old basic yellow ones for men. The women’s singlets fit SO weird and I do not ever even attempt to order them, honestly. The men’s singlets have bigger arm holes and definitely fit differently, but I would rather have a roomier fit anyway. I am not 3 feet tall…I’m about 5’6″, so no worries. I would think a men’s medium would be huge given how big the men’s small is. I was wearing the sublimated singlet in my Route 66 recap and the regular old singlet in most of the recaps before that.

  2. Funny stuff! I’m a new maniac (5956). My wife, Joann (2409), and all you other crazy people inspired me. Your account made me re-enjoy Tulsa all over again. What is your T Rex sub cult about?

    1. Hi Mark! (Sorry for epic stalking on the Maniacs site, but they make it easy). 1) You are very fast. 2) Well, it all started back in Baltimore last year when there was a very awkward picture of me with tiny arms and giant legs (read more in “About the T-Rex). It kind of evolved from there. Team T-Rex includes all runners, fast and slow, who value sarcasm, beer, and a good time during marathons. Those are the only requirements. Please join! All you have to do is read my blog. It’s pretty awesome – you’ve been warned.

  3. Omg, i cried laughing at the golden hurricane picture. Gay Jay!!!!hahaha… Laughing again. I wish that you would let me analyze your behavior before and during running, including what you eat so i can help you with whatever it is. I am a nurse and stuff like that makes me cringe. But it also adds character to your race descriptions. Let me know if you want me to.

    1. Thanks so much for your offer to help! I do see a gastroenterologist about it and I take medication. I have chronic reflux that isn’t responding to any treatment or lifestyle changes. It runs in my family. It looks like I am going to be getting surgery in the next couple of months, but I still have to have some more tests done so I haven’t announced it on the blog yet 🙂

  4. Whew, what a trip. In no particular order:
    1.) It was truly one of the defining honors of my life to be a featured player in one of these posts. I was bummed that I had to break my sub-4:00 streak on account of my injury (a streak which consisted of all of 2 marathons in a row), but if I wasn’t going to PR, then I’d rather run 5:30-ish and have a blast than run 4:45 by myself and be bored out of my mind.

    2.) A baklava is a rich, sweet pastry of Turkish origin, and they are delicious. I was wearing a badass MULTICLAVA, which is the most versatile piece of apparel that you’re not using yet. I’ve noticed that my main man Glenn from Louisville wears one when he runs, and I used to have one from Eddie Bauer before I acquired my current multiclava that came in my race packet from (not) running the 2012 NYC Marathon. EDDIE BAUER, T-Rex, so you know it’s legit: http://www.eddiebauer.com/catalog/product.jsp?ensembleId=40736&catPath=&viewAll=n&pg=1&cmPathInfo=T307

    3.) Captain Cane is pure nightmare fuel. That chin will haunt me in my dreams.

    4.) Thank you again for welcoming me into your race family’s world so enthusiastically in Tulsa — I mentioned it to Dan and Nolan after the race, but I think I probably would have dipped out at the 13-mile mark and just run a half if you and Amanda hadn’t been there to keep me entertained. And then I never would have had a beer at THE Center of the Universe, and my life would probably be terrible now. So, thanks!

    1. Excellent, fun-filled recap as usual. I’m glad that Otter was able to participate in the madness with you guys because it verified that, yes, you guys actually do all the things your blog says you do, which is awesome.

      Also, I totally missed Route 66. I guess I was too in-the-zone to deal with things like “landmarks” and “special points of interest.” Plus, I also missed talking about the actual Route 66 in my own recap because it STARTS AND ENDS WHERE I WORK. How did I leave out such a crucial detail? Anyway, there it is.

      And Otter, isn’t it a “balaclava”? “Multiclava” sounds like that thing where you stitch 4 pianos together.

  5. I found your blog via the Run Junkee facebook page. It is some pretty interesting reading and I love the pictures. My sister lives in Tulsa, so maybe next year I might do this one. I started running in May 2011. I am going to be doing my first half next April in St. Louis on our way back to Wisconsin from Tulsa.

    1. Thanks for reading, Joe! It’s definitely worth the trip to Tulsa to do Route 66. I’ve done a lot of races, and most of them I would be ok with not doing again (not that they aren’t fun, just not spectacular) but Route 66 is definitely one I will be returning to! I assume you are doing the half at GO! St. Louis?

      1. Yes, it is the Go! St. Louis one. My 13 year old son is going to be running it with me. 9,000 people running a half seems like quite a few. Was there a plan that you followed or recommend to get me up to the 13.1 distance? It looks like there is a ton of them out there on the internet.

      2. Thanks for the link. It looks like a pretty simple program to follow. I have seen some that were pretty tough to figure out. I may have to modify it a bit as I work nights (6 days on, 3 days off schedule), have 4 kids and have goals of also doing triathlons and duathlons next summer.

        1. Exactly – I wanted something simple for my first one too! When you are trying a new distance, just focus on getting your mileage and finishing the race, not the speedwork and all that stuff. I still struggle with that and I’ve been running for awhile now! I think this is a pretty easy schedule to modify and I definitely moved things around throughout the week as long as I got my workouts in! Good luck!

  6. This was so entertaining. I believe I ran with you all for awhile. My friend Denise and I met Patty at the packet pick up, we were all volunteering, and as it turns out we ran for the first 8 or so with Patty. I remember seeing you all run up to your friend and hug her. We even made comment about Otter and his awesome hat/buff thing. Another friend of ours said they gave those away at the NYC Marathon. Anyway, I wanted to point out that you DID actually run on old Route 66, basically where the Route 66 sign was was it, there was a very short stretch there and there was more past that, but I won’t bore you with all the details. Reading this and looking at your pictures is what makes me want to join the Maniacs. Screw the finish time. (I have one more that I want to try for time, but after that I am ready for more fun). I was also at the Flying Pig Marathon in May, but unfortunately, I never saw Thomas. What another great story that was. Thanks for the laughs!

  7. Great race recap! I’m a fellow Maniac (#4723) who ran Route 66. It sounds like you had just a little bit more fun than I did 🙂

  8. I also ran Route 66, my 2nd full. I remember the folks with the jello shots, but still thought I had a chance for a huge PR at that point and kept on. I did stop at the Center of the Universe, and again, didn’t drink.. blew up shortly later. Should have just had the beer. The hills got me, and the wind, but it was an awesome race, and I still PRd by more than 5 minutes. 🙂

    1. Five minutes sounds like a huge PR to me! Congratulations!! If I am on PR pace (or lately, even “respectable finishing time” pace) I won’t drink, but that is usually not the case. Life’s short, drink the beer!

  9. Okay, I love you. And I was somewhere near you, because I recognize Otter. And after finishing the half, I sent a nasty text to my running buddy about the idea of running a full, but you have somehow convinced me to go back to Tulsa for the beer. After we have both earned our Half Fanatics, of course.

    1. Obviously I love you too. You must have been pretty close because Otter never got too far away from us during the early miles. You must do the full next year! I have pretty much already committed to going back. There’s lots of beer and obviously all the perks that come with being a Fanatic/Maniac. Let me know what races you’ll be at in the future!

      1. Yeah, I was pretty well surrounded by those yellow shirts for most of the half. And man, you people are enthusiastic yellers on the out-and-back! Your WDW report also cracked me up – I did the Princess and my running buddy kept yelling “Smile! Run! There’s a camera!” (And also, Carousel of Progress? My favorite. Can you sing both songs?) I sent my husband a list of eight halves in Oklahoma/Texas/Arkansas between January and May… He sent one back that just said “wtf is wrong with you?”

        1. Maniacs looooveeeee an out and back! In general I hate them, but at a race like that where there are Maniacs everywhere, it is awesome! Ummmmm yes I can sing the songs and I actually just youtubed “Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” and I am overcome with joy at this moment.

          Your husband’s response sounds exactly like my boyfriend’s every time I tell him about anything running related, haha!

  10. My daughter, who lives in Tulsa ran this as her first marathon.That and reading your report so makes me want to put it on my list. I am running my first marathon in February in California. I am 66 but I hope to get in more than one before, well, you know. Congrats on a great run and a highly entertaining report.

    1. Awesome, Chuck! Which marathon will you be doing as your first one? Congratulations to your daughter as well! For the record, I get beaten by men that are older than you all the time in marathons, so you definitely have a few in you 🙂 I hope I will see you out there! Let me know what races you will be attending!

  11. Although we run even a little slower than you, we run with the same motto as you…Fun and Photos! You should have been with us at the 2011 Little Rock Marathon…”Sparkle Skirt Divas”…we did the early start and the first picture was on the bridge with the sun coming up behind us…the rest of the race was photo ops every chance that we had from great smelling Firemen to Ministers. It was the most fun race I have ever run and it also included Margarita Mile 16!! Didn’t feel mile 17!!! Whoop WHoop! I too had my first in-race and post-race beer! at Route 66..as well as jello shots and still had a 14 minute PR…I have found a way to run from now on…shots and beer!! Whoo hoo!
    Thank you for sharing your story in our home town of Tulsa! I agree this is one of the best races around…GREAT volunteers, water stops, and race directors!!! …and yes, you did run on the the actual Route 66 and crossed it a few times as well!! Hope to read more of your run stories!!

    1. Ooooh I absolutely LOVE Little Rock! I ran it this year. How the hell did I miss Margarita Mile 16? This must have been in my pre-drinking-during-marathons phase. What a tragedy! I guess I will have to go back. Congratulations on your PR at Route 66! That is awesome! I definitely didn’t PR but I had a great time! I’m glad to learn I actually ran on Route 66. That makes me feel better! Thanks for reading!

  12. Great post, so glad you enjoyed being in my hometown! Loved the post about Thomas and especially loved your pic of Breanna and Andrew. I ran behind them most of the 2nd half and thought they were darling. Part of my job is doing research on people so I loved the details of the Thomas story. I’m MM3225, good luck on your future marathons, you make the marathon experience look like so much fun.

    1. Breanna and Andrew are awesome! I was able to meet them at the expo for the first time, and I loved their costumes. Thanks to you and all the other Tulsa Maniacs (and runners!) for giving us such a warm welcome. I loved it and hopefully I will be able to come back next year! Let me know if you will be at one of my upcoming races!
      -MM #4674

  13. I don’t see anything in your schedule yet but I’ll check later. We are doing Goofy and they are doing Flying Pig…but I will be walking and leaping across the platform getting my Masters degree on that same day. e are looking at doing something in the Phoenix area, like Lost Dutchman after Goofy. I see you have done Outer Banks, LOVED that one and I’ll be doing Marine Corps next yr, had to transfer my bib last year due to knee surgery :(. And Little Rock, what a medal, done that one 2x too.

    1. Well congratulations on your Masters! I will be heading to Wisconsin/Kalamazoo that weekend. I thought about doing Lost Dutchman this year, but not sure if I can swing it with the costs of the half Ironman I have coming up. You will have a great time at Marine Corps! Just stay in a hotel close to the finish and avoid the nightmare of trying to get transportation back to your hotel.

  14. I enjoyed talking to you on the flight to Tulsa. I am actually in the photo of Angie and Kate, just before the Cof U detour. Hope I’ll see you in Columbia in March — I’m the 5:30 pacer again!

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